50/50 : The beginning

Friday, February 08, 2019

Back at the beginning of January , Mat., a fellow workout early bird was on the stair climber right next to the treadmill I was on. He was playing around and reached down and arrowed up my speed on the treadmill for a minute I walked but then I panicked and stopped the machine. I realized at that moment I had stopped pushing myself in the cardio department because I was scared of hurting my Achilles again . I also realized in that minute that I could do it and this started a thought process in motion. Richard another friend has been yammering on about how i just needed to find the right goal to kick start me back into motion, to get past the plateau. So I have been trying to figure out what would motivate me more that what I already have . I am in the best shape of my life . I am stronger than ever before. My confidence level is high and I push hard ; however, I am not a goal weight so what would it take to get there? What is my goal weight after all ? I have never really set one, I have always to set goals past the ten pound mark for fear of failing myself. So what to do ?

June the 25th, 2020 is very important date to me because I turn 50 years old . And if you have not guessed that scares me also . When I was 32 years old they told me the pain in my feet would be so bad that I would not be able to walk . They told me the damage is to severe. I since I started the process in 2011 it has been one thought one pound one pain. Meaning if i lost one pound the pain would lessen. My highest recorded weight that i do not discuss is 420 pounds today I weigh 259. That is some accomplishment. It has not been easy some days it takes all i have to keep going but if i am honest the number i have been searching for is 199 . So what to do ?

Back at the beginning of this well over 300 pounds and nowhere near my health now I walked my very first 5k in New Orleans . It was horrible !!! It took me 76 minutes to do it and most people tell you that isnt bad . However, those people were not there for the pain that followed . I put my body to a test that by my standards I failed miserably . It took me three weeks to recover to heal both physically and mentally . It was very humbling, humiliating and enlightening . So what to do ?

So begins 50/50 !!! By my 50th birthday I want to loose 50 pounds while training to complete a 5k in 50 minutes. It is 72 weeks till my 50th birthday. To loose 50 pounds means less than a pound a week . I am not a material person so I am going to give myself the best birthday gift ever. I will fight for this . I will train for this . I will accomplish this .

It feels great to have something to strive for something so meaningful ... now to take the baby steps to make it happen .

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