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January 2020...this week

Monday, January 20, 2020

Hello self and Hello Sparkers,

Reviewing my past record keeping from several places (some on my Spark page, some handwritten journals) over the last few months and 8.5 years I’ve lost up to 79 lbs, sometimes more quickly and others more slowly with a few regains of as much as 18 pounds in between. One of those regains is now, so I’ve been working on regrouping. Below are a few notes that I found from my journals that resonate with me today. They will be my focus for this week. I’ve collected some really sound information that helps throughout my journey. Some days it works, while others not so much...but, Today, is the day that matters most.

-Have you accepted emotionally that you will eat this way the rest of your life? Remind yourself that you can eat what you want, whenever you want, in any quantity you want -- or you can be thinner. Sound nutrition for health and well-being.

-Remember the old you. Remind yourself what life was like when you were heavier and unhappy about it. In detail --- 

-Recall the old feeling. Remember how you felt the last time you gained back weight. Did you feel guilty? unhappy? frustrated? angry at yourself? out of control? hopeless? 

-Visualize the future if you gain weight. In detail -- ; Now visualize your future if you continue to follow your Think Thin Food Plan. 

-Remind yourself that difficult times are temporary. 

-That somehow this time there will be no consequences, like creating a slippery slope and rationalizing for the next time, creating a brain that will hound you at multiple upcoming events that maybe it's okay, again and again and again.

3 days, 5 days, 7 days, ...one day at a time, eating MyFood consistently will add up to weightloss over time, getting into the 160’s very soon and maybe the 150’s before summer. The focus is planning and sticking to the plan most days, decreasing frequency and intensity of slips. The less slips the more weight lost. The more even keel of my food, the more even keel in my thoughts. Maybe one day I will just eat intuitively and coast in a normal body, but until then, I’m a work in progress.

The proof that I can do this is all documented with statistics, graphs, and facts over the last few years and recent months. Those “good” times, “easy” times, and “rough and tough” patches were all by me, through me...I did this. I can do this! Finding my happy place!

If anyone out there happens upon this blog, just know that weight management is possible. SparkPeople is a great place, people sharing resources. We keep sharing and finding our own way! Best wishes and Spark on!

(...various sources Judith Beck, Linda Spangle, Barbara Berkeley, Steve Seibold, Susan Peirce Thompson, Georgie Fear, their books and websites... and so many, many more. This list in itself shows the time, research, energy over the years. Lol)
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