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A heckuva couple of weeks!

Friday, April 02, 2021


We got home late Wednesday, so last night was our first dinner home. I admit that I went a little overboard. But that's okay. The past two weeks has been seriously stressful in so many ways!

Looking at my goals that I outlined a month ago, I have only achieved one more. But then, it has been a helluva month! Plus, this goal was one of the big circled goals! I've lost 20 pounds!!! Furthermore, even with my adjusted height (having lost 1/4 inch), this weight puts me in the overweight category of the BMI scale. I was counting that goal as achieved before, as I'd aimed for 189.8 for so long, lol. But now, no matter how you look at it, I've graduated down from obese to overweight. This is quite an achievement! Here is the goal as it looked from my goals list, along with the next several goals:

7. ***Lose 20 pounds = 188 (also, this is no longer obese on the BMI scale at 188.4) 4-1-21

8. Lose 10% of my body weight = 187.2

9. Get to the mid-180's = 185

10. Lose 25 pounds = 183

11. ***Get to my pre-pandemic weight = 182

I was looking at the big list, which can be a little overwhelming. So, for right now, I'm only going to look at the next several, leading up to my next big circled goal of getting to my pre-pandemic weight.

Ooh, my pre-pandemic weight is now in sight! That's cool. And 10% of my body weight... that's big as well. Sadly, having hit 189 (briefly) on March 1st, it has taken me an entire month to get to 188 (solidly). Alas, progress is progress - even if one has to step back to a wide angle to see it.

A friend of mine posted something the other day: "Slow progress is better than no progress." I replied, "And sometimes no progress is an improvement... Back in August, I first had to stop gaining weight, before I could figure out how to make progress getting rid of it."

And she said, "That is true. Being stationary takes work too. I hadn’t thought about that. Because it really isn’t stationary."

Sadly, I'll have to work to maintain my weight, even if I achieve my goals. I can never be complacent. That being said, with IF, I think I'll be able to enjoy eating, and not have to worry so much about calories and whatnot forever.

I was talking to my SIL about IF, and she mentioned that she'd had a couple of friends who did it, and they lost weight quickly. I'm jealous, hahaha. But at the same time, I KNOW I would lose more weight if I was circumspect in my dinner portions, my wine, and my little indulgences. And yet, life is so much more pleasurable with those things. So I'm making a conscious choice to do it slowly, I guess.

Yes, slow and steady. I'd like a little more progress, sure. But I'm finding the balance between enjoyment and achievement. Remind me of that when I'm impatient at my lack of progress, hahaha!

20 pounds gone is like 80 pounds of pressure removed from my knees. I will always have issues with them, but taking off more and more pressure will be helpful for sure! And 20 pounds gone is also 20 pounds less I have to haul around when I'm doing activities - especially silks.

I went to silks yesterday... 2.5 weeks off really sucked! I am sore. I'm still unable to climb. I'm not putting any pressure on myself to do it. Honestly, if I think about my ideal weight of around 132 (not my goal weight of the 140's, but my adult ideal weight), then I'm still hauling an excess 55+ pounds. That's like putting on a backpack weighing 55+ pounds, and expecting to haul myself up a rope. Ridiculous! I'll keep working on my strength, as well as losing weight. At some point in the middle, the two will meet to allow me to be able to climb.

I'm really happy to be home. The grief of losing my father-in-law is one thing. But being in a place where I know I am not welcome (by family as well as by the general population) was super stressful. My FIL (and his partner) were the brightest part of my times there. I just deleted a whole line of thought. I don't want to offend people reading this with differing views from my own. But, Alabama was always stressful for me. It has been even moreso lately, with MAGA hats and confederate flags, and reading things about people who want to shoot anyone who voted for Biden.

Why is this on my sparkblog, you might wonder? Well, dealing with stress and life situations is part of learning to maintain or build healthy eating habits which survive the stresses of life. And this past two weeks was super stressful! I've never done so well with my eating habits through such a stressful situation. And that is something to remember for the future.

Oh, one more achievement (of sorts)... I reached spark level 19. That is only due to having been sparking for so long, hahaha!
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