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2-3-2021 My new Blog-Journal, I add to it MANY times a month, come back & the the photos!

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

IF you want to see what has been going on with me, since the beginning of the year, go to previous blog!

Hope your are all doing GREAT! You mean the world to me! Your support has gotten me through the pandemic, NO KIDDING! I am off to walk LUCY & then go to nature Preserve for a hike! emoticon I hope I inspire you, too!!!

(Lucy on 'her' deck this morning)

(my newest face mask, with my favorite Disney lady, GISELLE!)

emoticon 1-31-21 I posted before but it went into outer space! emoticon Lets share some green tea & make the last day of the month,GREAT for our lives How can we 'tune up' our health? I am organizing, for the week, including meals! I did have a great hike yesterday! Lot's of catching up & cleaning today. TRULY hope to put together our mini trampoline. It sure has been a challenge! Finally found a youtube video to do it! & walk LUCY... she want to go! emoticon

(hope you can see the birds, I didn't until I saved to my computer!!)

(my new mask)

( these little mounds are beaver, day homes! LOL)

emoticon 2-3-2021 Today is a great day, getting things done working & happy to be living my life with my DH & Lucy dog. Spoke to Mom yesterday. She's doing really great! IF the pandemic slows down in our area, I hope to visit her for Mother's Day. We haven't hugged since her 92 Birthday 11-2019. Her caregivers are STELLAR! DH & I have been getting our teeth taken care of, emoticon & staying close to our beautiful, paradise home. I'm off to it! Stay happy & healthy everyone! KNOW I am here for you! emoticon

(outing with DH & LUCY, so fun! 1-18-21)

(angel clouds over Mom's house, 11-2018)

emoticon 2-6-2021 The RESULTS are in! DH gave me a 'kit' for Christmas. It is the DNA for our beautiful, LUCY furbaby dog! Check out the photo below. I thought she was a golden retriever/corgi mix. Nope. 25.2% chow/23% German Sheppard/10% Labrador/8% Akita.... It was fun to see. & she wasn't even sorry to share her 'personal' spit info, as I am! Haha! I'm off to hike in nature! Happy, healthy Saturday, everyone!


emoticon 2-7-2021 Hi! I'm Working this morning, but weather is STELLAR! 70 degrees today. Lucy emoticon will love her walk today! She's doing good. So are we! I was rooting for Tom Brady. (The old guy, haha!) I'm not into sports much, (except to do) but we wanted to watch & did. I usually like the 1/2 time show, but not so much this time. Amanda's new poem was wonderful. (best part of the show) How can a 22 year old be so aware? I sure wasn't when I was 22!

emoticon 2-9-2021 Teeth cleaning today! I usually go every 6 months. But with the pandemic it's been since 9-2019. I found a new dentist, here locally.( My 'real' dentist is 5 hours away, been with him for 25 years) The new dentist did the exam already, everything good. I have been taught, our total health starts in our mouth. I am so glad my forever friend taught me how to care for them, all those years ago! My recipe: I use a sonic tooth brush, a electric water flosser (3 times a week), fluoride toothpaste that I dip into a little baking soda & Xylitol crystals, & mouth wash (I let sit on my teeth for about 5 minutes don't swallow) , regular floss, daily. It DOES take me time, but I am prone to cavities, because I have had so much work done.

Hope you are taking emoticon care of yours, too! Health is our only wealth, I KNOW you agree! Because you are on SP! emoticon emoticon

(smiling with my Mom for her 91 birthday, 11-2019, because of the pandemic I haven't seen her since then, emoticon )

2-10-21 My new hygienist DID say I might need to have the 2 crowns in very front teeth replaced, (They are 21 years old) emoticon The gums have receded up & we can see the under crown, looks dark. They are in great shape. BUT looks wise not so good. IF I could figure out HOW to get my gums to grow back down, I would do it in a minute!!!! Anyone know how? I'll think about it. It might be a good time to do it, as it is a 2 time process over 2 weeks. Since I am under a mask & not performing.....

As you can tell, I am REALLY about keeping my teeth! I have a few filling from 1975, NO kidding! BUT finding this new dentist has been a God send! emoticon OK, I'm off my soap box! Have a fabulous day, everyone! Keep smiling! emoticon

Saturdays hike

emoticon 2-12-21 It rained here today, I mean about 1/ 10 of an inch. Yesterdays photo shoot went VERY well. I'm a little lazy today, trying to get gumption to get outside before the wind comes. Some days are just hard to get moving, but once I do, I don't want to stop! Hope to hike tomorrow.

I'm back to work, love you all! Happy Friday & Lunar New Year!!!! I wan't to feel strong as an OX!

(photo of my mom watching the snow come down! I made reservations to go see her, Mother's day. Hope I can go!, we'll see)

emoticon 2-14-2021 Plan to stay home (pandemic) & share a lovely meal together. I love him so much! emoticon emoticon I took LUCY emoticon for a walk, after my long hike in nature preserve (no dogs allowed) . The wind was calm when we left, then blew to 60 MPH, YIKES! We got home safely. WOW! Big surprise!

I hope your Valentine's day is special & you are sharing the love with the planet! I am! emoticon

(love comes in all shapes & sizes)

(Our Fairy Granddaughter, today! She is SO precious! I hope to meet her soon!)

emoticon 2-15-2021 Yesterday was very special! DH & I had Olive Garden, he picked up the meal. As no going inside for us, yet. It was VERY busy, a 3 hour wait. I was hungry, waiting, so had a couple of hard boiled eggs & 1/4 avocado. Dinner was salad & chicken Parmesan. We split a tiramisu. I have enough left over for 2 more meals! DH too! Lot's of food. delicious!

emoticon Back to work & play, today! Tomorrow starts a new crown. emoticon emoticon 2 part process. It has never bothered me, but the new dentist wants to do it, just in case. (It already has a root canal in it. My old dentist didn't get to the crown. I couldn't afford it, then! 2020) medicare paying for A LOT this year, so taking advantage of it.

emoticon Walking LUCY, & picking up from the 60 MPH winds. The pool is a wreck! WOW! Happy we were ok! Have a great day! emoticon

emoticon 2-17-2021 The dentist yesterday was ok. More drilling than I expected, for the new crown emoticon. But happy it is included in my medicare. So no cost! (except the $150.00 month co-pay, HAHA!

emoticon Have a great & happy healthy day! We can do it, because we ARE! emoticon

(a SP friend posted this photo. SO cute)

emoticon 2-19-21 LUCY's groomer yesterday was fabulous! We will be going back! emoticon I can't wash her or through her in the pool, LOL, I wouldn't, don't worry. Our temps are going back up. 60 today. Hope to hike in nature preserve, tomorrow. They had a 45 archer fire, yesterday.... hope it is still there emoticon

Love you!
(they took Mom to see horses yesterday. Glad they shared photos!)

emoticon 2-24-21 Rebooting helps us, in so many ways, too! DH called Direct TV, he was able to lower our costs almost in 1/2. We took off all the shows that have moved over to subscription. HGTV things, mainly. Starts April 1. I'll see how we do. We can always re-add. BUT the bill went up to $189.00 for TV!!!! That's nuts, we don't really watch that much. We DO use the dvr & watch when we want. Our costs have increased for our precious dog, LUCY. So trying to find ways to save. She is doing pretty good on the new medications, but I can't seem to find them for less than $7.00 a day for both. IF they didn't help, she wouldn't be on them.

I had a ruff night, last night. To many worries. I have GOT to get this under control. Things look so much better in the sunlight! emoticon Hope you all are staying healthy & happy, too!

(I'll get to swim in a few months! Woo Hoo!)

(photo of our pool 5-2020)

2-25-21 Doing emoticon today, emoticon

emoticon 2-26-21 emoticon Have fun! I just ordered mammoth sunflower seeds for our back yard.... should be beautiful! (for the birds & bees) I've grown before, Against fence away from pool! Also Shasta Daisies. I have wanted daisies for months now! The daisy will go into pots. So I can move around the yards.
Have fun ladies! Me too, hope to hike tomorrow!

(photos from 2005 I grew! In Sedona, AZ)

emoticon 2-27-21 Butterfly kits are darling! emoticon(I found several types on eBay) I'm growing flowers for our Hummers, bees & birds. There are some bright ORANGE ones, popping up in our yards on TOP of the plants about 15 feet high. Hummers love it. It will be 60 today & WINDY. Plan on walking LUCY before my hike in nature preserve & after the wind calms down a little. It is 16 MPH right now. Hope you are doing OK! Sending joy to everyone! emoticon emoticon

(Last spring)

(I know you can't see the flowers, but they are on top of these plants)

emoticon 2-28-21 I've been cleaning most of the morning! emoticon I'm ready to rest. After a lovely, fun walk with our sweet LUCY emoticon in 'our' park, I went for a hike yesterday. I took the Photo Egret in Flight. Then went around the corner, where the 6 acre fire was & was REALLY sad, our precious "Nancy's Pond" chard. (6 acres) Last week there were 45 acres burned up. Plus with the fire a few months ago, we have had over 1/4 of the park on fire. They think it was illegal camp fires. I won't post the burned photos, too sad! My favorite place in Las Vegas, it will take about 3 years to 'come' back. Boo Hoo!

(view of our home from the park behind us)

3-1-2021 THX about the fires. Still sad about it. emoticon But my life could be worse, for sure! I AM living a great 1! emoticon

Darling LUCY emoticon is needing to go back to the dentist. She had 7 taken out last July. But I can tell-smell she has an infection. So weird, all 3 of us going to dentist! I get the topper of my crown on Wednesday. I think that will be it for me, for this year, (except cleaning). DH goes in tomorrow for another crown, start. LUCY goes in on Thursday. YIKES! emoticon Teeth are SO important. PLUS her arthritis, I asked a friend who would know, how to cure arthritis. She said IF she knew that she would be a millionaire! (She is in my book, my forever friend!)

DH has a scooter, that's how he gets to appointments, it goes on the back of his car. My car just turned 98,000 miles! We bought it new in 2005. Runs great! Hyundai Tucson. I know EVERY mile.

I've been working most of the morning.... off to walk LUCY & make us all some soup. Healthy March everyone!

3-3-21 Busy day getting ready to go to dentist, final crown. Then LUCY emoticon goes tomorrow. I hope they don't have to take out teeth. But I can smell there is a problem. Her soup came out great! She would rather have my foods I make for her, than canned dog food. So I am making more for her. She has SO much more energy the day after, MY FOODS, makes me think there is more energy in my soups, than canned dog food. Makes sense! DH goes for 2 new crowns, next week. He had the first Moderia shot, yesterday. Seems ok, so far!

emoticon 3-4-21 My teeth are done, yesterday (included in medicare Advantaged), LUCY is still at vet.... home later, $900.00 later! DH goes in next week, $3000.00 for him. Glad we have a savings & hoping for stimulus, soon!! emoticon

emoticon 3-5-21 About earth quakes: I was born & raised in CA. I remember my crib rocking & rolling. They never really scared me, until the Sylmar 1. It was 7.5. DH & his family lived right behind it. The hill broke off & went into their pool. The water was displaced into their house. Some damage, but mostly carpet needed re doing. I lived in an upstairs apartment with my parents, I was on the front step reading poetry by e.e.cummings. when it hit. I remember it so clearly. It was early am. Before school. We gathered some things & got downstairs. School canceled. We were safe. I do not know how you east coasters can handle the hurricanes. I've never been in 1.

I'm pretty wordy, today. Waiting for LUCY's drugs to wear off. She is still not eating or moving much. The vet said it might take about 24 hours, because of her age. (16). I spent most of the night downstairs being with her. I didn't want to open her dogie door, she could have tripped into the pool. I took her out to p, on a leash. She's ok, but it IS stressful. I'm just keeping a VERY close eye on her. DH isn't feeling very good today, either. Hope he gets better. Not sure what is going on. But he DID get the vaccine on Tuesday, hope it isn't a reaction. So I am doing the best I can. Having never had children, I hope I am doing good for them.

I'm back to it. Hope to hike tomorrow, won't know until LUCY comes out of it. I'd like to go today, but not leaving the house. Maybe I can get into the garden. Thx for listening! Hope you are all doing good!

(Lucy, yesterday before dentist)

3-6-21 DH went to a chiropractor yesterday. He feels better. He relaxed most of the day when he got home. We did have 'date night' felt SO normal. A BIG bowl of cooked broccoli with tangerine juice on it & pizza. Pineapple & pepperoni. We watched "Around the world in 80 days" 1954, 3 hours. It was ok. But we stopped about 1/2 way through. Then watched 'The Zoo'. I LOVE animal shows!

3-6-21 Lucy pup still hasn't eaten since Wednesday evening 6pm. She is still pretty 'loopy' from the medications for having her tooth removed. She is drinking water. so that is a good sign. Also moving a little bit. Because DH is downstairs with her. (she needs to be watched, as we don't want her to fall into the pool) I will go walk the nature preserve & do some errands. Soon, the wind will pick up to 25 MPH.. So I'll go early, before that happens. 78 degrees here today. YIKES! So fast so warm!

My schedule has been off these past few days, weigh up 1/2 a #. I KNOW it is stress. My new crown is doing great, I feel pretty good & trying to stay balanced over any stresses that come up. emoticon emoticon emoticon (balance in emojis, haha)

emoticon everyone for your support of our teammates. THIS team helps me SO much! I am also so glad when I can help you, in anyway! emoticon

(I took this photo in 2010. Thought I would re-share. I won an award for it, Santa Cruz, CA, night time)

Later same day:
Again, THX Miller. When I came home from a lovely hike, Lucy still wouldn't eat. So no meds or food since Wednesday evening. I called the vet again, today. The suggestion of pulverizing her meds & adding tuna juice into a dropper, worked. Also they suggested I warm up some broth. So since I had made her chicken soup, I added the broth, heated up a little & she scarfed it all up! Even a second batch. This was after giving her the meds in eye dropper. Made us SO happy! Thankfully she had been drinking water. With the food warmed up, it helped her smeller! The vet was concerned about her getting dehydrated. Glad we figured it out!

here are a few photos from today's hike, SO pretty!

(road runner in tree)

(Snowy Egret in bushes)

(panorama of small pond with Canada geese)

3-8-21 Working from home is good for us, too.
Lucy loves 'real' grilled chicken, too! She is better, still having to force meds by dropper. She seems ok, today. I did take her for a VERY short walk yesterday. She loved it. It will be too windy today, 40 MPH, this afternoon. Just being precautions. THX about my photos. I LOVE photography. I use to be a photojournalist. Fun life I am living!

I'm back to it. I have my 2nd 'zoom', today. My friend is 100 years old. Her family is helping so we can see each other. Should be fun!

Stay safe & KNOW I am here for you, in anyway you might need! emoticon

(no I didn't take this, haha!)

emoticon 3-9-21 I, too love the feeling of tired mussels from a GREAT work out! I try to walk a 5K 3 times a week, up from 1. I drink a product called CALM, it helps me with mussels. I over cut my big toenail, yesterday giving myself a pedicure. So staying off it as much as possible. SO much to do, but I guess it's time for me to relax. I have several books I could start! LUCY emoticon is so much better, but I still have to give her her, meds, by dropper. At least she is eating on her own. I've tried putting them in her food, but then she won't eat it. Thrown out $30.00 of meds so far. It's all trial & error, right? I wonder how parents give them to their children that won't take them?!? Any ideas? Luckily she's almost done with them.

My DH got his first shot & has been 'down & unable to work" They shot him in his upper arm, near his neck The pain has been so bad almost a week later. He's been to chiropractor, nothing seems to help. Last time he got a vaccine, it was for pneumonia, 3 weeks later he was in hospital for 5 MONTHS with it. His body does not like vaccines!

I'm back to 'it'. Have a fabulous day everyone! emoticon

(you wanted to see my smile, here it is, just for you! Haha!)

( This is SAMii, my latest marionette. I've shared before, but she is too cute! I played with her on the zoom, yesterday, they loved her! Me, too! A Xmas present to me!)

(SAMii & her Mom, JANii)

emoticon 3-11-21 Spark Coach asks me to Listen to my body cues, my challenge to to stop eating when I still have food on my plate. But walking & exercising is so fun! I can 'play' for hours! emoticon emoticon Our dog LUCY just came in she wants to go for a walk. It's been a week since her tooth removal. Touch & go, most of the week. We are off to it! Have fun 'listening' everyone! & I will too!

(I can't resits her request!)

emoticon 3-13-21 {;~) I get to walk our dog, LUCY,(she is healed from her tooth removal) DH is feeling a tiny bit better, too! Total Neck pain from vaccine isn't hurting 24/7. He can actually move a little bit. Been since 3-2! Off to hike in nature preserve emoticon emoticon & go to Costco today, let's shop! It IS a fabulous day! emoticon Have fun!!!! emoticon emoticonI pray our country/world gets happy! Daily! Can't hurt, right? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

(Lucy today)

(last week at nature preserve)

emoticon 3-15-21 When I went to Costco, I saw plants, but they are REALLY not for our desert area. Hydrangeas etc. Also VERY expensive compared to home depot. I'm starting to find, that Costco's prices are going up. A small pre-packed salad was $7.00! I can get the exact same salad at Sam's club for $2.50. So I am learning to be even a more cautious shopper, there. IF an item has a coupon, then the costs are REALLY low. I check on line before I go.

But it WAS a fun weekend! Playing with LUCY, hiking, time with DH as his neck starts to heal for reaction from vaccine #1, March 2. . I was hoping to get outside today but winds are 55 MPH. Just too much for LUCY emoticon & me. DH & I watched the Grammy's. Loved most of it. Taylor Swift, her nature theme was wonderful! My cup of tea. emoticon Didn't care for the ladies humping the stage. Strange for me. Are we the only 1's who feel that way? Also, there was no Rock & Roll artists, or Classical music, etc. Over all pretty good show considering the pandemic, of 2020! Have a GREAT week, everyone! I'm back to work!

(photo I took on Saturday's hike, pretty, right?

emoticon 3-16-21 DH helped me buy this darling bunny bracelet for Valentine's day. It arrived, yesterday. SO pretty! The packaging made me happy, as well as the bracelet. I will wear when I see my Mom for Mother's day! I am SO very blessed! Sending fun ((((((((vibes)))))))) to all of you, too!

(made by Kirks Folly, 1 of my favorite designers)

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