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New Year, New Me (Pre-Flight Check)

Thursday, January 02, 2020

New Year, New Me! My new mantra for this month.

Just as airline personnel do a pre-flight check before the plane can take off to it's destination, I am doing one before I embark on my journey this year.

My priorities have changed since I first joined SparkPeople. When I first joined my main focus was on losing weight. In 2018 I had to take a good look at was what was truly important in my life. I was diagnosed with a disease and my prognosis was grim. What a wake-up call. Losing weight was still a priority, although becoming healthier and having a better quality of life was even more important to me. I can lose weight by eating sugary and fatty foods full of sodium and preservatives and still lose weight. I want to lose weight the right way by eating healthy and getting in as much activity as I can.

I know that there will be many obstacles in my path, mainly my disease. I am determined to not let that be the case. I am going to do my best to overcome the obstacles that I will be facing this year.

I spent today reassessing last year and trying to figure out what I need to do to make this year one to be proud of and say that I did my best when looking back on it. I can honestly say that I didn't do my best in 2019.

I found an article on SparkPeople today entitled, " 9 Noteworthy Nutrition Goals for the New Year!" Just as the title says, it shared 9 goals that I could focus on throughout the year and I plan to do just that. However, the one goal that I thought would be in the article wasn't. Keeping a food journal. I struggle with keeping a food journal and it is so important to me, so that will be added to the list of 9. I need a food journal to hold me accountable to myself. It allows me to see what I should be eating more or less of and what works best. I can compare good weeks to bad weeks and see the difference and learn from them.

The 9 things that the article shared to work on for goals were these: Eat 5-9 vegetables and fruits daily, Eat 26 grams of healthy fat per day, Get in 15 grams of protein at breakfast, Try a new grain once a month, Create a new recipe (Choose 1 or 2 new techniques or cooking methods) each week, Do a kitchen makeover (reassessment), Cook with one new spice per week (dried or fresh, Aim to eat dinner at home 4 nights per week and Go meatless one day per week.

Looking over the past year and looking forward to this year, I have a good idea of what I need to do to have a successful year. I am going to implement these goals one by one into my lifestyle and even a few extra. Food journaling being one of them that I include.

Changes are going to happen and with my pre-flight check crossed off of my list and knowing that this isn't going to be an easy flight for me, I am now ready for take-off!

This is the link to the article if you would like to read it for yourself.

This blog was actually done on the 1st. Although I accidentally deleted it and had to start all over again and didn't make it before midnight. I was determined to blog!
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