Friday, February 08, 2019

Part of this weekend's challenge is to share what I'm doing right. To put my own spin on it, I'm going to share the top things that help me keep on track (besides SP, I already covered that in my last blog :) ).

I know this is touchy for some, but for me it helps! It keeps me honest and out of denial!

I eat between the hours of 7-3. Those are the hours that work best for ME. I recommend choosing a window that you can easily stick to based on your lifestyle and when your cravings peak. I get up super early and my cravings peak mid-day, so 7-3 works best for that. I know a lot of other people however that like 11-7, 12-8, etc. Whatever times you choose, choose it and stick with it! It's not easy the first week, I won't lie. BUT, I have to say that this eating style has helped me so much with control. And now it's just routine, habit, a part of my life.

Once a week I like to make a big pot of something that is lighter on the carbs and calories but filling. That way I always have something healthy to grab for a quick lunch or dinner. I also like to make a big bowl of salad so it's ready and waiting when I get hungry. A typical day I like to TRY and eat around 7,11, and just before 3. Some days it's all over the place, but I find the days I stick to that schedule, I just feel better.

I have found when I take my vitamins I'm not as hungry. I think I finally proved to myself that what they say about how sometimes you're still hungry because your body is still craving those nutrients, is true. I used to be horrible at remembering to take my vitamins. Then I started having chronic migraines and there are certain supplements you're supposed to take to help. So I guess my migraines have been a bit of a blessing in one way at least, it got me to start taking my vitamins daily which in turn is helping with my munchies! :D

I am always looking for the next best personal growth book I can find! Or another great documentary about health and wellness. I think it is so important to want the best lives for ourselves. And that means actually striving for it! I recommend reading or listening to at least one personal growth book a month.

A few books (and a documentary) I recommend to get you started..

Girl Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis
-Also watch Made for More for FREE right now on Amazon Prime!!

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

The Universe Has Your Back

** You may have noticed that exercise wasn't in my top five. Again, I suffer from chronic migraines. That means I have a migraine that lasts 24/7 and I've had it since the end of last April. I can't always count on exercise to be an option. But I also don't want that to be an excuse! Yes, I do try and at least get a walk in, but even that doesnt always happen. I'm trying to prove to myself and others that even though we may suffer from a chronic disorder and chronic pain, it doesnt have to stop us in our tracks!! We can still live our best lives!!! Work with what you've got!!

(Ok, I just got chills. I think I know now why I'm going through this time in my life with these migraines. I think it's just another way I'm supposed to help others.)

Oh, just thought of a bonus one that I could not do without!

6. KEEP THE CRAP OUT!! (excuse the language)
I would not survive if there were chips or chocolate or anything like that in the house. I can not even keep french fries in the freezer. My husband knows if he buys bread, he keeps it in the garage!! LOL!
This may sound crazy to you, but I am a food addict (yes, it's a real thing). I HAVE to do what works for me. And it will not kill my kids to not have junk food in the house. I know that I can be around pretzels and they do not call my name (at least for the most part. :) ), so I keep pretzels for them. But if it's something that calls my name, it doesnt come in here. It's not allowed. And you know what. I AM WORTH IT!! I am worth my family respecting the fact that I have struggles, and that I'm doing my best, but that I need their help and support. And that means KEEP THE CRAP OUT! :)
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