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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

So... It's been just under two years since I last wrote a blog on here. Or really interacted at all. So much has happened in this short time, but I'll try to highlight the important stuff.

I moved out of my dad's house into my granny's house. She's 85 years old, sharp as a tack, but not as mobile as she used to be. So, my mom and I are here to help her out. It's a better situation, as my idiot father is getting worse. Drinking, smoking, smoking the ganja, and just overall a jerk, so the toxic atmosphere there is unbearable. Unfortunately, my two cats are still at his house as I can't have them here. It breaks my heart, but I go over often to visit with them and cuddle them on the couch. I can tell they miss me, too. One day I hope to convince my granny to let me bring them here.

I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight. I am not sure what I weigh now, but I think it's around 278#. My medications make me sleepy, I'm on BC so that causes weight gain, and if I wasn't on BC, I'd have serious ovarian cysts that would also cause weight gain, so I'm in the rock-and-hard-place zone. What energy I have is spent at work and helping granny. I am very much wanting to lose weight, so that's why I am back on Spark. I've been tracking my food for the last few days. I want to integrate some exercise as soon as I can. I don't have a lot of room right now and it's still triple-digits outside, so that's not an option. Our gyms are not open locally yet, so I am waiting to see when that happens so I can take advantage of that again. I wish I had a Nintendo Wii as I would totally do Just Dance for cardio! Or even Wii Fit, although I am not familiar with it. But, I have a t.v. so that would be nice.

I am still working as an administrative assistant and bookkeeper at our local chapter of Youth for Christ. I have been there for just over four years in that capacity. I love my job. A lot. It is something different every day, doesn't make me feel stupid, allows for flexibility with my schedule and has amazing coworkers. I am enjoying every moment I am there, even the moments that I find overwhelming or stressful. I wouldn't trade my job for the world. I am lucky to be still working during this pandemic, too, as my job has me mostly working solo, so I don't need to be in contact with people.

Also, since my last blog, I've gone completely plant-based. I eat mostly vegan, but occasionally vegetarian. I like it much better. Meat has never been my favorite, so it was an easy transition. I have to look at my old recipes here on SparkPeople and weed out the old ones to replace with my newer vegan ones!

Not much else has really changed. I'm growing my hair out, so no more pixie cut. I have a few more tattoos. I'm still single. Cute barista moved away, sad day. That is me in a nutshell.

I hope the rest of you are doing well!
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