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I'm overweight! Kind of...

Monday, March 01, 2021


If I had stuck to my goal of one pound per week, I'd be at or reaching 186 this week. Alas, that's not the case. However, I have eeked into the 180's. Here's my sad little graph of the goal I set on January 20th:

That sucks. I had been doing so well. Alas, I think I'm on the right track again. Fingers crossed!

I've been using my height of 5'6.75" to calculate my BMI. However, as I'm old, I had the sneaking suspicion that I've started the shrinking process. So I just measured and... yup. I'm none too pleased about that, let me tell you! I'm now 5'6.5". I've lost 1/4 of an inch in height. That sucks!

In addition to that sucking just because it does, it really irks me, as I'm still officially obese. emoticon emoticon emoticon

If I use my old height, I'm officially "Overweight." I've been working for this for so long, that I'm going to count it. I mean, my whole head was wrapped around getting below 190 for that label to go away. And I did that today - by a hair's breath! And so, while I'm technically not there yet because I've shrunk, I'm going to count it!!!

Yay me!

I know it is early to celebrate, as I'm below 190 by the barest whisper. And since weight fluctuates, tomorrow could easily be 190. But I need this mental win. I mean, yesterday, I was where I was 3 weeks ago! I've had such a rough go these past few weeks. And I was feeling pretty down about it last week for sure! So, I'm overweight. We'll pretend I'm not shrinking, hahaha. For the real math, at my adjusted height, the adjusted overweight number should be 188.4, instead of 189.8. One quarter of an inch is worth 1.5 pounds. Fascinating.

And again, I KNOW that the BMI scale is not the end all, be all. But it has been a personal bugaboo. And I'm thrilled to have hit overweight today.

Secondly, being in a new decade - the 180's - is really awesome!

Thirdly, my sweetie is also trying to lose weight, and we're neck and neck on the scale. He hit 189 yesterday (after his run, so that can't possibly count, lol), and I hit it today. At some point, obviously, he'll stop losing weight and I'll continue, as he's a guy and several inches taller. But for now, we are riding the scale at the same place.

I've lost over 18 pounds since mid-August. 18 pounds in 28 weeks. That is slow AF (pardon the implied language). But, it is progress. Here's the overall picture:

On March 20, 2020, I weighed 182. This was in the middle of being sick with Covid-19, after our return from Europe. I probably wasn't eating very well. But I had been trying to lose weight before our trip, and was continuing with the effort in general, although not seriously at the time, due to being sick. But I'm going to call 182 my pre-pandemic weight. That was before all the lockdowns - although we were quarantined, having just returned from Europe. Here's what the pandemic weight gain looks like (I was recording my weight on my garmin app, not here on Spark, but I added March 20th's weight to see it... I'm not going to fill in all the other days):

So 182 is definitely one of my goals! Pre-pandemic weight!!! I supposed I need to hit other markers before that. What are they?

1. lose 20 pounds = 188
2. lose 10% of my body weight = 187.2
3. get to the mid-180's = 185ish
4. lose 25 pounds = 183
5. get to my pre-pandemic weight = 182

That's a great set of goals! What is my timeline? Well, I'd love for more, but I'm really needing a minimum of one pound per week. Yes, I'm at 189, today. But since it is 189.8, it is closer to 190, lol. I'll say that by next week, I want to hit 188. Yes. That could be 188.8 to 180. So that's a reasonable goal. Same for the week after for 187. Let's say 7 weeks. I just changed my little yellow goal line. I'm going to do it... pre-pandemic weight of 182 by April 19th!
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    That trendline continues downward. Good for you, Heidi! You'll get there! emoticon
    69 days ago
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