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May 1, 2020 my Blog-Journal, I will add many times! Come back & play!

Thursday, April 30, 2020

emoticon emoticon APRIL! 4-30-2020 I had an intense time, yesterday. Mom (91 yrs.) went into the hospital. She couldn't walk, or even put her legs into bed. Her new room mate, (a God send) called 911. Turns out Mom was dehydrated. Drinking only about 4 cups of tea, a day. (I live 5 hours away & they wouldn't let me into the hospital) Mom's room mate is NOT a care giver, just a wonderful friend. She couldn't lift Mom's legs into bed. She has a bad back. When she moved in with Mom, in late January, Mom was doing good.I talked with Mom, late afternoon after she got home. We talked & cried & laughed. She promised to drink more water. I was hoping to visit Mom for Mother's Day. But with everything being closed AND DH & his business still going & Lucy needing me here, I'm not going. I did many errands, 'out there'. I only go out about 1 time a week. This episode with Mom, helped all of us, realize we need to make a new plan, for her, just in case. So we are.

Today I hacked more of the Cat's claw. About 3 feet. It is SO pretty, sorry it has to go. But the neighbors house has become a fire trap. Just not worth it. Also, it is killing bushes. BUMMER. Just to let you know, our property is quite small. Not even a 1/4 acre. It has a 1,500 Square foot house & A HUGE pool. Not really much room for a plant like this. I'm sure it would be beautiful on VERY large acres of land. But not in the city. The landscapers put it in, when the pool went in, 2005. I knew it was climbing over the wall & asked the gardener to keep it trimmed. But, it is what it is ,right? I AM getting ALLOT of exercise, & it is helping me let go of frustrations. A GREAT work out. I feel SO accomplished when I finally finish for the day. ALL in early morning. 102 degrees yesterday. I start after LUCY's walk. So I'm back to work, thx for reading! IF I can help you in anyway, just ask! Anyone want some Cat's claw????? LOL!


(during, still many feet to go)

(our pool, LUCY pup & wall, today. Back right corner, top of photo)

emoticon 5-1-2020 Happy May 1st! Lets dance around the May pole! emoticon
Mom doing MUCH better!

emoticon 5-2-2020 It's Saturday & I am off to our garden, to play. The jasmine needs some love & fertilizer! I'll get to it after walking with LUCY. I'm taking it a little slower today, yesterday was fun but VERY intense out in the world! Have a great weekend everyone!

(our wall of Star Jasmine, back yard)

(our front door with jasmine growing up trellis, YES! The sent is FABULOUS!)

emoticon 5-4-2020 May the FOURTH be with you! I hope it makes you happy & healthy!!!! My favorite radio DJ, Lynn Warfel, Classical station, had a good joke. She played Darth Vader's music, then said yeah, he's a bad guy, but at least he wears a mask! FUNNY!

Yesterday's garden adventure was taking care of my bird, Lucky's final resting place. Under the gardenia bush. I cleaned & fed & trimmed & made everything as lovely as possible. I also planted the Easter Lilly, we bought in honor of DH mom. Her favorite. They bloomed for several weeks, now they will bloom next year, too! emoticon emoticon I spent about 3 hours on this little spot. GREAT exercise! Getting out before the heat, it was 95 yesterday! ALMOST time to get into the pool. Still about 68 degrees. I went in but just for a VERY quick dip. Today we are back to work & maybe a few errands, if I can handle be in 'public'. Can't wait till we can go out with out masks & gloves! But that is how everyone feels! I AM keeping my sunnyside up! emoticon emoticon


(after, still working on it)

(Yoda's voice, Frank Oz, is a childhood friend of our family)

emoticon 5-5-2020 Happy Cinco de Mayo! emoticon Today's gardening adventure took 3 hours. I started early, after I walked, Lucy. emoticon We have 'bottle' 5 trees emoticon that shade my car. They have been loosing leaves. It is Spring, what's up? Found out after weeding, feeding, trimming, raking etc. That their drip system is clogged. I DO have a soak er hose. So I'll be hand watering for a little while, till I replace drip line. It's been 95-100 degrees. AND 30 MPH winds. They really don't like the heat. But they seem happy, now! Have fun, emoticon just keep our sunny sides up! Right?

Bottle trees

Bougainvillea blooming

Waterfall & spa & part of pool. I cleaned the waterfall, before pool guy cleaned pool. AFTER yesterdays HUGE leak in palm tree area. Gardner fixed, now! Yeah!

emoticon 5-7-2020 Today I learned how to use panorama on my phone. Here is our paradise back yard! I've been working Many hours on it, as well as the front & sides. Can't wait to swim! It will go up to 100 today, almost time!

About Mother's Day: I was suppose to go see my Mom, today for a few days. But we are still locked down & so is she. At 91, I don't want to chance it, anyway! I visited her, last Nov. for her birthday! Here's a photo from then! She lives 5 hours away from us.

Mother's Day 2018

emoticon 5-8-2020 Happy B'Day to my forever friend! We met in 1968. Still talk almost daily!!!! emoticon Down 2# since last Friday!!! Lot's of exercising with gardening & eating better!!!! emoticon Today's adventure in keeping up with exercise: (5 hours total) Walk Lucy, emoticon ; Pull out more Cat's Claw, about 4 feet. YIKES! That stuff is strong! IF it wasn't taking over the neighbors house, too, I would just let it grow! emoticon I've done about 6 feet, so far! Might try leaving what I clipped today & hope it fades away, yeah, good luck with that! emoticon ; then my FIRST swim of the year!!!!!! emoticon All this before noon! The heat is up to 95 degrees. We moved 'date' night to tomorrow. Will grill chicken sausage & zucchini coated in olive oil & parm cheese & swim &&&&. So happy to be inside, now, working & catching up with YOU! Hope you are doing GREAT! Too!

Forever friend

(todays before, green house in back round is neighbors!)

(today's after)

(Lucy, today)

Hi! 5-11-2020 I love Mondays, helps me refocus on our thriving little business! As far as veggies go, Cucumbers are the best! I had a HUGE 1 on side with my VERY Green drink, today for breakfast! Beets are 1 of my favorites, too! Top of the list for veggies is RAINBOW carrots, YUMMY! I would rather have them, than chocolate! No kidding! Fruits: Strawberries, Apricots, Mango, Tangerine, Avocado, Bananas, & FRESH dates!

( my friend's son made this bouquet for Mother's Day for her, yummy!)

emoticon 5-13-2020 I am re-learning valuable lessons about myself & how I can't be everything to everyone. That's ok. That is not my mission on earth. My 'dharma' is to bring JOY! emoticon emoticon I do that quite allot. Can't wait to get back to performing my marionettes, live! What 'gifts' do you share with the world to make it a fabulous place? Just being you, right?

(This is JANii, Mom made her & gave he to me for Christmas, 2018)

(audience member after show, she's DARLING, right?)

(more audience)

emoticon 5-14-2020 HAPPY-CATHE thank you for this message today! It IS as lovely as you are! I spent 3 hours cleaning up our garden & FINALLY planting the daffodils! I've been trying since September! Hope they come up next spring! emoticon

May the light of a thousand Stars shine upon you.
May the Love of a thousand Angles now surround you.
May the trails of today be far behind you.
~~~~~Anna Taylor~~~

(Thank YOU, MILLER-S for this incite, today! Really helps me! You are so special to me!)

emoticon 5-15-2020 Today is Endangered Species Day:
About going on trips: The only bathrooms we have open are in grocery stores. With a 45 minute wait to get in, I have to REALLY choose where I am when I go out! Have fun everyone. I spent several hours in our garden. Can't really see it, but here's new photos of the added yard art! Also walked LUCY & swam, woo hoo, lucky me! Happy weekend!

Front yard, planted daffodils yesterday, yard art, today

front yard

emoticon 5-18-2020 Getting my hair cut today, in the salon! YEAH! It's been months. I spent the weekend mostly out doors. Saturday hiking emoticon & Sunday swimming emoticon in our pool, gardening too, yeah! emoticon

Did you all know Chris Downing is doing a ZOOM, June 20, 8 am pacific time. I read about it on SP Indygirl, team. Should be fun! I just need to learn how to do it. My computer doesn't have a camera. My phone will, though! Have a great week everyone!

5-19-2020 emoticon emoticon emoticon Coming by to give a little emoticon

My Fairy God Daughter surprised me with a card & embroidery, her first. She is 9. To say I was thrilled, is an understatement! Even though she is our niece, She is like a daughter to me. I've never had children. It says:
"Dear Fairy God Mother, I hope your day is going splendidly. Whatever day this is. (it arrived a little late for Mother's Day) Happy Fairy God Mother's Day! Tada! I created a special day for you!
(Inside the card says, You are amazing in so many extraordinary ways.) This message came in just the perfect time. I was a little down, as some of you know. The gift was FMG on the embroidery. I will save it forever! NOW that makes me HAPPY!

(her Easter photo 2020)

(Yesterday's hair cut, YES! We both wore masks while he worked on me!)

emoticon 5-20-2020 Since laughter IS the best medicine, let's laugh together! I'm laughing with you, my SP friend! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Hi! Everyone! 5-22-2020 I'm having a great Friday, so far! Walked LUCY pup emoticon ; worked for DH a little emoticon ; AND cleaned house for about 2 hours emoticon We had 'date night' last night, so will have BBQ on Monday, weather permitting! The wind is HIGH, 22 MPH with a warning in effect, more later. 93 degrees. I was hoping to swim later, but the winds are really blowing tree limbs & etc. Have to be careful. Tomorrow I hike in the Nature Preserve, with mask of course! Have a fabulous weekend, everyone when it arrives! emoticon

(THX SP Jetta for photo)

5-24-2020 THX for your support!, Everyone! 5,815 cases in our County, 329 deaths. yesterday, before they opened us up. Since we are a tourist destination, CA has started driving here, for this holiday. YES! We are keeping in our own protected BUBBLE. The anxiety I had yesterday lifted somewhat, after I got home. Yeah! The g. store was not as protected as I like. I WAS! I did walk in the Nature Preserve, but too many people, so I left early. I DID see a friend of mine, made me SO very happy. Haven't seen him since January! We were both protected, hard to recognize him. We had a fun talk & enjoyed the nature! He's not sure the indoor, preserve will ever open. That's where I perform. I might just HAVE to go on the internet for my tiny performances. I'll see, not ready for that yet. Today & tomorrow, we are home, swimming, BBQ & walking sweet Lucy & cleaning, enjoying each other! Be happy & safe, everyone! YOUR support is helping me SO very much! emoticon

(THX to a SP friend!)

emoticon 5-25-2020 Today I bless emoticon everyone who contributes to my life, our lives & keeping our world a better place because they are/were in it! emoticon Today DH emoticon & I are spending the day together, Grilling chicken; zucchini; having corn & baked beans. Peach pie for desert. Walking Lucy & swimming, I AM truly blessed AND I know it. THX for YOUR continued support, here in SP land! You are wonderful! emoticon Let's make it a fabulous day of health & sharing love! emoticon

emoticon 5-26-2020 I've walked LUCY, emoticon swam & did some chores. NOW back to the computer & work. It will be 100 today & 107 degrees, YIKES! tomorrow! Up VERY early to walk Lucy, these mornings. Sunrise! It was only 65 2 weeks ago. Climate change for sure! Yesterday was fabulous, spending time with DH & LUCY. It was a 10 day, on a scale of 1-10! My gardenias bloomed, first time since last summer. 3 weeks early!

(Fairy Granddaughter, Abby, sent from her mom yesterday!)

emoticon 5-29-2020, today it will be cooler! Down to 106. emoticon Humidity 8%. Night down to 80. I'm trying VERY hard to adapt quickly! IF this is an early summer, does that mean we will have an early autumn, too? I don't like a/c or fans.... but I do right now! Made veggie chicken soup for Lucy, & us too, of course. emoticon I made a HUGE batch, so I could freeze some for her. I don't know why I love this stuff so much. I live on it! Mostly varied veggies in broth. I also made 'veggie' packs. They are my grab & go when I go on errands or? emoticon After I walked Lucy emoticon , in the 85 degrees heat, brought her home, cooled her off & went for a swim. emoticon Water temp is 85. I like it 75, but I'm not going to miss out on our pool. We work VERY hard all year, to keep it nice. I feel so blessed to have it! Also, ALL year long, whenever I look out at it, it feels like a vacation spot. emoticon Going for a hike in nature preserve, tomorrow, VERY early! Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Be happy, stay safe & have a great time!

(photos of special palm trees, near our spa. First blooming since they were planted 2005! SO pretty, right?

June 1, 2020 I am 'seeing' peace for you & all of us, really! emoticon Let's not over eat, or loose sight of our goals because of the fear. 'They' just put a curfew on my friends area, Santa Monica CA to 1 pm! Boarding up the entire town of Brentwood. Another friend, in Fargo, ND, said everyone banded together against the rabble-rousers & they left! A VERY peaceful gathering. Peace to all!

This past weekend, we swam & watched the Dragon launch. emoticon Such a positive gathering of the world's people! emoticon Here is a photo, from one of my SP friends. Stay safe & help each other & I will do the same!

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  • no profile photo CD23656714
    Beautiful new blooms. I'm sorry it's so very hot there, though it is very hot here, too, now; 80s and 90s this upcoming week. With the KS wind, it will be like a blast furnace for the people who work outside; DH is a lineman, as one example. Ah, well. The weather is always doing something!
    I would enjoy your performances online, but I understand wanting to wait a bit to see how things are going to go with reopening. It could all be OK! emoticon
    418 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    So glad to know your mom is doing better and your backyard is phenomenal! Beautiful. Your fairy god daughter is just precious. Spark on beautiful friend!
    429 days ago
    emoticon emoticon for your mom.
    Your yard and garden looks emoticon
    Have a great week.
    429 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23656714
    emoticon I can't like this blog again, but I wish I could! It is full of really nice news-thank you! Your hair looks magnificent. I keep thinking when my stylist calls, I'm gonna tell her to let others go first, but I'm seeing some peoples's hair, and have been re-thinking.... emoticon
    430 days ago
    I hope your mom is doing well...take care & keep posting emoticon
    444 days ago
    Hope your Mom is doing ok now. It is hard not being able to be with our families. Your gardening work is wonderful. emoticon
    445 days ago
    448 days ago
    Sorry to hear about the scare with your Mom. I hope she keeps up with water because tea is a diuretic.
    I always thought vines that cover walls and fences look so pretty, but that one can be very invasive as it will stick to anything and grow underground tubers. You did a great job with it!
    Have a great May!
    448 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17043657
    All the work you put in paid off big time: what difference! Really lovely
    448 days ago
    SPARKLING, so glad your Mom is better now!!! *Make sure you stay hydrated, too, when out there working so hard.
    emoticon emoticon
    448 days ago
  • JULIEA7201
    That looks like a workout πŸ‘πŸ‘glad your mom is ok and it was fairly simple. My answer to almost anything is drink more water πŸ˜‰
    448 days ago
    Do what needs to be done. So glad Mom has it figured out and
    you will be researching plans to keep her safe.
    449 days ago
    I hope your Mom keeps getting her water.
    449 days ago
    Sparkling, so Sorry to hear about your mom -praying she is getting her water in her now and feeling better? You are working so hard and must be very careful in the HEAT!! Drink your water and don't work too hard in this type of temps. Your house and pool look lovely!!! I'm coming over one day to go swimming with you!! emoticon
    449 days ago
    Sending prayers for your mom. So wonderful that she has an attentive roommate. Dehydration can hit quick and hard. Especially with the elderly. Usually they bounce back pretty good after an IV or too. Probably didn't feel thirsty or couldn't reach her water and didn't want to bother anyone. It is so sad that she is far away and even if she was close by you still would not be able to visit.
    449 days ago
    My Mom is 94 so I understand your anxiousness. On Monday I called her house and neither her nor my brother answered. It worried me because I was in the bathroom when she called me and I called right back. When she called I asked her where the heck she was. Chuck had taken her outside for a walk to the garden. She wanted to check things out. I am always telling me Mom to drink more water. She has a 24 or 28 oz water bottle and she thinks she is doing great to drink that. She says she doesn't want to drink too much water because it makes her pee. Duh, that's the idea.
    449 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23656714
    I'm sorry about your mom. It's so hard for them to drink enough; they have to get up to go to the bathroom more often, and they make choices (I learned that from my MIL.) What a job your backyard is, and what a great result-definitely worth it, especially working out frustration! Stay strong, my friend. You teach us a great deal, whether you realize, or not. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    449 days ago
    Hope your mom gets better soon. Love your pool!
    449 days ago
    hope your mom gets better and you have a lovely house Hugs
    449 days ago
    Poor Mom! Great cleanup job! Your pool is beautiful ... and looks inviting with those palms πŸ’š
    449 days ago
    Hope your mom is doing better! You had quite a workout trimming the cat's claw.

    Your pool is beautiful!
    449 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your Mom. Hope she's doing better now. Troubling times! ((HUGS))
    449 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Praying for your mother.
    449 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    Hope your mom gets better and stays hydrated. Your pictures are beautiful!
    449 days ago
    Aww I hope that your mom is doing well today! Thank God for her roommate. She seems like she helps your mom alot. I know what it is like not visiting your mom for mother's day. Mine lives in Florida. I live in Utah. I don't get to see her very much. Especially not now with the coronavirus and they say it's best I don't visit her anyway right now because she is over the age of 60. I definitely miss her.
    449 days ago
  • no profile photo NYLAURA1
    I hope your Mom is feeling better. It can be difficult for older people to keep up with liquid intake.
    It looks like you got a lot of physical work done

    449 days ago
    I am so sorry about your mom! I know it is such a worry! Take care! emoticon
    449 days ago
  • JOANN25
    I am sorry your mom is having so many problems. My Mom died in May of '18 at 101. I miss her and am sad she is gone but she would not have made it through this with all the rules etc.

    Keep your faith ... this too will pass. emoticon
    449 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope all goes well with her. It must be so hard not to be able to go into the hospital to visit. My sister and brother in law both tested positive for covid. My sister has COPD, diabetes and heart disease so I am a nervous wreck. So far she is doing well, fighting it. But if she has to go to the hospital and we can't be there, it will be so hard.

    Your yard look so beautiful and that pool....oh my! So inviting! I would be in it every day.

    You are doing great with all the trimming. emoticon

    I hope you get to see your mom very soon!
    449 days ago
    You can do it! emoticon
    449 days ago
    You can do it! emoticon
    449 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your Mom. It is hard enough to care for our aging parents without having to go through all of the "hoops" concerning "new" rules because of the virus crisis. Take care, I hope you get to give your Mom some much needed HUGS! emoticon
    449 days ago
    Praying πŸ™
    449 days ago
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