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Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Wow, my last blog was one month shy of 3 years ago! I have a TON to catch y'all up on, but I'll try not to be TOO overwhelming.

* I graduated with my BSN in April 2018, and am now working on my Masters of Science in Nursing, with a focus on Population Health. I'm in the last "core class" right now, and will start the specialty track classes in June, and I *should* graduate next spring.

*My oldest kid and her family moved to Seattle in March 2018, my youngest and HIS family (including my grandson) joined them in March 2019. I've visited Seattle twice, both the past 2 Septembers (the first with the youngest and his fam in tow, as they wanted to check things out before they decided on moving, and this past September I got to stay with all of them in the big 5 bedroom house they are all sharing together). The daughter still here in Cincinnati and I were PLANNING to visit in June, but with Covid-19 I doubt that's going to happen just yet (which gives me more time to save for the trip, so that's not entirely a bad thing, I just miss them all horribly).

* The oldest of my "heart children" (ex-step children) became estranged from his father 2 years ago, which has opened the doors to our reconnecting. He decided to enlist and spent a year in Texas as a tanker, but came home in March due to some unfortunate circumstances that resulted in his leaving the service ("discharge under honorable circumstances"). He is currently occupying our spare bedroom (what used to be the "grandspawn's room"), looking for work, and being frustrated because he can't get any of the things done he needs to do because all of the VA offices are closed. But he's under my roof, which makes me SUPER happy. He's also asked me to officially adopt him.

* I WAS planning on looking into travel nursing this spring, to start heading towards moving west to be closer to the family. HOWEVER, my dream job dropped into my lap, and as of January I've been working for Equitas Health, a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center focused on vulnerable and marginalized populations, particularly LGBTQ, transgender and folks living with HIV and AIDs. Honestly? My kids moved because Seattle is more welcoming to the LGBTQ community than Ohio, and while I want to be near them I'd been really torn at the idea of leaving my home town and not doing more to fix things here. When this job opened up, it provided a way for me to eventually leave feeling that I'd at least done something to improve things for the community here, and I feel a LOT better about moving away without "abandoning my post" as it were.

* Speaking of healthcare, I'm now taking Metformin as well as Lantus and Victoza for my diabetes, and it's in better control (my most recent A1C was 7.3, a vast improvement). It could be better though, and I definitely need to work on my weight, which is why I'm here! I was also recently diagnosed with cataracts, and will be seeing a specialist about surgery next Monday. Think good thoughts - my vision has been SEVERELY affected, so I hope to have surgery ASAP. Driving at night is terrifying right now, so the sooner the better.

Okay, that's enough updates for now. I just rejoined the BLC, this time as a Spark Sister. Here's hoping it gets me motivated and moving!!
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