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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Another week has gone by with me just winging it. I am not sure why I feel that is a bad thing but for some reason I feel the need to have a regime or a diet. You need to have a label so people know that you are serious about losing the lbs. Yeah I am doing WW, Atkins... fill in the blank and of course that opens up the dialogue to comparison. Mind you, not many ask these days because I have stopped declaring my intentions due to my poor track record.

Excuses aside, I saw this tweet by a Canadian comedian the other day that says it all.

Loss: .4lbs
Total: 26.8

I do need to go beyond this particular set of numbers because it is where I have sat for longer than I care to remember. Sure I might have been 30 lbs up at one point (gasp) and I think I saw about 15 lbs less for a week or two (the joy) but for the most part I sit around this number.

It can't be a set point because it is far too unhealthy so why is that I let myself stay at this weight? The alarm bells go off and I do something if I am 10 pounds more, if I am 10 pounds less then I relax and think I have made it.

Does anyone else have a number they gravitate to over the years...naturally?
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    I always have to be "on a program," too. I think it comes from having a long history of dieting... I tried "intuitive eating" once, and it was a disaster, because whatever intuition I have left about food is extremely skewed. If a program helps, then by all means, do it. Switch it up. You're an experiment of one. If you want to get away from diet programs, maybe try switching your focus and trying a new exercise streak, like training for a 5K.
    272 days ago
    I've also hovered around the same weight for the last few years, and once I lose 20 lbs say, then I stop doing what I was doing and go back to my old ways! I think I will countdown the pounds visually on a poster in my bedroom or on the fridge LOL. Maybe that will help. And start putting a sticker or drawing a flower on each day in the calendar that I workout. :)
    that last idea has worked for me in the past.
    You can do it, Colette! :) We will do it!

    273 days ago
    Just keep making more good choices than bad ones. Some days you will feel you did great, others,,, not so much. Just work to make the good days more often than the bad ones and put small victories together until it's a big one. I recently read that the human brain feels more accomplished when achieving several small victories than it does achieving one big one. So set small goals that you can reach. Break your day into three parts, morning, afternoon and evening. Set your goals to make good choices in each part, each day. Heck, you can divide calendar days into 3 parts and give yourself a green check mark for each one you do good in. Don't put any mark in a section that you feel you didn't do well (don't need that easy to see, quick reminder of failure!!).

    3 sections per day gives you 21 opportunities per week to hit your small goals. Small goals add up to large goals. Concentrate on the micro to achieve the macro. :)
    273 days ago
    Yes, sometimes the labels give it too much power over us.
    Maybe don't focus on the numbers so much as just eating healthy and getting some type of exercise.

    Keep at it, Colette! You can do it!

    273 days ago
  • SUSANM18
    I've been hanging in at around this weight for quite a long time. Like you I'm up and down but never quite get moving to new lower numbers. Partly, I think I've just been at this for a long time and it's getting old. I keep thinking I should have internalized some of the good habits by now, but let me not pay attention and there I go, eating like I used to and gaining weight.

    I've got a lot going on right now with all the work going on at my house, so I'm giving myself the permission to focus on that for the time being. Once this work is done, hopefully by the end of the month, I think I'll be ready to get back into fully paying attention to food, exercise, etc.

    Have a good week. emoticon
    274 days ago
    OH my dear, yes . . . . the diet mentality definitely was counterproductive for me. Focused on health. And that meme is absolute truth! It has to all start by loving yourself right where you're at!

    HUGS and good luck. Hang in there.
    274 days ago
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