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Feeling like a Butterfly

Friday, April 17, 2020

The more and more you head into the direction of your dreams, whether it be with self care, wellness, goals, following your intuition, I find, and believe, the happier a person is. I feel a bit like a butterfly today. I feel pretty, I accept myself, and I am not preoccupied with whether or not I'm "good enough."

The truth is: What is Good enough anyway? And according to who's standards are we, or are we not? Have you ever found yourself saying those words:

Phrases like:
I'm not smart enough.
I'm not thin enough.
I'm not pretty enough.
I'm not talented enough.

Stop it. The truth is, you are more than enough. You are made uniquely and creatively, and there is not another soul like you on this planet. If you find yourself getting into the "am i enough" trap, you will find that it's never enough! There are always areas to improve in. We all have flaws. There are ALWAYS people to supposedly impress. Ugh! Be done with that! Let go of trying to impress others! The only person you should be impressing or trying to compete with is the person that you were yesterday. *This means I am my own competition. I am only out to improve myself. It's not my job to fix others.* Be a butterfly today.

This week I realized just how simple and how good it feels to chill out. Stop worrying about everything. Is there scary stuff going on in the world right now? Yep. But don't let your heart and goals be consumed by it. There will always be worries. Instead of worrying, count your blessings, focus on ideas and not just depressing events or gossip. You deserve the freedom of choice just as much as anyone else does. Choose to live your day on a positive streak. It's never easy, but it's better than the choice of being dictated by others actions or opinions.

So what does it mean to be a butterfly?

Smile, laugh, dance
Open your heart and mind
Count your blessings
Soar to new heights (with goals)
Be carefree and calm
Taste the day (it wont be back again)
Make the most of your time here

Are you like the butterfly? I choose to be. emoticon

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