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Happy July & welcome to my B'Day month! Come back I will add many times!

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

emoticon 7-1-2020 emoticon to July! My B'Day month, (6th) emoticon My Mom & I celebrate all month. Have all my life. We celebrated on the 4th. I asked her if all the people in the park were celebrating me, emoticon where were the presents? emoticon HAHA! Also, I was 6 years old when our marionette theater started, because of my party in the park! The people there, wanted Mom & our family to come to their children's parties & do her show. VERY special times!!!

Time is zooming emoticon , even with all the changes. Our temps went WAY down.From high of 115 to high of 85. I love it! Hope it stays like this, in our lovely paradise. emoticon I woke up feeling GREAT! emoticon Thriving, as 1 of my SP friends commented. & yes, I am! Hope you all are doing really wonderful & taking care of your worlds emoticon , in peace emoticon & in joy emoticon & in health! emoticon

(Mom's publicity photo, at the beginning)

(July 4th, I was 10, performing with Bozo the clown, CA)

(not my party, but could have been!)

(Fairy Granddaughter 4 months old, haven't met her yet)

7-2-2020 I wrote this poem in July 1997 I am giving it to you as a gift, sweet Moon Child!!!! (Born June 23-July 23)

releasing from their trees,
pretending to be butterflies,
landing on the sable velvet moss.

The Stream,
singing its songs as it plays unencumbered to its home.

Black and white, green and pink,
Hummers kissing me, reaching for the Starr.
a species all their own.
Blue jays speeding from tree to tree,
buzzing bees see the flowers too, if they please.

The Wind,
ahead of the flow, her sharp edge cutting channels where no one has gone before, through millions of oaks and pines.

Dandelion wish sticks, snowballs of summer,
flying Fairy’s seeds,
dancing arabesques in their frosty tutus,
landing on Pointe.

A black caterpillar undulating its orange spots,
searching for Halloween.

The Sun,
darting as clouds roll over his face.
Mother Earth, her boulders, her toenails, sunning,
on a Moon Child’s Day.

(Our Great Nephew his BDay is 7-1)

7-3-2020 Sunny & hot (104). I swam for almost an hour today. emoticon Walked LUCY, before heat hit, emoticon park was beautiful. Put away ALLOT of fruit from yesterday's Sam's club adventure. Many organic veggies, too. DH gave me dark chocolate covered strawberries for my B Day. We will be BBQing tomorrow, turkey burgers, asparagus, maybe turkey hot dogs. Already made my 'famous' cold slaw. Low fat, & yummy. DH loves it. Apple pie for the 4th & my B'day.
I have been adding things to our back yard. A silk flower on one of our statues, LOL! Also, our park has tiny pine cones, I picked up several & am using as a ground cover in a spot that is strange shaped. Smells wonderful. Hope you are all staying happy & safe, too!

emoticon 7-4-2020 God bless America! emoticon emoticon

( I took this photo in 2010)

emoticon 7-6-2020 THX to everyone's BDay wishes! Today is the actual day. Spent the day, so far walking, swimming & playing! Some laundry & house hold chores.DH & I will celebrate later today. emoticon
A joke for you: What BDay gift do you give to a Zen master? A house, he lives in the present! emoticon
I feel so blessed to be in this beautiful paradise. Staying home ALLOT more, as I'm sure you are! Be safe everyone, happy too! emoticon

Our precious LUCY on her deck. Can you see the rainbows?

Full moon & fireworks out our bedroom window

emoticon 7-7-2020 I'm a little tired from all the celebrating at home, yesterday!! It was a VERY wonderful day. So much loved shared, from a far! I am truly blessed. emoticon doesn't cover it! You are all emoticon

(Lucy & her friend!!)

emoticon 7-10-2020 So it will be HOT emoticon 115 tomorrow! That is quite hot, even for me & I am accumulated to high heat. On Saturday's I usually go hiking, but unless I leave at sunrise, (it will be 85 then) I would get caught out in it. Not sure if it is safe for me to go, or not. Can't make that decision till then. I love being out in nature. I think we all do. Saw the news. The east coast is getting slammed. Strange weather this year, strange year, this year, right? Seems us SP, people are stronger than most. We keep getting up & starting everyday new! YEAH for each & everyone of us! Stay safe, be happy & emoticon emoticon emoticon

(Last Saturdays hike)
emoticon 7-11-2020 Yes! I got to hike. I left home at sunrise. emoticon It was only 85, & by the time I left the nature preserve it was only 100. NOT as hot as it was suppose to be, 115, YEAH! We did have some clouds, I think that helped. Walked LUCY, had a lovely hike, did some shopping & swam. 360 minutes of continual masked, movement. I'm ready to rest, after SP! I made a carrot/raisin salad with Greek yogurt, mayo substitute, pineapple & juice & celery. Have you had that lately? I was craving it! emoticon Have a fun weekend! emoticon

emoticon 7-12-2020 It was a busy Sunday morning, walking Lucy, swimming, cleaning house & now Sparking! It is 2:45 pm & 118 degrees. YIKES!!!!! emoticon

B Day gift from a dear friend! My back yard awaits!

emoticon 7-13-2020 I had my hair trimmed today. Feels great! My hair dresser gave me Troll dolls & DVD, for belated B'Day. (he truly is a kid!) I celebrate all month, so perfect timing! Couldn't walk Lucy dog, TOO hot! Only went down to 97 degrees last night! Down from 120. It IS cooling down to 117 today, 35 MPH winds. Yep, we are inside this afternoon! I did get to swim, before my outing, YEAH! emoticon My friend took my Mom out to lunch yesterday, nice she sent me photos. I haven't seen mom since last November, when she turned 91. We are in contact a lot, though. But miss hugging her! She is 5 hours away in a different state. She is such a magical woman, I miss her, terribly. DH & I are SO very happy to be living together in this amazing house with the pool he designed, in 2005.I am VERY blessed! Happy Monday to everyone, stay safe & be thankful for what you do have & I will too!

Christmas in July: emoticon 7-14-2020 This year's Las Vegas Santa 5K Run (the SP team name) is going virtual! Sign up (now) at santarun@opportunityvillage.or
g You can walk, run or swim from any place on the planet! Hope you will 'join' us! emoticon It is for a local charity. $30.00 to enter. emoticon Because of SP I am able to do this walk! I've done it 7 times! Great fun!


Newspaper photo, 2018


(2012 my first time)

(me & 15,000 other Santas!!

7-15-2020 Hope you can open this link:

emoticon 7-17-2020 Yep! Gardened today, swam & walked Lucy dog all before 9 am & 110 degrees today! Hope to hike the nature preserve, tomorrow! Protected, of course! emoticon Happy Friday! Hope you are doing GREAT! You deserve all the good coming to you! emoticon

(my forever friend gave me this pretty mask. Nice surprise in the mail!)

(Lucy & I picked up pine cones in 'our' park & used them for a 'bald spot" in our yard. They are available year long!)

emoticon 7-19-2020 Yesterday I thought I had everything ready to go for my hike. It got up to 109 degrees before I finished. I had water & all. But I truly melted in the afternoon! Doing better today, YEAH! Electric-lights helped! Cucumbers & celery & peanut butter as a snack. I came home & just rested all afternoon. Still am, hours later! emoticon My small goal for this week is to REST! I'm not very good at it. Hope you are doing GREAT! emoticon emoticon

7-20-2020 emoticon emoticon emoticon & working! Happy Monday!

7-21-2020 emoticon I've been cleaning, gardening, walking LUCY before the heat & swimming before 'work' inside. Yesterday we woke up to 102 degrees & 54% humidity, (usually 7%). 8 am! Thunder storms, wow! No rain, yet. I do not know how ANYONE can live with this kind of humidity! If this were an every year thing, I would move out of this state. I have allot of compassion for you, on the other side of the country! I HAVE to be outside, don't like being under a/c all the time. Any way I did put up another B Day present (July 6) It is a Unicorn, spinner! So pretty! PLEASE stay safe & hydrated! Fresh fruits & veggies, too, help me! Thanks for your support, on this my 3,049th day of SP!

(outside our bedroom window, faint rainbow above the light. It was stronger, before I got the photos)

(she is above the pool)

emoticon 7-23-2020 I buy rotisserie chicken at Costco. $4.99. I can not beat the price! IF I cook 1 it is more costly, (plus it is too hot to be cooking like that) cleanup (water waster) & time consuming. They can be high in sodium. I don't eat the skin. We use as is, in 'taco salads', on sandwiches, chicken salad, plus when almost done I make soup from all the bones & skin, etc. After I cook it, de-bone it & put into refrigerator. I can then, skim of the fat. I make us & our dog, soup, she gets her own, with out any spices. I add SO many veggies & a little whole brown rice, it lasts for many meals. I freeze some too. I can & do live on this stuff! emoticon

Temps went DOWN, YEAH! 105 today, 7% humidity, love it! Will go down to 78 tonight, I'm thrilled! We will be able to open windows, tonight! Our sweet LUCY emoticon likes it too! Hope you are all doing OK with the weather, sure changes quickly, right?

emoticon 7-24-2020 Our sweet Lucy dog, is 15 yrs. She had a liver blood test done, she is doing GREAT! Goes in on Tuesday for teeth cleaning & pulling. I was a little scared she might be worse off. This report made my day! I have learned dogs cannot have the night shades, peppers or pepper, salt, tomatoes, potatoes, plus onions, garlic & chocolate is deadly. So I make her soup with out any of that. She loves it! We are such good 'parents' to our darling fun babies, right? I have cleaned for 3.5 hours. Downstairs. All counters, floors, vacuumed house & garage, dusted etc. Feels GREAT! I guess I had a 'bee' in my bonnet, as grandma use to say. Walked Lucy, swam, etc. Busy morning! Date night tonight! Now off to work on computer. Only 103 today! Windows open last night. That is a true treat!!!! Tomorrow I get to hike, nature preserve. Hope your Friday is SPECTACULAR! emoticon



emoticon 7-28-2020 THX for the love, DH chair lift is being fixed right now! LUCY emoticon dog at vet, teeth removal, bug guy here soon, pool guy here, today. emoticon Trying to work too! (we work from home) Seriously busy day, glad to have the help! emoticon I am very blessed! emoticon

emoticon 7-29-2020 REALLY busy! Wish I could stay & chat! Lucy ok, but needs allot of tending to. I made her veggie chicken soup. Vet said if she didn't start eating she would have to go back & see him. After 2 hours of making it, she ate it, YES!!!! I made a huge batch, some to freeze for her & us. She was so drugged, she fell down the stairs. They are carpeted, & she's ok, but I'm watching her closely! Swam &&&&& before 111 degrees today! DH chair lift in. Also, working.... Be happy, be safe & know I am here for all of you! emoticon

(from a SP friend, again for you, CHANGING-TURTLE )

emoticon emoticon JULY! 7-31-2020 Yes! A day of easy miracles. AC maintained, today. Good thing! We get it done about every 9 months. Change filters about every 6 weeks. It runs almost daily! Lucy IS better, daily. Soft foods for another 8 days. Tomorrow is a hiking day, depends upon if I can get out at sunrise. Only going down to 85. High of 115 today & tomorrow. I need to be careful, last time I got caught in the heat! Date night tonight, too. Not sure plans yet. Busy at work! Be the health you want with what you have to work with & I will too. !

(this photo was sent to me, it is from 1962 or so. My Mom & BDay girl, at our marionette theater. We had approx. 10,000 BDay children over the 19 years! I love celebrating BDays!)

8-4-2020 I love Unicorns!

8-4-2020 emoticon emoticon emoticon & now working! have a fabulous day!

(photo I took of Sleeping Beauty castle, Disneyland, CA 2011, just for your fun!)
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