Crater Lake to Roseburg

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Tuesday morning we headed for Crater Lake. I am so thankful that I got a Senior Pass a few years ago that gets me and the car I am in into all the national parks because the entry fee was $25. otherwise.

We came into the park from the north and went up as far as the village at the top stopping for the view and pictures along the way. We could not go all the way around the lake because there was still snow along one side. Usually the snow is cleared off all the roads by early July but not this year.

From the village we took the Trolley with a Forest Ranger as a guide and learned a lot about the park and lake. It was cloudy while we were there so the lake was not as blue as it often is but was still beautiful. Spirit Island is a cinder cone volcano inside the lake. If you are a hiker you can get a boat ride to Spirit Island and climb to the top and see inside the cone. The Native Americans consider the whole area sacraded especially Wizard Island. My friend took many pictures of the whole area and we stopped and she took more as we left. Some of the trees are very bent from the could tought winters and one is known as the oldest tree in the park.

We left the Cascade Mountains which go from Washington to Mt. Hood to Crater Lake into California going to the Willamette Valley seeing the produce that was growing and spent the night in Roseburg.

In Roseburg there were some vintage cars where we stayed getting ready for a car show that weekend.
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