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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

One of my Spark Friends (MEADSBAY) is aware of some recent success my husband has had with reversing his diabetes and she thought a blog update might be in order... so here is a little overview.

In July, I watched the docu-series "The Real Skinny About Fat" and what an eye opener that was! I was fascinated (and then angry) with the history of how the "Standard American Diet" aka SAD evolved. I'm referring to what most of us know as the healthy "food pyramid" which is now "the plate". SAD encourages us to eat "healthy grains" lots of fruits and vegetables and "low fat". The truth of the matter is that we have been deceived for the past 60+ years. We have accepted certain principles and recommendations as gospel truth and they are not. Not only has low calorie, low fat diets failed us (as the population becomes sicker and fatter) but there has not been even ONE scientific study that validates that this diet works and is effective long term. Anyway, as I watched the docu-series my eyes were opened and I did some additional reading and research. One of the doctors interviewed was Dr. Jason Fung. He practices in Toronto, Canada and he has had great success reversing obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. I was particularly interested in his treatment protocol for diabetes as my husband was seeing his blood sugars continue to deteriorate. I ordered Dr. Fung's book "The Diabetes Code" for my Kindle and started reading immediately. When I finished, I reviewed the information with my DH (he had already heard me go on and on about the docu-series) and he agreed to give the protocol a try. I asked him to commit to the protocol for 6 months and he said he would. That was in mid August. I continued to educate myself and read Dr. Fung's other two books... "The Obesity Code" and his "Complete Guide to Fasting".

Okay, so here we are today not quite 60 days down the road. Results have been nothing short of amazing. In Aug, we started eating a ketogenic diet (low carb, moderate protein, high healthy fats) This way of eating is pretty much the exact opposite of SAD and puts the food pyramid on its head. After a few weeks on Keto we added some intermittent fasting which is part of Dr. Fung's recommended protocol for diabetes reversal. Results so far are his blood sugar has dropped 55-60 points, he has lost 40+ lbs and he is off Metformin and blood pressure meds.

Here is his before photo

Here is a current photo

Pretty amazing stuff wouldn't you say? I am also Keto along with him and I have now dropped those pounds I put on earlier in the year. Hooray! I have found so many great recipes on Pinterest and follow a number of Keto groups on Facebook. If you want to see some really great success stories join the Facebook Group "The Obesity Code Network: Fasting Support with Megan Ramos and Dr Jason Fung". Every day I shake my head in wonder when I read some great success stories that are being posted. I also like to listen to the "2 Keto Dudes" podcast when I do my morning walk. It is totally free and a great resource if you want to learn more. Dr. Fung also has a number of videos on YouTube that you can watch for free. Please do yourself a favor and check him out.

I'm really excited to see what the next 60 days will bring. We will be going through the Holidays soon and I'm now trying out some Keto friendly recipes that will work for those holiday meals. Yesterday, I made low carb pumpkin pie and it turned out great. It isn't quite as sweet as traditional pumpkin pie but it is really good. Here is the link... enjoy!


Hugs to you my spark friends.... I hope that you find this information as beneficial and lifechanging as I have.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    969 days ago
    This is so AMAZING! What an incredible transformation. Huge kudos to your hubby and to you for being so supportive and caring. I have a number of friends who are diabetic, and struggling so much with their health. I'm going to point them to this blog. This is info that needs to be circulated and create the awareness that the program is out there. I've only heard about the keto way of eating, and it's always sounded good to me. I only recently have been fasting, although it wasn't intentional at first. I'm really fighting through some depression right now, and I just didn't want to eat very much during the worst part of it. I have kept up with the fasting because physically my body feels so much better. After 7 weeks of this, my pants are pretty loose and I feel so much more energy. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    976 days ago
    I think I need to read that book... I have tried following the Wahl’s Protocol, but that is so strict, I had a terrible time finding enough variety of food allowed to keep me interested in eating anything at all.
    981 days ago
    Woo...HOOOOOOO what a handsome hunk of burning love! emoticon I'm so very happy for both of you! I tried Keto once but I think I overloaded on the protein. I'm going to try it again and be more moderate with my protein intake. I can't wait to watch 'The Real Skinny about Fat' it's next on my list.

    I'm overwhelmed right now with trying to get my Amazon biz up and running. WHO knew another new biz could be so research intensive! I absolutely know retail is dead in the water. After 10 years I think it's time to find a new horse to bet on and online is where the world now resides.

    Things have been telling me this for at least the last 3 years... I don't know why I'm so stubborn about doing something different when I know it's in my best interests.

    It certainly took me WAYYYY longer than it should of to divorce the big group of toxies...but I did...so changing a biz should be a piece of cake. I just need to find a buyer...it will happen when the right person comes along! emoticon

    Thanks always for your generous and sharing heart my sweet friend!! emoticon
    981 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    emoticon Congratulations to you and your Hubby!! Wow he looks Fantstic emoticon Love me some Dr. Jason Fung!!!
    981 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your exciting news. My sister is following KETO with good results too. emoticon
    984 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    Amazing! I'm checking this out.
    984 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    984 days ago
    Awesome success story!! Thanks to Meadsbay (Elizabeth) for sharing with me!! emoticon
    985 days ago
    I've been doing keto for about 7 weeks now and have also found it to be very helpful. Really enjoyed your blog.
    985 days ago
    Hooray for both of you!! Keep up the great job!! emoticon
    985 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    Great for you guys! I've been eating Keto for a longtime ... however when you first find it, it is like quite the mental revolution.
    985 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14145254
    I am excited to hear this great news from someone who is doing it with great success. Thank you for sharing. Glenda
    985 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing all this!
    I am so very happy to hear about your dear man’s success with this new eating plan.
    He must feel so much better than before.
    I wish I could talk my DH into even trying this.
    The closest I can come is several meals a week with no rice or potatoes (I never eat them)...a big deal to him.
    We never eat processed food and do eat mostly good meats and fresh local veggies (he had an amazing garden this year).
    I also recommend thedietdoctor,com for lots of info, much of it free, although they also have a member section.
    You are right there is so much free info on YouTube...I never thought to check Pinterest!
    I wish you and your man continued success on the road to better health.
    What does he think about all this?
    Is he tempted to cheat or is just too happy with his new healthier self?
    I am on a very active Keto team, btw.
    985 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/10/2018 7:38:54 PM
    Congratulations to both you and your husband! Awesome stuff!!!

    Although I continue to have health issues, I am well aware that they would be worse, if I had continued eating in the manner I did 5 years ago and had not released 90 lbs. Nutrition tracking helped me learn what did and did not support my body. With each passing year my body guided me to lower carb intake and increased healthy fat intake. I am sitting 28 lbs. below what I declared as goal weight 4+ years ago. It's quite shocking isn't it?

    Yeah. Healthy fat does not make one fat. Genetics are likely part of it for me. I am lean. Recently, many have asked what I eat because they've notice my abs are flat. They suspect that I'm an exercise fiend and when they find out I'm not, they're shocked. When they learn how much fat occupies a typical day's intake they're even more shocked! I've been known to say … "Flat abs are made in the kitchen."
    985 days ago
    emoticon To both of you! emoticon
    985 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23741364
    Wonderful results ! I live in Ontario, but don’t think I have heard of Dr Jason Fung, but I will be looking into this book. That ancient food pyramid has not progressed with the info we now have regarding nutrition.
    I have been diabetic for ten years, and was very lucky to be diagnosed in an early stage of the disease, and also be part of an excellent diabetic clinic. I have never had to have medication, and know very well how to manage my blood sugar, even though I don’t always! ( my evil sweet tooth ]

    emoticon To your husband! He’s looking great!
    985 days ago
  • no profile photo HOTPINKCAMARO49
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    985 days ago
    What an amazing transformation!! Continued good health to both you and your DH!! This is very helpful info!!
    985 days ago
    Wow! Great results! emoticon
    985 days ago
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