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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My spark friends want to see what I have been up to, so here is an explanation
and pictures. Please read what I add as I put the pictures on, it explains the work in process.

The first picture is the best one I could find of the old front of the cabin. Where I was
working this time had old nasty railway tires, all rotting and falling apart, so we changed that
out with another rock wall, some bricks, lattice and a little decorating.
I made a new clay pot solar light.

The past heat wave sure slowed me down but I think I can be happy with out work, for now.

I will explain pictures as I put them on.
This one is the front before any rock walls. To the left is where the hard ties were, like I said not any pictures of that area it was nasty, I forgot to do before picture.

Now this one shows why we got the idea to build rock walls, believe me it really helps, if the river decides it wants to give us a bath. You can see the stuff that can come down to the cabin and the rocks stop it from jamming up under the cabin .We have not had water inside our place with any flood. Not so far anyway.

Here is where I started after the ties were already removed.

Now my new project-- clay pots made into a solar light and rose planted, solar lights on the pole and the top.

Next pictures are a mix of the walls we have made and me taking some night shots of
all the solar lights. I sure wish we could still add videos . There are lights on the rocks.

This one is looking down over all the rocks we have done, I was trying to give you an idea from the look now and before the rock walls

Do you like the changes??

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