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Giving up eating at night: challenging but worth it!

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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Hi Everyone

Thanks for all of the Thanksgiving messages! I really appreciate it. We had a nice quiet day and were thankful for many things. Our highlight was taking a family walk together after eating. Of course, our dog Flash came along.

My 14yo took Flash about 500 feet away from us and then let him go. Flash sprinted back to us with a big smile. My son tried to keep up, but let's just say the name "Flash" fits him well and the race was no contest.

I have been testing out a new healthy habit for nutrition recently. I almost always have some form of snack at night. This ranges from healthy nuts like pistachios and plain yogurt to some not-so-healthy options.

I've known for a long time that this isn't great for your body because it forces your body to work on digesting food while you sleep. There is also a lot of restorative work your body does at night . I'll do some more research on this if you are interested.

I now stop eating 2.5-3 hours prior to going to bed. After doing this for a week, I believe it is helping me sleep better.

This was a bit challenging because this was a very ingrained habit, but I feel like I've gotten used to it pretty quick. Honestly, this change was easier than I thought it would be though. And feeling results from improved sleep has me motivated to stick with this likely healthy habit.

Do you typically eat close to bedtime? I'll keep you updated on this.

Finally, I want to share some exciting news from a member of our team. I mentioned about a month ago that we have a team member with a musician daughter who just launched her latest songs:

Check out this news: Coco Reilly was just given a great review in the famous Rolling Stone magazine!

Thanks a bunch for taking a look at Coco's songs. We have a proud papa on the team.



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