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Beware of a Peril of Mask Wearing!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Yesterday, I went to the gas station and filled up my car. Then I went into the store to buy a lottery ticket. As I was returning to my car, I took my mask off. On the drive home, I realized that my left hearing aid was missing!

I quickly turned around and headed back to the gas station......I looked all around at the pump where I had gotten gas, but no aid.....so I went back into the store and asked the clerk if anyone had found and turned in a hearing aid. She said no. So I went back out and searched all along the path I had walked previously when returning to my car. Still nothing. So I decided it must be in my car someplace.

I drove home, pulled into the garage and searched everywhere. Even used a flashlight to check the sides of the seats. No luck. Just found a pencil and a old grocery list Then I went into the house and stripped off my coat, sweatshirt, and shirt, hoping that it had fallen down into my clothing. Still no luck!

I sat down and had a little cry. My aids were very expensive and I did not want to have to spend thousands of dollars to replace one. Then I decided to go back to the gas station. It is about a 10 minute drive.

When I got there, I parked my car and started walking and looking all the places I had been. Still nothing. I looked under the trash can, up and down along the pumps. Nothing. Traced my steps back to the store. Zero. Finally, I walked over to the pumps to the right of where I had gotten my gas. And lo and behold, there it was. Laying in the middle of the lane where the other pumps were......and amazingly, it had not been run over!

I picked it up and cried as I drove home! Thanking God the whole trip home. It had been a grueling and emotional hour for me!

When I got home, I searched for a new mask online that does not hook behind the ears....one that goes behind your head instead. Some were rather pricey and lots of sites had extenders....but seemed more for comfort as the side straps still go over the top of the ear.

I ended up cutting the elastic bands off of my present masks - making a new seam opening and pulled string of ribbon through both sides.....so now the masks tie behing my head!

So any of you SparkFriends, who have hearing aids and wear glasses, as I do, BE CAREFUL when you remove your mask! My mask was like a SLINGSHOT that sent my hearing aid flying! YIKES!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh Sandra--SO nice to hear from yu!--YU have way more grass to tend to than I do-- It sounds like your children really are a big help-- I do pay this 12 yr old and he is VERY reliable--calls me every Sunday-- (I know he likes the money)- --- How are the 2 cats?--Hugs, Lynda
    36 days ago
    Thanks Sandra---This will be a very interesting day--- Thank yu for your prayers-- Lynda
    Can yu tell that I'm nervous?
    65 days ago
    Sandra I dont like too much in one week either-- same as yu--It must be our age!--God to hear from yu Lynda
    71 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11945874
    These darned masks can really be a pain! I have almost knocked my glasses off a couple times! .. I am so sorry about those hearing aids!
    103 days ago
    I wish I could just stop all the crazy worrying-- I guess it is an AGE thing----- Sao nice to hear from yu--Wer had SNOW here overnight-Lynda
    106 days ago
    114 days ago
    Oh Sandra--- YU are such a good person!--- Im sorry that yu were feeling so sad--I know how bad it must be to feel alone!-- I would have been so honoured if yu had of called me-- --These sure are crazy times-- so hard to keep on top of all that goes on!-- Yu are such a good person--- and yu have yer babies--- and no matter how great yer kids are-- if they are like mine--they really don't understand --- at least all of our thoughts -- Many hugs to yu - and I shall smile and ask the good Lord (and Im not a religious person!)_ but maybe he could send some great things into your head!--- Hugs--Lynda
    114 days ago
    Oh Sandra--We have to be "upbeat"---- There really are so many reasons to be that way---Sometimes "life" just gets me down--I want too much right NOW------ and the world doesn't- work that way--I must remember that we can only do what we can do--- AND--now--How a emoticon emoticon re your 2 babies?
    Hugs, Lynda
    129 days ago
    Oh Sandra--- so much these days to worry about!--- I hope yer husband up there in Heaven is protecting us all--- watching over all--and my Dad and Mom--and my sister--- oh so many have passed!
    How are yer wee babies??-- Sushi says "Hi"-- Hugs my friend, Lynda
    134 days ago
    oh Sandra-- I am so sorry about yer sister--- It seems weird to lose a sister doesn't it-- someone missing---and I always wonder--"Why her?"---- "and, "Why am I still here?"
    And the taxes--Lordy Be!--- The only thing I have done is clear off the DSining room table--ready to do the sorting-- It is a terrible job isn't it?
    149 days ago
    Oh Sandra---I am so sorry about your sister--- Is there a chance that she might recover?--
    And out has been that long since your husband passed?---You have handled it very well-He must be proud of you! ---I am sure that he is on yer shoulder boosting you up--- The 2 of you had such a good marriage, that he would not just leave you--- You have been thru so much!-
    Please don't cry---- Big hugs-Lynda
    152 days ago
    Sandra won't it be wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun?---- I can't wit! ---Did yu get yer vaccination??--- We haven't received ours yet-- Lynda
    162 days ago
    Sandra--I finally blogged--- It has been a busy day--- but--Its so good to hear from Yu anyway--- Yu sound so much better--must be yer wee babies-Lynda
    164 days ago
  • JUDYD207
    emoticon emoticon So glad you found your hearing aid.

    170 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/15/2021 5:51:43 PM
    Hi Sandra--Yes, the bananas send me shopping-- I too hate them black and mushy!--- It is so cold here outside-- Spring soon I hope! Lynd
    177 days ago
    What great info Sandra--because my himself did the same thing--Remember?-- We were in Canadian tire--He had his mask on--and his glasses--When we returned to the car, I watched him kind rip the mask from his ear-- When we got home--no hearing aid in the one ear.-- We returned to the store--walked all over the store--no hearing aid-- However, when we were back home, I told him that I would give one more look in the car--and there it was --under the drivers seat--We were so lucky-- I must check out the masks which tie behind the head--Lynda--Thanks for yer great blog!
    181 days ago
    ...So glad you were persistent. Masks are so important but hearing too.
    185 days ago
    Hi Sandra--- It feels good to get that weight off doesn't it?-- Lynda
    190 days ago
    So happy for you!!!

    192 days ago
    Yes have that problem too. its always the left side one for some reason
    193 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    So glad you persisted and found the hearing aid.
    My husband has lost his several times in the same manner and like you, found it in driveway of public building after several hours and no one had run over it. Think that is one reason he doesn't want to wear the aids anymore.
    Thank God for favors.
    193 days ago
    So glad that you found it! I’ve knocked my glasses off numerous times when removing my mask. Fortunately glasses are noticed much more easily than a hearing aid.
    193 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6730119
    I also wear hearing aids. One winter I wore a stocking hat. I removed my hat once in my vehicle &, 5 mins later, realized my right one was gone. After much searching, I finally found it on the floor board close to the door. Close call!
    193 days ago
  • MUGABI123
    Sorry about your hearing aid....i have a tie mask that I really like....good luck.
    193 days ago
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