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My first day of real food, grateful cravings & disturbing weight loss...

Friday, October 26, 2018

This title may have many of you sparkers confused, so let me clear it up for you.

One week ago last Sunday, my belly revolted on me...from that day until that Fri. I was very nauseous, had plenty of indigestion & severe back pain...Of course, my doc was away so I had all the essential tests done with a nurse practitioner, ended up a UTI was positive for infection...since I had one in Sept. I didn't think it had completely I was sent home with prescriptions for the issue. ( I had been eating chicken soup, & crackers, applesauce & dry bread all week). Extreme back pain & lower abdominal pain led me to the ER....they again did test including an xray which showed my bowel was impacted...From all the kinds of food my body tolerated during the week of illness. It must be noted, I couldn't eat fibre of any kind which wouldn't send me into excruciating pain. Another issue I had was a spot on my back. Every day until last Sat. I gained another spot. They prescribed 4 prescriptions...2 for bowels...1 for shingles & 1 for pain...I had 2 enemas in the hospital & was released Sun. am.

All this week I have coped with pain upon pain, from the bowels beginning to work in their cramping state & back shingles pain which rounded my waist until the only one in front of my pubic area (where front belly pain begins...So which pain gets treated first??? Worried about possible liver damage from too much pain medicine was a concern...but with shingles, you need to be stress free, I'm told. And I had the zostafax vaccine last year when the mister had shingles so this isn't new to me...One thing was though which capped off this situation...I was having clear fluids only for 72 hours...Do you know how much you CRAVE foods when you can't have them without pain???

I love food, & drinking in my meals was a reality hard to take. I am NOW so grateful for those cravings that weight management helps us curb. I weighed daily as always & marveled at the fluid weight I held in my painful state. Well after 3 days, the earth moved so to speak... emoticon & not like emoticon emoticon but just a bit...I was so excited, & dropped the 2 bowel medications that were responsible for about 1/2 my belly pain. As of yesterday, I have been able to lessen my pain meds some. I'm not out of the woods yet, but had my 1st 3 mile walk alone today after 12 days & even better than that...I had oatmeal & a touch of milk with it for breakfast. Dairy has been a far dream away & I have been sniffing coffee fumes for the same lengthy period...My graphic description of food should let you know how much I missed eating in a healthy way.

They also were concerned of diverticulosis for my belly area so food choices were confusing & challenged by docs I saw. Thank goodness a CT scan ruled that out so I can now begin to appreciate again the food choices I am able to make...needless to say, I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone...

To add to all this I am a fitness leader & have an extra class to teach beginning next week!!! You know the topic of shingles will be mentioned! emoticon

Now it is rest time, & I'll prepare to have actual chicken noodle soup...with the noodles! emoticon

In closing, I've lost 6 pounds this week. I'm bummed about that! Funny thing is I've been at a plateau & even recently a bit of a gain, so you think the weight loss would be welcomed. I've learned it is HOW it comes off, stays off & how your body FEELS that tells you weight loss is right for you. Something to think about, don't you think?
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