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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

emoticon June 2, 2020 Looking for my positives in June & beyond.....

emoticon Today is my 3,000 day of being active on this site, EVERY day! WOW! emoticon

I am Emailing the lady from L.V. Santa 5K, emoticon first Saturday in Dec. to do it, virtually! We'll see how it goes! 15,000 Santa's last year, walking for a local charity. Hope she can figure it out! emoticon

While I was watering emoticon , a hummingbird emoticon jumped into my stream & played in the rainbows emoticon , I am NOT making this up!

I want to stay the same weight or a little less, by this time next month. emoticon

My DH has a B'Day emoticon mid month, I have several surprises emoticon for him, as we are still staying safe inside. emoticon

Daily, praying for peace & joy to rule the planet! emoticon emoticon Not sure how else to help. emoticon

So, that's my little list, so far. I will add to this blog-journal many times before I move onto the next 1. THX for reading & re-reading!

emoticon 6-3-2020 Feels like a very magical day. Small surprises showing up everywhere! It's going to be 105 today, so I'm off to walk LUCY before it gets hotter! 'Her" park is calling! Have a great day, be happy no matter what! & I will too!

emoticon 5-4-2020 I am staying active emoticon & healthy & remembering everyone I care for & love, with joy, including YOU! emoticon A day of walking LUCY, dog; watering; trimming palm trees emoticon ; working emoticon ; swimming emoticon & just getting it done, all before 10 am & 95 degrees. Will be 104 by 2 pm! DH & I are learning how to live & be happy for this hot paradise emoticon ! Lunch, a HUGE cucumber emoticon , raw nuts emoticon & Trader Joe's dried watermelon emoticon , YUMMY!

emoticon 6-5-2020, today has been almost the same as yesterday! 3 hours of activities before 10 am. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Temps were 107 yesterday, today will be about 101. Then tomorrow down to 87!?! That is a fast change, I like it, though! Tomorrow I am doing a 5K for a virtual run with WORLD WILDLIFE FUND. emoticon I am a member. We choose a place in our area (The Nature Preserve) & take photos with our' bib' on Then post to them. I'll be going early, so I don't get caught up in the heat! Have a wonderful, relaxing, healing, being 'you' weekend & I will too! emoticon

(from the Santa 5K)

emoticon 6-7-2020 Yesterday, I walked a virtual 5K, emoticon for the World emoticon Wildlife Fund at our little nature preserve. I walked about 4 miles, 85 degrees & wind of 25-30 MPH! emoticon I staid dry because of it, emoticon It was a wonderful time, I got a lot of exercise & played in our beautiful nature land!

emoticon Have a GREAT day, try to be happy & keep to your goals! (my small goal for this week, is NOT to over react & share joy, where ever I can! SP team SMALL GOALS COMMITMENT CHALLENGE) & I will too! emoticon

emoticon 6-7-2020 There are so many challenges for all of us on the planet, emoticon I have been praying-meditating & spread joy where ever I can! emoticon Time to get back to work, Be happy, joy filled & safe! & I will too! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Lucy 6-6-2020

emoticon 6-10-2020 I have anxiety emoticon about: (I am only sharing this here, even DH doesn't truly know) Covid We now have 7800 cases in our county.367 deaths. I am trying to stay protected & calm. Some days are better than others. Our home is a paradise, so easy to be home. I am such a social person, it is VERY weird for me to have anxiety about going out. As always, self protection is the key, for us. So many people think it is not really a problem. & now 'they' have opened the strip. We'll see what happens in the next 2 weeks. I don't mean to sound stressed. I stopped watching the news. Our life is VERY good, right now. DH has figured out how to keep our tiny business going. I get to help him, take better care of our amazing home, garden & swim & play with our dog, Lucy &&&&. I am truly blessed! May your Wednesday bring you all the joy your heart can hold! Then share it & I will too! emoticon LUCY had a grooming, yesterday. "Lion trim' He took off so much of her fur, I think she feels a little naked! I'll need to be careful, when I walk her, she doesn't have sunscreen, LOL!

emoticon 6-12-2020 I feel SO much better, today, than the past few days. (released 3.2# since last Friday!) Also getting a lot more exercise than usual, adding gardening. I try for 200 minutes, daily. Today has been 225 so far. Walked Lucy, cleaned house, SP Nicole's 12 minute seated core work out, swim under & playing like a dolphin- water fall & all. (I don't swim under everyday, just on hair washing days) First watermelon of the year, it's DELICIOUS, DH & I ate it pool side! Nice way to start the day, 98 degrees. Just having a fun, take it as it comes, day. I'm back to work now, & SP ing before I get down to it! Have a fabulous day, everyone! Tomorrow I hike in the nature preserve, YIPPY!

(fairy garden spot)

(part of our pool & spa)

emoticon 6-16-2020 My favorite 'ice cream' treat is Heath Valley Frozen chocolate pops. Tastes just like fudge icicles & only 90 calories. emoticon I have walked LUCY dog, swam, cleaned house a little, & now working.on computer.... getting ready for our 2 person party:

My DH b'day. We are still self quarantining, so I am making him his favorite Stir fry, Orange Chicken from Trader Joe's (haven't tried it before) & lemon meringue pie. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Photo from this morning, we have been together since high school!

(fun food art from SP friend, let's go for a ride!)

emoticon 6-17-2020 THX to all of you, for your support & good wishes for my DH birthday, yesterday. We had a blast! I made it a party for just the 2 of us. Candles & all. We are social distancing. He is just learning how to Text, on his new 'smart phone'. SO many people sent good wishes. Made him feel really good, me too! Dinner was a HUGE success. Lot's of veggies & chicken. Lemon pie for his 'cake'. Today I swam; walked Lucy dog; cleaned house; gardened; & worked. Before the 'real' heat hits! It is beautiful today, only 90. Feels great to be alive today! Hope you are all doing well!

make a wish!

About me today:
6-18-2020 I use to jump in Zumba 2 times a week. About 2 years ago, I leaped & hurt my knee. Couldn't even walk for a year. THAT is when I started really listening to my body! So now I walk about 3 miles in an hour several times a week. Do SP Nicole's 12 minute seated core work out, (I stopped doing my full Sheppard Pilates, DVD, cause I couldn't get off the floor with my knee. I DO plan on getting back into it, one of these days, Nicole's workout helps my body 'remember my 'core'.) Plus I walk daily at least 30 minutes, clean house about 30 minutes a day, (even if it is just cleaning out a drawer) and now swim 60 minutes a day. & since we are self quarantined, (since March 15) I now garden about an hour 3 times a week. I try for 200 exercise minutes a day. I do reach it most days! WATERMELLON your blog inspired me to write this today! THX! You are the best! emoticon

(DH is learing to text. These are his first to me! Lucky me, right?)

emoticon 6-22-2020 It is going to be 111 degrees today! Did a lot of errands before the heat. The pool temp is 89, YIKES! Talked to my beautiful Mother, today. She may have to move, after 19 years. Hope it doesn't have to happen, but whatever is best for her. Father's day was simple & sweet. LUCY doggie gave her 'dad' a card. (We were never blessed with children of our own.BUT have many children to love!) I had 3 father's. I loved them all! Her is a photo of 1 of them. he was a minister. A VERY great man!

(water sister, Spirit card stay cool!)

6-23-2020 Went up to 115 in our back yard, yesterday. YIKES! Even for me! emoticon emoticon I am doing pretty good, keeping my balance with all the changes going on in our lives!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

(clouds over Mom's house for her BDay 2018, she turned 90.)

(more clouds over Mom's house, within an hour of each other! 4 angels!)

A tiny slice of my life, today:
emoticon 6-24-2020 I found a volunteer snapdragon, in our 'fairy' emoticon section of our garden this morning. It is so hot 115 yesterday & dry, it came out at the bottom of a palm tree I transplanted. Couldn't believe it can survive this environment! (Pool temp is between 87-90 degrees, ouch!) emoticon I swim anyway, it is cooler than outside & I want the exercise! Gardening is so great! emoticon I love going out in our yards, in the morning & seeing the changes, good or bad. Each section is a painting in it's self! Right? emoticon Have a blessed day, everyone! emoticon

emoticon 6-29-2020 Today I have been going through our home & gathering 'things' that can be outside to put into my garden. Should be fun, I have so many beautiful things. Time to move the energy. Also, yesterday we had 35 MPH winds, at 105 degrees. I spent the morning cleaning branches & etc. from the yards. And about an hour, swimming, (cleaning, actually) the pool. What a big mess. There were so many yellow/orange wildflowers all over the top of the water, with the sun streaming through, it was actually so very beautiful! I should had taken photos! Happy new week everyone!

(photo of tall desert wildflowers that floated into pool. I keep them to feed the birds)

(the flowers growing over the spa)

emoticon 6-30-2020 Last day of June, wow! Time is zooming emoticon , even with all the changes. Our temps went WAY down.From high of 115 to high of 85. I love it! Hope it stays like this, in our lovely paradise. emoticon I woke up feeling GREAT! emoticon Thriving, as 1 of my SP friends commented. & yes, I am! Hope you all are doing really wonderful & taking care of your worlds emoticon , in peace emoticon & in joy emoticon & in health! emoticon

(Fairy Granddaughter 4 months old, haven't met her yet)

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