100 More DWL: Day 2 I'll start tomorrow

Sunday, April 07, 2019

March 19 -- Hoo boy! How many “Last Suppers” have there been? You know, the prisoner’s last meal before the execution of the diet.

emoticon Identify one thing that is getting in the way of your weight loss plan
Today, nothing, but I’ve let a lot of future events get in my way in the past. I have waited to start “the diet” after the holidays, or allowed a restaurant meal “ruin” the whole day.

emoticon Decide how you can get past this barrier. Write down your ideas.
The old saw about returning to the usual eating plan after eating off-plan is one way, but the real issue is The Beast. Eating one fun-size Snickers unleashes The Beast. The Beast wants to eat the whole bag. Returning the issue of barriers, I do my best to minimize the damage. When I went to a performance with friends who just assumed that eating dinner would be part of the evening, I read the menu beforehand and packed extra lettuce (there’s too much “stuff” in restaurant salads and not enough lettuce in my opinion).

emoticon Take steps that will make it happen today. Record what you did.
I don’t know that I can tame The Beast, so I simply don’t allow him out. Recovering alcoholics don’t drink alcohol, so why do we shame people who have given up sweets or fried foods by telling them “a bite won’t hurt”? I take food when I’m out for more than three hours. I don’t imagine that I’ll magically find “something I can eat”
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    I've always been bad about overeating and cleaning my plate. I still struggle with portion control a lot. I am really working on it with the 5% challenge currently.
    803 days ago
    I grew up as a card carrying member of the clean plate club. There were missionaries on my mom's side who actually brought movies of starving kids somewhere in the world. That is so hard to break. That is my beast, the quilt of leaving food.

    804 days ago
    We all have the Beast within us but we either have to tame the beast or follow Micaroo's successful plan of telling the beast "I don't eat _______!"
    Good luck with your beast and I am trying to conquer mine also but not sure how just yet. I will let you know if I come up with something good.
    804 days ago
    I have a hard time taming the beast also. But I do find that the sugar cravings aren't as strong once I stop eating the candy or whatever for a week or so. I think your plan of bringing a snack or food with you in case you need it. Another thing that I like to do is if I'm going out to dinner with people I'll study the menu ahead of time, if I can, so I can't take my time deciding what to eat. I like Mica's idea too. It makes a lot of sense. emoticon emoticon
    804 days ago
    I know The Beast. I find that I had to change my identity. Tell my brain "I don't eat that stuff", not "I can't"... it's "I don't". It's much more powerful. "I can't eat____" is like a victim statement. "I don't eat ____" is a power statement. A person in charge and taking control. And the more you take control, the more control you have over the beast. Your beast is like a 6 year old with you in the checkout line. It screams and throws a tantrum for candy. If you never give in, the tantrums eventually cease. If you sometimes give in, it will never stop the whining, begging, and demanding - because it sometimes works.

    Remember - one bite is too much, because then 1000 bites won't be enough.
    805 days ago
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