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What a great day for a hike- Interstate State Park MN

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

The sun is shining and it is a brisk spring day in Minnesota. We headed out for a hike by a little after 9am, our daughters agreed to come with and we wanted to take them to one of the really unique state parks that have glacial pot holes. They have agreed to come with us every other weekend as they need to build up to moms crazy hikes slowly so they say! LOL
Come along with me and enjoy the beautiful sights and vistas overlook the St. Croix river on this beautiful Sunday morning!

There are lots of narrow little step trails, it rained yesterday so they were a bit muddy and a little slippery. Very glad to have bought some hiking boots a couple years ago!

This pic almost gave me a heart attack as it is quite high on the overlook but it was taken without anyone falling!

cool mushrooms growing on the dead log

The beautiful sandstone along the way.

Still some snow on the ground where the sun doesn't shine as much.

There is a kind of loop trail so when we crossed over to the over side, we knew we had about a mile and a half walk back. At the entrance to the trail, there was a warning sign that said the tunnel to the rangers station was closed due to ice and to plan accordingly. There is a very busy highway that separates the 2 sides so this is the only way to get back to where we started. Well, we all decided we could manage the ice, we would find a way around it. Well little did we know that the tunnel that is quite low to the ground to begin with was actually filled with ice! Now what? Go all the way back? Try to cross the highway? not a safe option! So, we got down on all 4s and pretty much crawled through the tunnel. It was quite an adventure for that last part of the hike! We made it by crouching, crawling and crab walking!
We got some good laughs along the way.
I am so glad that my girls have decided to join us every other weekend on our hikes. We enjoyed a very cool picnic lunch, it only got up to about 39 deg so we quickly ate our sandwiches and then headed for the warm car.
It was a great morning! Thanks for joining me and I hope this inspires you to check out your local parks or state parks. They are quite amazing. The silver lining of covid for me was to find our extraordinary state parks here in MN and a few right next door in WI!
Have a sparkly day friends. Thanks for joining me!

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