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9-25-2020 Re-cap of my life: Happy I re-measured myself! PLUS, I add to blog MANY times, come back!

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

emoticon 9-25-2020 I am happy to Walk Lucy outside, air quality ok! (index 71 smoke from CA, I bless the firefighters, ALWAYS!) & I re-measured me, down several inches & 200 fitness, daily since January 2020! Glad to see it! I was afraid to measure, BUT so happy I did! Still 15# back down to high goal, but, I feel AMAZING & I've done it before & KNOW I can do it again! This time with out ANY stress! Inspired by SP coach this is Week 3. Plus new Zumba shoes make me want to MOVE a lot more! Before dancing Zumba DVD, I stretch with SP Nicole's 12 minute seated core workout & take a walk (my favorite exercise) with LUCY, to warm myself up. I feel re-ignited! emoticon Still swimming when the air quality is good enough & pool temp not too cold. About 80 right now. 103 outside. Actually perfect for me!!!!

My DH blood test was excellent, my Mom has new caregivers, & LUCY dog is doing good, at 15 years old! I am VERY blessed, even with ALL the things we are ALL going through on this planet, right! 1 baby step at a time! My teams help me so much. See which ones I am on, on my Spark page! Join in the fun! emoticon It works for me! 3,116 days of SParking DAILY!

(Mom last month, she's 91)

(at my goal weight in 2014)

(This is how I feel about my 'inner' me!)

9-27-2020 emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon A great day to be outside! Not too smokey! YES!!!! Happy dance, too! emoticon emoticon Thx to everyone who read my latest blog, you all rock!!!! emoticon

emoticon 9-28-2020 emoticon for your wonderful support of my SP 'journey'. You voted for me! Your comment on my latest blog, warms my heart! emoticon I send the good ((((((((vibes)))))))) back to you! emoticon I would not be this healthy without you or Spark people, no kidding! emoticon Let's continue on, to health! emoticon emoticon

Today I started Leslie's, "Walk off the pounds", DVD. 30 minutes! FUN! I wore my new Zumba shoes, I actually dream about wearing them. They feel so wonderful! After I walked our sweet LUCY for 30 minutes, I felt I needed more, she is slowing down. Then I got to swim, 35 minutes. The air is clear enough, from smoke in CA. (By the way, if you are a wine drinker, I would suggest if you drink central CA wines, you get some soon. 2 major wineries burnt up. emoticon )

So my 'Baby step goal for this week is to release weight. I'm hoping to fit back into my Fairy God Mother dress. Last time I wore it was 10-31-2015 at goal. I can do anything I put my mind to. Such a strange year for ALL of us! I wake up in the morning trying to figure out how to get cardio in.I usually walk at least an hour everyday. I AM figuring it out! Too much smoke to always go outside. I miss my hikes in our local nature preserve. But things could be WAY worse. I am living a thriving life, emoticon emoticon & that was my goal when I joined Spark people. There use to be a Spark People on line store, when I joined 3-16-2012. Here's some photos. "Be the health you want, with what you have to work with, & I will too!" (a quote by me)

I love Spark People!

Fairy Godmother costume, at goal 10-2015 (14# to get back to it)

Our backyard paradise

(this is how I feel, deep in side)

emoticon 9-29-2020 Yesterday was a fabulous day! My nephew, who I haven't seen for 15 years, moved to our town, with his wife & 2 yrs old baby. I am ecstatic! We are still social distancing, so can't hug them, but when smoke clears, we might go for a hike together!

I have been having some truly amazing days, lately! Also, Mom's new care givers are doing GREAT!!!! I'm off to Zumba, walk LUCY & swim! Then back to work! Hope your days are going VERY well for you, too! emoticon

emoticon 10-1-2020 Welcome October. emoticon It is still summer emoticon (100 degrees) here in the SW. Walked an hour, emoticon swam 30 minutes emoticon, a great day for 'playtime' emoticon & work! emoticon emoticon

emoticon to today 10-3-2020 Good morning! The smoke has retreated back to CA, so S. NV is breathable, again! Yeah! I plan on hiking in the Nature Preserve, masked of course. Need to feel nature & the wild life, it's been several weeks, because of smoke. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon (ALL of these critters are there, plus MANY more). Sending as much joy as I can to everyone! Try to find your happy place & I will too! emoticon

(photos from last month)

10-6-2020 Another busy day, hair cut was fun! I hope to swim, before the wind brings in more smoke.

emoticon 10-7-2020 Happy thinking of uplifting thoughts! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I got to swim, walk LUCY & work! Air quality OK.... being careful, though! Have a fabulous day, & I will consciously too!

(photos of friends hot air balloons)

emoticon 10-8-2020 I am inspired by SP, so much! Day 3,128 I am doing SP Nicole's 12 minute seated core workout.Several times a week. Feels fabulous. emoticon I've been restarting my Zumba dvd's & doing ok. emoticon Just no leaping, miss my classes, actual people! I am still swimming, emoticon when the air quality is ok. Smoke from CA has been pretty bad, off & on. & when temps are warm enough. Going down to 93 high & 62 low. The pool is whatever the temp is outside at night. That might seem high for you, but perfect swimming weather. We are unusually warm, right now. LUCY gets her walks, daily. I am keeping VERY active, just finding new ways to move my body. I LOVE hearing the birds in our yards, in the mornings. I feed them through growing flowers & pomegranates. I have a bird bath, but they like the pool, more.I am also, eating VERY high quality foods, emoticon I sure am pouring my heart out, emoticon I'm off to my day, IN-Joy yours! emoticon

(Lucy last Thanksgiving)

(pool 2018, from upstairs)

emoticon 10-9-2020 Have a happy weekend, THX for the photos! I hope to swim today, air quality moderate, (fires still in CA) so I will go in with mask on & not go under, in a bit, after my SP Nicole seated core workout, (fun, right, Miller?) It is also date night, movie & Olive Garden, take out. I FINALLY finished my taxes & got them to 'my guy'. Due Oct. 15. They are pretty easy, but still I should have gotten them done faster. It's been a VERY strange year! I hope to hike to hike tomorrow. It all depends on the air quality.

(LUCY April 2020)

emoticon 10-10-2020 Last night was date night. We had a lovely dinner from Olive Garden, (enough for 6 meals, dinner another day), & watched DAVE, a movie made in 1993, about the presidents 'double' . We REALLY enjoyed it AND our time together! We make Friday, date nights, so no matter what is going on, we can remember to be with each other & share the love. We have been doing it for many years. Maybe that's why we will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary, Nov. 1, All Saints Day! Yesterday was a 10 (out of 10) day for me. Stellar! emoticon I am so blessed!

The air quality has stopped my hike today, it is just too smokey. I WILL take Lucy emoticon out for a quick spin, in 'her' park. They just watered, so it will be ok for her. Lot's of oxygen from the trees, too. So it looks like Zumba & walking DVD's for me today. Still want to swim, keeping fingers crossed the air will get better, later today.

( a few years ago, haha!)

emoticon 10-12-2020 Thank YOU for voting for me, again! This time for SP Motivator! What a lovely surprise, this morning! (From yesterday). I am just like everyone else on this amazing site. Just trying to stay healthy & send good ((((((((vibes)))))))) to ALL of you! The key to my success? Small, weekly baby steps! emoticon

10-13-2020 Again, emoticon , I am SO amazed at your response to my life's activities! Your encouragement helps make me stronger!!!!! Seriously couldn't do it with out you! emoticon So in honor of these 2 awards,(NSV) I am going to buy another pair of Zumba shoes. My latest pair, I dream about wearing! "Zumba Energy Boss", absolutely perfect for me! Wild colors, but fun, right? emoticon I'm dancing to DVD.

Today LUCY got groomed, they come to us now. She is getting too old to have to wait in a shop for hours. (She will be 16 next month) It only takes an hour & it's all about HER! Also, DH turned on the heater in the pool, SO much better! Now I can swim when I want, I am such a lucky woman! emoticon emoticon

emoticon 10-14-2020 IN-joying an autumn like day! 65 lows, 95 high! emoticon

(Friends lake, N. Dakota)

emoticon 10-16-2020 Happy Friday! Please go to, HOLLYM48 spark page & read her blog, "A gift of time" It is so lovely & made me cry. Such a tender story in this time of our lives! emoticon emoticon Thank you for YOUR time in making my life SO great! emoticon

(A gift from a SP friend)

10-17-2020 Touching in with my SP friends, helps me share love & joy & bring it to our planet. I learn so much about life from all of you! emoticon I hope to walk in the nature preserve, today. I have a volunteer meeting, up there, masked of course! Finding the walking LUCY dog, hiking & swimming time today! Need it to warm up. Still at 65 burr for me!

(my Fairy Granddaughter, a HUGE blessing in our lives, hope to meet her, after the pandemic!)

emoticon 10-18-2020 I got to hike yesterday emoticon , walk LUCY emoticon , swim emoticon & do a core workout emoticon , as well as house work emoticon . I am a little tired today, just walking Lucy a bit & swim. Laundry, it's a rest day for me! I LOVE Sundays, a great way to re-figure out my world & post my weekly goals. Hope you are all well & having fun! emoticon

(yesterday's hike)

10-19-2020 I'm having a sad day, my longtime friend, Thumper, since 1970 is passing from COVID. emoticon

emoticon 10-20-2020 emoticon He's still here, fighting, the dreadful virus. Hard to hear about. He lives many states away. THX SP for your support. emoticonSo wonderful to hear that there ARE people returning to our world, now! YEAH! There are SO many in my area that do not believe it even exists! They are opening Hover Dam, are they nuts? More unprotected visitors, hospitals will be full again. Can't wait till we get some normalcy back into our lives! In the mean time, I'm doing LOT's of meditations & spreading the joy where I can!

emoticon 10-23-2020 It feels like Autumn, hope to still swim emoticon in sunshine emoticon 80 degrees! Happy Friday! It is date emoticon night.... keeping our world together! Working, walking LUCY emoticon & getting ready to hike emoticon tomorrow. (MY friend is still on the mend from COVID, keeping fingers crossed)

(My latest ZUMBA shoes arrived! Ready for autumn, who wouldn't love to dance in these? I'm done buying shoes for awhile!)

emoticon 10-26-2020 Hello! Our temps went from 82 high yesterday to 42 high today! BURR. Glad I got 1 last swim in for the season. (my Zumba DVD will replace that 1/2 hour.) The birds sang to me while I swam. I planted flower bushes, in 2005, when the pool went in, for them. The flowers are over the top of our back 7' wall. Hummers & sparrows & flickers & mocking birds &&&.

Today is a work day. I love Mondays. A re-grouping day for the week. My friends, that came here to service a "Celebration Of Life" from their friend who passed from COVID, are home safely, again.They stayed in her home. Hope the virus wasn't inside. We didn't go, still being VERY careful, our county is peaking VERY high right now. DH is high risk. Just taking life life 1 day at a time. Blessed to have a paradise home to live in. Stay safe everyone!!

(just to bring you a smile, my Fairy Granddaughter, yesterday, haven't met her yet)

emoticon 10-28-2020 I find I am emoticon sparking more, than usual, because of the pandemic. My friendships are deepening as we share, our journey is to health. I feel & believe that is our entire being. SP has & is teaching me that! Today is my 3,148 day of SP everyday. I prayed I would find an answer to my health & 10 minutes later I saw an artificial about SP. It was a sign, for which I will be eternally grateful! emoticon -FULL

(Last years Halloween costume, performing with HAYFEVER, a marionette Mom & DH & I made in1969!)

10-29-2020 SP Coach recommends visualizing myself 10 years from now. How I live & feel &&&&. My main goal is to keep being healthy in my lifestyle. Living with DH & enjoying time to pursue whatever I want to do. My life, really is about the same, as now. I'm living an amazing life, today & expect to continue that into the future.

Today the temps went back up, enough to turn on the pool, again! I'll get to swim for the next few days! YEAH!

emoticon 10-31-2020 I hope THIS Halloween is safe you all of you & your families & friends. I don't really like the goolish part of this time of year. I always make my costumes reflect my love & light for everyone. Today I am hiking in my new SUPERGIRL costume emoticon , (just finished it, needed to keep the tradition going, even in this stupid pandemic, hope I have the courage to wear it, haha!!) Not giving out candy or 'receiving' people, tonight. But DH & I will watch " YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" by Mel Brooks. (He was a fan of our marionettes, wonderful man!)

Tomorrow, ALL SAINTS DAY, DH & I will celebrate our 45 wedding anniversary emoticon emoticon . It is sapphire. emoticon I guess I will get out my rainbow sapphire bracelet, DH gave me years ago! We are self quarantining, not going out.We REALLY went out last year & did it up BIG. I am so blessed. It's been quite busy around here with work this week, YEAH! & swimming!!!!!

Be safe everyone!!!! Please post photos of your costumes or kiddos costumes, would love to see them!

(A friends baby)

emoticon 11-3-2020 A VERY busy couple of days! (we pre-voted) Yesterday I just rested after doing many things. Putting away Halloween costume emoticon . Celebrating our 45th emoticon emoticon wedding anniversary; Walking Lucy emoticon ; cleaning house; emoticon hair cut emoticon ; &&&&. Also helping 2 friends with pandemic issues. Just working & trying to keep our world emoticon together, as I am sure YOU are! Also, the heater in the pool went out, so hope the pool guy can fix, today. No swim since Sunday, too cold! I am trying to catch up with all of you, too! Hope this message finds you well! You DO mean ALLOT to me!

(with this strange year I dressed up, anyway! Supergirl, Superman's cousin. She was 'born' 1958!)

emoticon11-4-2020 Hello! The pool 'guy' is here now, thinks the thermostat is bad. Hope he can fix it, it IS an old unit, keeping fingers crossed as we are having a heat wave for a few days more! 85 highs, 65 lows. Unseasonably! But not enough to keep the pool warm. I am so blessed, so no tears here!

(With Mom at our wedding 11-1-1975)

(my favorite photo of DH on our wedding day)

(our family & friends at wedding. Not sure why these photos are so important, but sharing them brings me great joy! We sent out 1,000 invitations, 2,000 people came, what a party! We are still in contact with many of these people!)

(This year celebrating, by ourselves & LUCY, because of COVID)

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