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Monday, July 09, 2018

Last week I was watching that show my six hundred pound life . This particular exposed there was a family of 3 siblings 2 sisters and 1 brother. They had a combined weight of over a ton. The oldest sister was 30 at the time of taping and weighed in at an astonishing 822 pounds. In order to have her surgery she has to loose 200 pounds to start with on her own Which is crazy to start with but doable . She looses some weight and then gains some , as she deals with the yo-yo affect she is sent to see a therapist . This is to see if she is having a mental block because of a dramatic experience from her childhood .

When she sees the therapist she is asked " how do you feel about loosing a little over a hundred pounds" Her response floored me . It sent me through every possible emotion in a matter of a minute . She said " Me loosing a hundred pounds is like others loosing 10 pounds ." Seriously what the heck ?

I did the math and to date I have lost and successfully kept off 147 pounds . I dont spend a lot of time patting myself on the back but I dont think that this is a small feat either . Everyday I get up and pour everything i got into this program . I bust my rump everyday . I pray , cry , scream and bleed my program . I do whatever i have to do and no i dont think that it is like another person loosing 10 pounds . 10 pounds is you ate to much at thanksgiving and missed the gym for the holidays .. 147 pounds is painful it is determination it is stress it is hard but I choose that hard everyday no matter what . There have been no surgeries no will there ever be in my case . I will either get the rest off or i will die trying meaning naturally lol not suicidal .

It is not my intention to make light of no one's journey to a healthier life because i fully support that no matter what . However, i will not ever say another person knows how i feel because unless you have walked on my two feet and fought my weight battle you can not know , But i can tell you that no matter that loosing a hundred plus pounds for anyone can not ever be like loosing 10 pounds

So I am taking this moment in time to pat myself on the back because I am strong and beautiful and willing the continue the distance to reach the life that i so richly deserve . Take a minute a think back to where you have been and where you are going ... then pat yourself on the back because you are amazing for all you do !!!!
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