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January-1-2021 My 'journal' blog, I will add many times, this month! Enjoy!

Friday, January 01, 2021

IF you have time go back to my last blog & read, if you want to catch up on my life!

emoticon 1-1-2021 I LOVE the art (below), AND DH gave me the money to buy this necklace for Christmas, (as well as the marionette puppy) ! So beautiful, it is jewelry by Kirk's Folly on eBay from 1 of my favorite sellers, bellefleurboutique, she sent this in the most lovely gifting package. I will buy from her again, for sure! It is 1 of artist Josephine Wall's most shown poster, SPIRIT OF FLIGHT! The photos do not do it justice! I am hanging it in my Spa Bathroom, on display. It is VERY large, almost 4" across! SO pretty!!!! I am SO lucky! Happy healthy New Years, stay safe everyone! emoticon

(The art by Josephine Wall, SPIRIT OF FLIGHT)

(Jewlery by Kirk's Folly)

(Christmas morning)

emoticon emoticon 1-2-2021 I am so happy! I reached a goal! It was a personal goal for 3 of my teams: PILATES LOVERS; SMALL GOAL COMMITMENT CHALLENGE; I LOVE MY BODY. & that is I did SP Nicole's 12 minute seated core workout, 2 times a week or more for the entire year 2020! (I use it as a warm up for the day) It may seem small, but WOW, trying to get to this several times a week, during the pandemic, was HUGE for me! It IS all about baby steps for me. Also log into SP EVERYDAY! (Today I have for 3,214 days) & trackers Food, Fitness & Other goals! emoticon emoticon Keep to your goals, & I will too, it works by baby steps, right?

(our beautiful 16 yrs old, LUCY, first day of the year)

emoticon 1-3-2021 I hiked yesterday, SO pretty at the nature preserve! Got my 5K in & am down 1# today! emoticon emoticon Today has been ALLOT of housecleaning. 4 loads of laundry, striping the bed, cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, walking Lucy. Now time to SP, it's 2 pm. I'm ready to rest, so computer is my way, right now! I have added a new drink for myself! In a BIG cup, 12 oz I add 1/4 fresh lemon juice (I have heard it helps break up 'stones'), squeezed with the pulp, not skin, into it. About 1/4 teaspoon honey AND very hot water. Feels GREAT! How are all of you doing? emoticon

(yesterday's hike)

emoticon 1-4-2021 I have decided I need to Spark for less time. I am cutting from 2 hours a day to 1. Less if I can. I need more work outs! Today is 3,216 days of SP. I still will spin DAILY! emoticon I'll see how it goes, you are all VERY important to me! emoticon

(my day timer collage' for Jan & Feb)

emoticon 1-5-2021 I finally got back into our walk in closet & Tidied up, as per Marie Kondo. I had hoped to finish for the New Year..... but I am still working on it! (about 2 hours, yesterday) emoticon ) 1/2 way done, now! This time I did DH shoes & on 'his' side. Throw blankets, etc. Donated quite a bit. Also broke down empty boxes I was saving for humidifier, etc. (It broke years ago). I now have room, WOW! Space emoticon , I wonder what I will put in it, haha! Marie suggests we take before & after photos. YIKES! I started this HUGE project 11-6-2020. I would not have believed it if I hadn't taken photos. Seriously! Be happy & healthy & JOY filled, I will too! emoticon emoticon



emoticon 1-6-2021 Happy Wednesday! I'm off to shop in Costco, protected, of course! emoticon A handy hint from me: I write my goals down for the week. I have the entire week to get it done. & check it off as I reach it! I of course have BIGGER goals too. I may not reach them, but get VERY close, then move them to the next week! Works for me! emoticon

(I'm re-booting my goals!)

emoticon 1-7-2021 Let's try & share our joy with a smile! I'm smiling at YOU!
I, too am very sad about yesterday. Can't shake it. So just trying my best to keep calm. It happened while I was in Costco. I spent 3 hours in there! That's where I buy the bulk of things we need. Including vitamins; canned foods; hard boiled eggs (yes! I know they are easy to cook, but I ruin them too often. They come in a package of 24 with 2 in little packages. I also love celery & Peanut butter. I can grab & go for snacks As well as my veggie packs. I do't go out with out them & water). Organic veggies, canned fish, dog food, etc. I only go 1 time a month when they have coupons. I fill in with Sam's club, VERY inexpensive Organic fruits & veggies. We eat so many, really need to get them at a lower cost! I am growing a 'pool' LOL, so no veggies there! Our Mini Trampoline (my Xmas present to us) arrived a few minutes ago, I'm flying! Hope it is as fun as I expect it to be! Let's try to keep our sunny sides up, ok? emoticon emoticon

emoticon 1-8-2021 I am still following Marie Kondo, book, 'The art of tiding up'. Our walk in closet has taken me weeks! (I started 11-7-2020. About 1/2 way there. Some of her concepts won't work for us, mainly the kitchen. (I haven't gotten in there yet) She suggests you take everything off the counters & store in cabinets. This is so it is ALWAYS easy to clean. I get it, but DH sits in a chair to 'cook'. He needs things at hands reach. I AM adapting her ideas into my needs. She also suggested we take everything out of closet, clean the closet, walls & all & then feel each item & if it brings joy, keep it. IF I did that I would not be able to get dressed for days! AND take before & after photos. I didn't think that was necessary, but did it anyway! REALLY helps me! I am taking a section at a time.But she is truly helping me! Our closet feels so nice, sometimes I go in & just sit in it & marvel at the organization! Also, putting the heavy dark things on your left & put colors into a rainbow. With the lightest on the far right. It makes it so pretty! I am ONLY doing my things. DH has allot he will never wear, but that is not up to me. I have enough of my own stuff to go through! Also, our RAYBEE mini trampoline arrived. It's going to take me some time to assemble! I'm not a rocket scientist! They said it is easy to put together.... YIKES! BUT it will hold DH weight & is suppose to be very bouncy. That's what I wanted! It also has a handle. YOUTUBE here I come! So besides work & regular taking care of things, I hope to get back to my closet, soon! LOL!

(Zumba clothes before 11-13-2020)

) (Zumba after)

emoticon 1-9-21 I realized something today. I have been drinking 8-10 cups of water for MANY days now! I've been Sparking for 3,221 days, everyday! I have it in my tracker. I carry it everywhere. If i'm doing errands or walking or hiking, I have it with me, I have several water cups around the house. I am always drinking. It is a habit now! I DO live in a very warm, dry climate, so I think it is easier for me. I've been adding fresh organic lemon, about 1/4 to very hot water, makes me feel lighter! emoticon

emoticon 1-12-2021 My homemade Soup is my comfort food too! I even have it for breakfast once in a while. I make it into a complete meal with whole brown rice, included. Yams, squash, celery, carrots, green beans, peas &&& etc. SO many veggies! I use the leftover Costco rotisserie chickens for the base. I love Turkey, but not available all year. (Today is our Green drink day, yummy) Tomorrow I plan on starting the soup process, cooking & de-boning. LUCY loves her version of our soup! THX for the support, I'm a little better today, not so sad. emoticon I'm off to do my SP Nicole 12 minute seated core workout. A GREAT way to start the day, stretched! emoticon We are here for each other & that brings me GREAT comfort, emoticon

(I took this photo at Disneyland-CA in 2011. Just wanted to share a pretty photo)

emoticon 1-13-2021 Please do not beat yourselves up. It IS a hard time in our world. It is not an excuse, but be gentle with yourselves! I'm working on it too! Our Costco & Sam's club, (I'll be going there today, hopefully for TP) has been under masks & hand sanitizer since LAST March. I wear rubber gloves, & put the sanitizer on top. I don't like how it dries my nails. Even if I use their washroom, I keep the gloves on. & wash them. Works for me. When I get home before I enter the main part of the house, I wash up & spray disinfectant into the air around my head & clothes. We haven't seen any one socially since Feb. 14, 2020. I'm getting use to just protecting us.

I use to work in the health food industry. The health food store I worked in, was VERY invested in learning how to get rid of radiation in the body, this was when Microwaves were becoming popular early 1980's. Also ex-rays at the dentist. What they found was eating FRESH apples, helped 'release' the molecules from the human body. Whether it is true or not, I eat them fresh several times a week. Also, my Dad was an electrician. He said never stand in front of the microwave when it is on. It is VERY bad for the eyes. They are sensitive the the 'escaping' vibes. We get a new 1 about every 4 years. The newer the model the better the safety features. Of course now with all the cell phones, computers, wifi, etc. An apple a day, might just help! I NEVER sleep with my phone next to my bed. It is in my office & I turn it off an night. Trying as best I can, to stay healthy! Just another handy hint from SPARKLING!

emoticon 1-15-21 Well the sun is shinning & it's date night, DH doesn't like soup, emoticon so we won't be having that, not sure what, yet. But we will be watching THE GHOST & MRS. MUIR. The original 1943? version. Rex Harrison. (I loved him in Dr. Doolittle, we did MANY songs in our marionette theater from that movie. Also, at our Wedding, WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES, was sung as our song) Anyway, I'm off to walk LUCY & maybe garden a little. It is going up to 70 today & I can hear the hummingbirds playing through my office window! Happy Friday everyone!!!! Hope to hike tomorrow @ nature preserve!

(just for fun!)

emoticon 1-17-2021 "LAUGHTER IS THE SAME IN ALL LANGUAGES! " Yogi green tea message. Yesterday I had a moment to hike in nature preserve. I left early, SO many people! Also, DH & I started putting our Mini Trampoline together. emoticon 4 hours & still not done, YIKES! Quite the workout! It is made using Stretchy bands, instead of metal springs. my arms are a little sore, no kidding! We are 1/3 the way done! I wish it had come pre-assembled. I think it will be GREAT when we finish. No You tube videos to put it together, AND we are REALLY mechanically inclined!. emoticon emoticon

(hike at nature preserve, yesterday)


(4 hours later)

emoticon 1-18-2021 Today is a BIG day for DH & I. He is taking off work & we are taking our sweet LUCY dog, to a nature area. We haven't been there in years. LUCY is having a hard time moving. (DH too, he will bring his scooter) & we will see peacocks, running wild. SO pretty!

emoticon Also, today is my Fairy God Daughter's 10 BDay. She is like the child I never had! Plus MLK celebrations all over the USA. He helped us SO much! Cary Grant BDay today too, if he was still alive. (He was a fan of ours, I performed for him & his family several times)

I'm off to it. Be happy & spread the joy & I will too! emoticon emoticon


(me at 10 years old, performing with Bozo the Clown, CA)

(Flying peacock)

emoticon 1-19-2021 I make our LUCY chicken soup. She is 16 yrs. now & getting harder for her to chew. I have to be careful, she gets very loose stool if I give her to many veggies. I make a huge pot for all of us, take her's out, then add the spices for us. Works for us! emoticon I'm off to hug her! emoticon We took her out for an adventure, yesterday. I had to pick her up to get her into the car, but she had a BLAST smelling new areas! We all loved getting out. DH took his scooter & I of course walked. We haven't been out together as a family for about 2 years. It felt GREAT to be together sharing nature! We had planned to go to a very special park, in our town, but streets were closed. So up the mountain we went! SO BEAUTIFUL! Have a fabulous Tuesday & I will too! Off to Pilates, laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, etc.! I love our home & am VERY blessed to have it! emoticon


A TREE’S GIFT (I wrote this in 1998)

Her spirit rejoices in your heart,
you can feel her graciousness with your eyes,
you can taste her beauty with your nose,
you can hear her as her gorgeous long legs lift up to the sun,
her thousands of toes all dressed in nature’s finest greenery.
Her erotic twists, turns, cracks and crevices,
moon and swoon on an autumn’s warm afternoon.

She swims waist deep,
her hair of roots and hands underground,
submerging deeply she accepts juices from the earth’s womb.
As the life force moves through her veins,
expanding, pulsating, exploding,
she shares her oxygenic gifts with reverence,
like an aphrodisiac to all who breathe.

1-23-2021 A quick not so quick catch up!

The inauguration was amazing AND the Music show 90 minutes in the evening was STELLAR! I wish they would replay so I can record! Think of this, Pres. Biden is 78 years old, last Nov. 20. He climbed MANY stairs all day!!!! He inspired me to stop complaining about our stairs & keep moving!!! beautiful event!

LUCY blood test came out ok, her liver is good. But her kidneys are up a little too high. So we took her off the steroids & have her on a easier pain med. Hope it can help her, she is having a hard time getting up & standing. The Doc said well, she is 16.... & I said yes, so, I KNOW he was trying to get me to think in 'real 'terms. But I am a person who visualizes what I WANT, not what I don't want! That is how my Mom is 92! NO KIDDING!

emoticon My new dentist is SO good. Turns out he is top 10 in the country. (My 'real' dentist is in Hollywood CA. & my forever friend, hygienist (she taught me how to take care of my teeth, I have several filling since 1975, NO KIDDING! been going about 25 yrs.But with the pandemic, I'm not traveling) It was as I thought, I broke a huge silver filling. So he replaced it all white & shinny, did a new client exam & took full mouth photos. I go back for a cleaning 2-9, the hygienists wasn't available till then. AND he found I had had a root canal without a crown. I asked him how long he thought it has been since I had a cleaning, he said, yesterday! HAHA. (It's been since 9-2019) He said I am a GREAT flossier. on a scale of 1-10 I am an 18. IF all his clients did as good a job as me, he would be out of business! So he will fix the crown. He is a true artist & I told him, we make marionettes & if I had had the tools, I would have sanded it myself. His expression emoticon

I'm been working this morning & need to get back to it! First I need to do Nicole's 12 minute seated work out, that's how I stretch, then more work, them hike in wetlands! It rained last night. !!!!!! Just enough to make our cars mucky, but the trees are SO happy this morning! LUCY will get her walk, too!

I'm really happy, my teeth are doing GREAT! It was a relief! Next I'll get an eye exam.....
Hope you are stay happy & healthy & spread the joy you find, with everyone! emoticon

(my forever friend, last Nov

emoticon to me! 1-27-2021 Spark Coach wants me to blog about how I treat myself. I actually treat myself VERY well! I am basically a positive person. Joy-FILLED & listen to myself on almost every topic. SO many of the reasons I do this, is because I was raised by a mom (& family) who taught me to dream BIG! The BIGGER the better. She is still my mentor. She is now 92 yrs. In great physical health & still VERY creative. Because of the pandemic, we haven't hugged since 11-2019 her emoticon.(she lives 5 hours away) We talk & share on the phone & email, sometimes. We 'pull' SPIRIT OF THE ANIMALS oracle, cards; sing songs; & we watch Masha & The Bear, cartoons & then share our fun from them to each other. With the beginnings of dementia, I keep the subjects VERY current. She is a Spiritual teacher. And has helped create over 5,000 marionettes. PLUS the shows we performed using them. (I still do) She is just a magic person. I am SO very blessed to have her in our life. I am with SP because I love to share the joy. Some SP friends come & go, but that just means I am not for them. I don't take it personally! I've been here DAILY for 3,239 days. ( try for 200 SP points & 200 fitness points, daily) My health is SO much improved. I can do things I never though I would be able to. Thanks for reading & commenting, YOU are the best! emoticon

(Mom watching yesterday's snow storm at her home)

(her back patio)

(birds lunching in front yard)

emoticon 1-30-21 emoticon I've been on a TURKEY SOUP 'kick' for breakfast. I make it myself, of course. A complete meal in a mug! (6+ different types of veggies, Brown rice noodles, yams etc. Sometimes even sliced apple bites.) Crunchy baked snow peas for crackers. (They are usually used as salad toppers) I make a HUGE batch, LUCY emoticon gets her own without spices. Then I put cooled soup into a single serving big mug and then pour into a small freezer bag, flatten out label & freeze. We have very little space in freezer. I pull out the day before, defrost & put back into mug. Heat & eat! YUMMY! & SO healthy for me to start the day! emoticon A little handy hint from SPARKLING!

emoticon I am so glad to say, LUCY is doing MUCH better, back on the original PREVIOX, medication. We took her off for 1 week, vet said not good for her kidneys. BUT she was not able to even get up to play! Now, 2 days later & she a teenager again! I wonder what herb or foods, are GOOD for the kidneys. IF you know, please let me know, too! THX!

Hope your are all doing GREAT! You mean the world to me! Your support has gotten me through the pandemic, NO KIDDING! I am off to walk LUCY & then go to nature Preserve for a hike! emoticon I hope I inspire you, too!

(Lucy on 'her' deck this morning)

(my newest face mask, with my favorite Disney lady, GISELLE!)

emoticon 1-31-21 I posted before but it went into outer space! emoticon Lets share some green tea & make the last day of the month,GREAT for our lives How can we 'tune up' our health? I am organizing, for the week, including meals! I did have a great hike yesterday! Lot's of catching up & cleaning today. TRULY hope to put together our mini trampoline. It sure has been a challenge! Finally found a youtube video to do it! & walk LUCY... she want to go! emoticon

(hope you can see the birds, I didn't until I saved to my computer!!)

(my new mask)

( these little mounds are beaver, day homes! LOL)

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