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Monday, October 29, 2018

b*tching and making excuses.

I have spent the better part of a year making excuses. I've also been really complaining about Spark and the app.

Ok, truth time. No I DON'T like being stuck using the app for 95% of my Sparking. I don't like the way it functions and I HATE being stuck with my phone. HOWEVER, I can use a computer most nights. Hubby's laptop is usually available for a hour or so after work. And I haven't been blogging because I haven't been DOING anything. I've got nothing to log or blog about. So unless I get up off my arse, I would have to admit that I'm doing nothing.

Now, admitting that I'm doing nothing it tough. I've been lazy to the nth degree. And I've looked for every excuse to continue on with my lazy ways. Maybe admitting to all of this will help me find a way past it. Maybe I'm just looking for a new excuse. I'm not overly certain about anything right now.

I have been active for the last week. That's a start but once again - truth is I haven't had a choice. I've had physical work at the job so I'm not really "working it". Just getting the benefit on my fitbit.

So that's were I'm at. I know and can admit the truth. I know I don't like this life or how I feel. Now, I know I can change all of this. I can, but will I?? Let's see.
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