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Friday, March 12, 2021

MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5439
Thursday, March 11, 2021



Funny, how fast & yet how slow a year passes.
Each year.
Any year.
Every year.
No matter what year we're talking about (past, future, or present) when you stop and think about it ~ it is both, fast & slow.

Yet it is still a given amount of time, the same amount for everyone, every year.

1 Year
12 Months
52 Weeks
365 Days
8,760 Hours
525,600 Minutes
31,536,000 Seconds

This last year, these last 365 days, are now in the past. A year ago we could never have imagined having this kind of year. Today, however, is the 1-Year Anniversary of the World Health Organization proclaiming the Corona Virus (aka Covid-19) officially a PANDEMIC! Our lives have changed in many ways. While it's probably easy to list all the things that are no more, or all the changes we have not liked; are there some lessons in all this? Are there positive things to take-away from all we've survived this year?

This popped up in my emails today:
"15 Lessons the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taught Us"
So what have we learned in the last 52 weeks?

1. Family Matters More Than We Realized

2. We Have Unleashed a Revolution in Medicine

3. Self Care Is Not Self-Indulgence

4. Have a Stash Ready for the Next Crisis

5. The Adage 'Age Is Just A Number' Has New Meaning

6. We Befriended Technology, and There's No Going Back

7. Work Is Anywhere Now - a Shift That Bodes Well for Older Americans

8. Our Trust in One Another Has Frayed, but It Can Be Slowly Restored

9. The Crowds Will Return, but We'll Gather Carefully

10. Loneliness Hurts Health More Than We Thought

11. When Your World Gets Small, Nature Lets Us Live Large

12. You Can Hope for Stability - but Best Be Prepared for the Opposite

13. Wealth Inequality Is Growing, and It Affects Us All

14. The Benefits of Telemedicine Have Become Indisputable

15. Our Cities Won't Ever Be the Same

The finer points & details are in the article (as titled above) posted on the AARP website on March 4, 2021. If you'd like to read it, here's a link, but I don't know if you must be a member to have access.

Reading it got me wondering if there are benefits others have seen that aren't mentioned in this list AND what sort of things will you be doing different (because of how this last year has been) in the year to come.
So I ask you readers ---
Can you add to this list in any way?
Are you planning to do things any differently in the next year?

As time permits I will likely blog more on some of these things. emoticon I like learning. I sometimes overthink things too. emoticon But I'm sure many here agree that the last year has been uniquely eventful for most of us. emoticon

Til Next Time,
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