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Thursday, August 06, 2020


emoticon 8-6-2020 emoticon hope you are having fun! emoticon emoticon I am. Swam emoticon today, gardened- spread wildflower seeds in my 'fairy' emoticon garden patch; house work emoticon , working emoticon & getting ready for errands emoticon . Temps only going to 102 degrees today!!! I get allot done when it is cooler! emoticon Starting to look & feel a little like autumn, no kidding! Our trees are dropping leaves &&&&. I am learning to be more patient with people, as we are all going through so many changes with the pandemic. Kindness counts, right? emoticon

(I grew this sunflower, to take this photo, many years ago now)

emoticon 8-7-2020 Another cooler day! Only 103 today. Going up for the weekend. (106 degrees) I'll get to hike tomorrow at the nature preserve, YEAH!!!! Today was swimming, walking LUCY dog, cleaning house & working all before 12:30 pm! Felt great! I've been going through some of my favorite photos, I took. Here is another 1, I've shared before, but it's my favorite! Taken in 2010 at Disneyland, CA, after fireworks!

emoticon 8-9-2020 I have to get out side at sunrise. Last night went all the way down to 77. I got to open windows in the very early morning! YEAH! 6% humidity! So I get up, coffee; walk LUCY dog emoticon for about 1/2 hour, do some quick house work & gardening emoticon , then swim emoticon , meditate emoticon & eat emoticon emoticon emoticon poolside, a GREAT way to start the day. I do this about 6 times a week. All before 10 am. Then inside to SP; Pilates 2 times a week; & computer work; & any 'projects' I am working on. Lunch & relax for dinner, spend time with DH, in the evening & usually in bed ready to sleep about 8 pm. emoticon That's my summer day, thought I would share with you! I am SO very blessed to be able to live my life on my terms, not on someone else schedule! May your life be on your terms, too! Share the love & I will too! emoticon

(Fairy Granddaughter, first time at river, I haven't met her yet!)

(1 of the ponds from my hike yesterday!)

emoticon 8-10-2020 The following is from IAMJETTA8,

This is very powerful!

Today was the absolute worst day ever
And don’t try to convince me that
There is something good in every day
Because, when you take a closer look,
This world is a pretty evil place
Even if
Some goodness shines through once in awhile
Satisfaction and happiness don’t last.
And it’s not true that
It’s all in the mind and heart
True happiness can be obtained
Only if ones surroundings are good
It’s not true that good exists
I’m sure you can agree
That reality
My attitude
It’s all beyond my control
And you will never in a million years say that
Today was a good day

Now read from the bottom to the top!

emoticon 8-11-2020 Today I have sparked for 3,070 days, EVERYDAY! Helps me stay true to myself, how about you? emoticon emoticon

emoticon 8-12-2020 I find GREAT joy going out in the morning & seeing what has transpired in our yards, over night. I spread wild flower seeds in my 'fairy' garden section, water 2 times a day, keeping moist. I've mulched around with top soil. emoticon The temps here are going up to 112, Saturday. So keeping them moist is a challenge. I've also been putting things from my home, into the yard. Things that can handle it. Crystals, angels, fairies, marble eggs & basket, etc. Still waiting to see sprouts.... but I feel like they are my little babies, tending to them is big fun. I use to be an organic gardener for a company. But with all the travel I was doing, I didn't have time. NOW, we social distancing, I do! I love to see my efforts for my garden 'art'! Plus helps me with stress. I am blessed to have this time to 'play'! Do you create gardens in your home, areas? After I sweat in the garden working, I swim. By the time I go in, the birds come & 'talk' to me. Lot's of humming birds, instead of feeders, I grow flowers & pomegranates for them! This is indeed a VERY precious time for me!

(Fairy wildflower section)

( marble eggs, funny, but pretty as I wait for wildflowers to sprout!)

(Angel candelabra)

(a BDay gift from friend)
emoticon 8-14-2020 Yesterday I went hiking in the nature preserve (usually on Saturday) . We have a heat wave coming, lasting till NEXT Friday! 112-115 degrees. Trust me, if they say it's going to be hot, it will be! So I will be up extra early to walk LUCY pup. If it only goes down to 90, she can't walk. I also played in my back yard. St. Nicolas arrived. I'm using what I have. Lot's of Christmas art sculptures. Oh, Well, at least they won't melt in the heat!!!! Tonight is date night. We are watching the original, WILLY WONKA. (Gene Wilder was a client of ours, great man!) Happy, healthy thoughts, ok? Still praying for new care giver for mom. 2 more weeks to go, emoticon

8-15-2020 emoticon emoticon emoticon A true summer day, so far!

emoticon 8-17-2020 Yesterday I got a surprise phone call from my estranged brother. It's been since 2007. It was a VERY nasty & almost violent 'breakup'. He called to say he was sorry (he never says this!) he didn't believe me about a situation with our Mom. God works in such mysterious ways! I am thankful he came around. emoticon

emoticon 8-20-2020 I've decided to make the song,GOOD ((((((((VIBRATIONS)))))))), by the Beach Boys, my new mantra! emoticon I sing it whenever I am out of balance! Let's go for it! emoticon

emoticon 8-22-2020 I got to swim today! An hour! emoticon I didn't walk in nature preserve, today, as I usually do. emoticon It was going to be 107 & we are getting so much smoke from CA, we can't even see the hills around us! emoticon I do hope they get the fires out soon. I feel for the fire fighters in this heat. I heard they evacuated 50,000 people in San Francisco, area, yesterday. YUCK! So today I walked Lucy in her park, lot's of fur trees & oxygen! Then swam. I am living a very blessed life & am so grateful for it! emoticon

(our pool today, looking west)

emoticon 8-23-2020 I just learned, our beloved, Santa Cruz, CA, (we use to live there & had planned to retire there, 'one of these days' is on fire) . 2 biggest in history, so sorry for the people, but also the Redwoods.... emoticon not many left, as it is! 100,000 people evacuated. 50,000 in San Francisco, just north of Santa Cruz. YIKES! I'm praying for them, too! I think Chris Downie lives north of there. emoticon would help!

Stay safe, my dear SP friends! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 8-27-2020 emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon & now off to work! I am blessed! Stay safe everyone! SP is here for you!

(A gift from our garden, today. Yellow Lantana)

emoticon emoticon AUGUST: 8-31-2020 I went hiking on Saturday. There had been a 10 acre fire, out of 160. These flowers were busting through the dead bushes & trees. AMAZING sight! I LOVE being in nature! It did get too hot, (106 degrees) so I had to leave a little early. At least I listen to my body, right? Have a blast today! emoticon & I will too!

emoticon emoticon 9-2-2020 My favorite 'go to' meal helper, is 2 or 3 cups cooked broccoli with a tangerine squeezed over the top. Adding ALL the tangerine. YUMMUY! Happy Wednesday! Did you see the 'corn' full moon? emoticon SO pretty!

9-4-2020 emoticon Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I HOPE to hike in the wetlands before it gets too hot. IF it goes down to 80 tonight, I'll be able to go before it heats up to 115!!!!! Yikes! I'll have to not walk Lucy before I go. Just wake up & fly. I'm packed & almost ready to go out tomorrow, clothes set out, lunch made etc. Makes it easier to grab & go at sunrise. IF not, I'll stay home & clean & swim, (I did this today, all ready too) instead. BUT really want to go there. I love the wild life! Today is National Wildlife day! Hope they are ok with the fires in CA & the floods in gulf coast... poor babies! I've been 'talking' to several birds, while I swim. They are SO darling! Sparrows!

I've been on computer working so now off to 'date' night... Be safe everyone!

(after swim today)

(birds in the trees)
emoticon 9-5-2020 emoticon emoticon emoticon Happy weekend I'm off to hike, before the heat! Will be 112 today! ! Be the health you want with what you have to work with, and I will too!

(I didn't take these photos, from there!)

emoticon 9-8-2020 Hi! Everyone. You are all doing GREAT! I'm just trying to keep our world going. Smoke from CA & UT, now high winds 35 MPH,have to stay inside & I don't like it. At least we have electricity! For that we are blessed! I DID get hair cut yesterday also Photos from Saturday hike,
Please be safe everyone!

(tree roots)

(birds flying south)

('Homework" from Spark Guy, Premium Coaching)
Ways I have improved my health, if there was not a scale:
I am now an outside person; I miss being outside, walking, swimming etc. When I can't
get out, makes it hard on me! I crave healthy snakes, instead of chips, I love celery with
PB on it, or broccoli & a tangerine. I have SO much more energy! I LOVE SP! emoticon

9-10-2020 emoticon 3,100 days of Sparking EVERYDAY! emoticon for me! I'm also following Spark Coach, almost 2 weeks now. I listen to THE SPARK on cd's, almost daily since I started, so pretty much know what is being offered, but nice to see in different format! (Have you checked into it? REALLY great) I love this beautiful Thursday!!! Sky clear enough of smoke from another state, to be outside & Swim for over an hour, walk LUCY dog for 35 minutes, garden 120 minutes, housework & now work! 260 minutes, I try for 200, daily. YEAH! PLEASE keep your prayers coming for all of the west coast. Many of our SP friends live there. This is the ONLY area in the world that the massive Red Woods, emoticon live. So many gone. emoticonclimate change, for sure! emoticon emoticon

9-12-2020 On a happy note, my mom 91 yrs. beginning dementia has new caregivers at her home. It happened last night. It's been very hard not knowing what was gonna happen with her. But she's stable, the house is fixed thx to last lady. (Mary Ann was there seven months) it’s a couple who Have been elder caregivers, before, love gardening, Mom on a half an acre. Have their own money, just want a lovely home to live in, & help where they can! Yoga teacher, has already met mom & she loves them both! With her being 5 hours away, plus the pandemic & my responsibilities at home, it's been hard, I can't visit her. We pay where we can for her, help that way. I talk on phone several times a week & eMail daily. We all truly blessed for this miracle!

A friend sent photo from 8-2020

emoticon 9-13-2020 The smoke has died down a little bit here in Southern Nevada. So I can go swimming today, as I did yesterday, Lucy is loving her walks again sky is blue and I'm thrilled for it. Still sending prayers to my fairy goddaughter's in Oregon, Washington, and California. They've been locked inside not because of Covid but because of smoke the last three weeks. So many prayers needed, right now!

I took these photos, this morning of a beautiful snapdragon that popped up through the middle of a little palm tree I just transplanted. We have 19 palm trees (Queen Ann's, Bottle & the 'regular type in our backyard.) emoticon They are so special, also 2 pomegranates emoticon that the birds share with us! I feed them this way! Humming birds love them!

(after swim, Queen Palms in background)

emoticon 9-16-2020 OK, so what do you do when you can only swim emoticon when the weather is hot, AND the air quality is bad? Wear your mask! (didn't swim under water) Got in 30 minutes today, after walking Lucy dog emoticon , before the heat hit, going up to 103 today! emoticon Stay safe everyone, YIKES! Seems like the whole planet needs extra love! Here it comes! From me! emoticon

emoticon 9-19-2020 Since we are inside so much, these days, I decided I needed some inspiration to re-start Zumba, at home, again & my baby step goal of 3,109 days of Sparking, EVERYDAY since I joined! Keeping my goal going! New Rose Gold shoes! Yes! A girl is just having fun! Baby steps is 1 of the teachings from the book, THE SPARK! Amazingly helpful to me since March 16, 2012 emoticon Too smokey from CA to hike or walk outside, (Lucy not happy!) emoticon Together we CAN do anything! YOUR support changes my world! THX! I am here for you too!

9-22-2020 Happy Tuesday & Autumn or Spring first! emoticon emoticon
The wind from the Bobcat fire in CA, brings us unhealthy air today, so I will do my DVD's SP Nicole 12 minute seated core workout, LOVE the back stretches & my Zumba DVD! Our LUCY dog is not happy, plus no swimming. SAD face! But my world is fabulous & I am so blessed to have DH, LUCY & our lovely paradise home! I KNOW the air will clear 1 day soon, because the fire fighters are working SO hard. Donate to them, if you can! I did! I grew this sunflower for this photo, in 2003!

(another early Christmas present to me! Found on eBay, VERY inexpensive!)


emoticon 9-25-2020 Hello, wonderful team mates!
It's Friday, yesterday was fabulous being outside. Today, not gonna happen. Hazardous air. So No swim or Walk LUCY. I'll do Pilates & Zumba DVD. Might try Leslie walking on you tube. Never done her. I try for 200 exercising minutes & 200 SP points, a day. Hard to reach exercise with out being able to go out side. emoticon
Happy Friday everyone! Let's keep 'playing' at our goals & make them fun!

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