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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Two weeks ago, on the Spring challenge I'm doing here on SP, one of the tasks on the inter team challenge was to "pamper yourself". I've never been big into pampering and usually when these types of things come up I skip them altogether because it's just not my thing. My life is good, I have all I need and want, so actually finding a way to pamper myself is a bigger challenge than doing the act. BUT a couple weeks ago I just happened to get caught up in a conversation about these cool DIY home manicures that are actually nail "strips" or "wraps". They've been around a while and they're a great way to apply nail art flawlessly with no tiny painting skills required. Essentially they are just stickers, made of cured nail polish, you put on your nails and then can apply a clear topcoat to make them long lasting if desired. To remove them, you just use nail polish remover. As fate would have it, my interest in this (and time to pursue it) just happened to align with the "pamper yourself" task on my team challenge.

So I went about shopping for my first nail strip manicure. What I learned very quickly is that the colors, styles and types of these strips are seemingly infinite. There are rainbows, butterflies, flowers of every kind, geometric shapes, stained glass designs, designs for every holiday and special occasion imaginable. There are MLM businesses where you can sell these darling little nail stickers to all your friends too. Enjoying the journey, but not wanting to go quite that far, I decided to just start with some cheaper strips that were very pretty but that I could pick up locally and wouldn't have to wait for shipping. They were a gradient pink, sparkly strip clear at the base and progressing into a lovely light pink sparkle completely coating the nail starting about a third of the way up. I put them on and was delighted with the results. I went right down the rabbit hole and spent an embarrassing amount of time filling my amazon cart with every nail strip I could ever want or even think of wanting the next day. I got a little obsessed. But hey, I really wasn't hurting anything so I let myself enjoy the ride.

In the end, I spent about 40 bucks and now am the proud owner of enough nail strips to keep me well manicured for at least a year. I am currently still in my original set and have gotten lots of compliments on them but will probably switch them for a new flowered set for Easter. They definitely are much longer lasting than standard nail polish. We'll see how well they hold up during gardening season!

The girls have been keeping my backyard gardens well thatched. As it turns out, they love to scratch and dig wherever I dump the droppings from cleaning out their coop, which has been in my gardens. So, no weeds at all there now! After watching their behavior, it does lead me to wonder if I'm going to be able to grow anything at all this year without having them just scratch it right up. Gardening with chickens may turn out to be a zero sum game.

Well, that's my chicken check in as well as the story of my new, fun sticker collection. I have to admit, I am even more excited about this sticker collection than I was about my sticker collection I had in 4th grade- and I had a HUGE sticker collection in 4th grade. emoticon Hope your week is happy!
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