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Mistakes I've Made

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Alright, here we go! I'm going to explore some of the mistakes I've made in my past while trying to lose or maintain weight.

1. Crash dieting.
I can't count how many times I have tried to crash diet for a particular event. I did it all through high school and college. I would all of a sudden become determined to be skinny and then starve myself for weeks. Sure, I would lose weight. My sophomore year of high school, I lost 40 lbs. My senior year of college I lost 50 lbs. But the weight always came back, with about 20 lbs. added on top. Crash dieting not only doesn't work, but it makes me CRANKY!

2. Drinking too much alcohol.
I've blogged about this before, but drinking socially has been a big part of my lifestyle for the past decade. I go out to bars a lot with my husband or friends. Unfortunately, I've just had to face the fact that drinking your calories when your restricting just doesn't work. Drinking also makes me think that it's FINE to order more bar food or go grab second helpings of snacks. Inhibitions get lowered and my calorie count goes way up!

3. Scheduling too much.
I tend to commit to a lot of things, both professionally and personally. I'm a professional musician, which is not conducive to an easy or regular schedule. Creating a routine for myself is difficult when every day of the week looks different. Once I get too busy or stressed, I fall right off the healthy living wagon.

4. Perfectionism.
One of my biggest downfalls. If I fall off the wagon for two days, I get that urge to go reset those Spark goals because I've ruined my perfect record. I am really working hard on letting myself make mistakes and learn from them this time around, as opposed to "starting over" regularly.

5. Eating Out
This is tied to my schedule as well, but I'm so tired and stressed all the time, and I use that as an excuse to pick up takeout or dine out all the time. I also eat out socially a lot. The time has come to understand that healthy eating starts in MY kitchen, not the local tavern's. The reality is that no matter how healthy I try to be while dining out, it just doesn't compare to eating at home.

I definitely think that these are the five biggest things that have derailed weight loss in the past, and even caused me to gain weight over time. I've been keeping these things in check over the past few weeks, but I'm honestly scared that I'm going to be tempted to go back to these habits as our country opens back up after the pandemic. COVID-19 has been awful in so many ways, but it has forced me to simplify my life in a good way. Here's to staying accountable in our new reality!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're right on these points
    409 days ago
    Very insightful.
    409 days ago
    Good job putting it all down! These are issues for many of here on Spark. We each have to make up our minds what is important enough to make sacrifices for then develop best new habits that support our decision. Social eating and drinking is a biggie because it’s part of a lifestyle. Surely we don’t want to give up our friends and socializing so we have to find ways to incorporate those things into the healthiest options. You are right that even with great effort keeping cals down in restraints is tough. Each of us is different and must find our own way but I’ll share some of my experiences as examples.
    Some evenings I stick to 2 lite beers with water water water in between and after
    Other times one super large water w/ about 2oz honey whiskey - this feels best in my body - no after bloat
    I make a pact with myself to have this plan and stick to it.
    Some nights I add an extra beer.
    I love frozen drinks but are just not doable calorie wise so they are special treats and limit is one.
    Other nights, I have one beer and one margarita when I’m lenient.
    I think the key is to establish the plan of exactly what and how much you will imbibe.
    Also set a time frame such as this month of July...I will drink...and no more.
    Have your options listed somewhere in writing even if it’s recorded in your memory. Look at your options and choose before heading out.
    Also, pick your occasions. Only permit alcohol one week night and one night of weekend. If you have something to to celebrate wait for the big occasion. Tell yourself you’re going to skip the ordinary Thursday beer with friend for two week nights so you can rock the next big event.
    You, make rules for you!
    One wonderful Spark friend once posted, A decision of how much to weigh is a decision on how to live.
    Unless hubby and friends are on board in changing the social scene, you have to choose how to handle your own food and drink.

    I agree about crash dieting. Some weeks I have to reign things in and cut calories to drop a few extra accumulated pounds but I refuse to crash and of course burn later! Do not starve yourself. Fill,up on healthy choices.

    Another go-to mantra for me is, Don’t let your reasons become excuses. Be aware of your schedule and and plan grab and go options as best as you can. Big stressors lead me to the pity trough!
    Drop the perfectionism and the all-or-nothing for sure! This process of figuring it out and committing comes in steps and phases. 9 years ago I never would have thought I’d have this healthy eating pattern and habits. And even after all that time and practice I have slips, big and small. Be patient with yourself.

    And remember, the initial weightloss is rewarding but persistence and diligence are required for maintaining.

    Well, enough said!
    Best wishes!
    Spark on!
    409 days ago
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