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when 'before' is WAY better than 'after'

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Most Before & After photos on this site are used to show progress from healthier life choices.

I use that option on the Community Feed for lots of different things:
A picture of the stairs I'm about to climb, with screen shot of my Garmin info following the workout
A picture of sweet little Omar the day we found him (wearing a cone following his eye surgery) and a current photo as his happy, silly, wonderful furry self.
or Omar's pic before & after his grooming appointment
I've done a before pic of my spiralizer & the whole veggies, with an after of the zoodles

Today my before pic is what I look forward to...

This was taken several years ago for a work project by a professional photographer. I am NOT photogenic, so it takes a pro to capture a genuine smile. I cannot fake smile.

And for the last year or so, I've been REALLY self conscious about smiling very much at all because of this

my chipped teeth! Ugh. I'm not really a vain person, so I'm surprised how much this has bothered me. When I had dental insurance, it wasn't covered because it's considered cosmetic.

So I saved enough $ to get them fixed! Yesterday was the first appointment, and on Jan 29 I get my permanent crowns.

In the meantime, my mouth REALLY hurts, so boredom eating is not a problem! At all.

This also helps me see the important charitable volunteer work many dentists do.
There's one in town, Help A Child Smile. He has mobile units that go all over GA, helping kids who cannot afford dental care.

And there is a dental chapter of Doctors Without Borders who do this all over the world. Sometimes it's a life saver! A friend of mine adopted an adorable baby boy from Ethiopia and brought him to the US so he could have surgery to correct a cleft pallet that was so severe he couldn't get enough nourishment from a baby bottle.

Here he is after many painful surgeries. Such a little trooper. He's SO funny, too. Amazing kid.

I post a good news story with my blogs. This time, I'll provide a link about some of the work Help A Child Smile does.

and an appropriate song: emoticon

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