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That Would Be The Day That I Cried

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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

emoticon I knew it would happen. I had been telling myself for weeks I wasn’t going to do it. I was over the emotional hurdle, the decision was made and it was the right decision for this season of my life, but, I woke up expecting it anyway.

Saturday, November 30, 2019. The last day of my last season as an Overall Co-Leader of the Seasonal 5% Challenge. So, I cried. I also smiled, laughed out loud and felt loved, appreciated and valued.

My page was filled with Goodies and comments. My Spark Mail Box contained word treasures from friends I’ve never met but feel closer to than some people in my family.

I’ve read every word! It may take some time but I promise I will respond to every message. Thank you all for your kindness! I must say a very special Thank You to my Overall Co-Leaders.

Lynn, (KALISWALKER), thank you for your vision and thank you for trusting me to be a part of it. Thank you mostly for your friendship and love. We have done a great thing!

Emily, (_WARRIOR4LIFE), I believe you are Divinely appointed and you have stepped into your role as if it was created for you. I know the teams will thrive under your leadership.

Joanne, (JMCADE), We grew together and ran like a well-oiled machine. We weathered many storms together, (literally for you). I am thankful for your friendship.

Monaca, (MONAKIN314), It sure is a small world. Thank you for stepping in and up and being always so willing to do what needs to be done. Remember to call me when you visit your hometown.

Heidi, (HICIM705), I have no words, just, YOU KNOW! Thank you, I love you!

To every leader of every team through every challenge. Thank you for leading with perseverance and dedication. Leading can be the most rewarding experience you will ever have. I wish I had time and space to name each of you but please know, I know and appreciate you all.

I admit I had very selfish reasons for becoming a leader. I have always been able to do for others what I couldn’t seem to do for myself. Leaders lead by example so as a leader I couldn’t expect team members to do what I didn’t do myself. I had an obligation to fulfill.

It wasn’t long before I started reading Spark Pages, getting to know the members of my team. Sparking and being sparked in return, watching the teams grow from 300 to 500 and even 700 a few times.

Suddenly nearly 10 years and 42 Challenges have passed. It has been my great privilege and honor that you have shared bits of your lives and time with me. Friends are friends forever and although I am taking a break, I am not quitting. I’ll be around Spark at times and I am easily found on Facebook, Instagram, and my blog. Also, I have a Fitbit but can’t seem to find what my URL is. Please do search my name and add me if you like. Please identify yourself by your Spark Name so I know who you are.



I’ll close with this. If I’ve seen your name on the team lists even once over the years you have been prayed for and wished the best that life can offer. I tend to look at life as seasons. As we celebrate the Christmas season, I pray that as 2020 brings a new season to your life, we can all do what we can to make it the best season yet.

If you haven’t tried a 5% Challenge yet, I encourage you to start the New Year with the 2020 Winter 5% Challenge.

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