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Our Turn!

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Friday, April 09, 2021

Yesterday it was our turn to get our first COVID vaccinations! It was for me a surprisingly emotional experience . . .

We had a fixed appointment, effortlessly made on line, with two follow-up notifications on our phones requesting confirmation from us.

Everything was so beautifully organized at the vaccination clinic . . . no wait, immaculately clean, warm and friendly eyes above the masks!

This is a small place -- and when our address was checked, the intake person mentioned she knew just where it was and how long had we lived there and did we know . . . ???

Competent and quite detailed review of our individual health histories. Good solid explanation of which vaccine we were receiving (Pfizer) and what we might expect afterwards, with a print out for follow up if we became alarmed. Spelling out what steps to take for ordinary aching or if there were more significant unanticipated adverse effects, all very helpful. And delivered in a personal and caring manner . . . the public health nurse who administered the vaccines recognized our address too and mentioned that one of our vendors had taught her in high school, the other in nursing school! Wonderful people and had we got to know them? Oh yes, becoming good friends,

Then our 15 minute wait. Everyone masked and socially distanced with plexi screens. Staff busily scurrying around and sanitizing as people departed.

While we waited, I was reading the first pages of the fourth Anne novel: Anne of Windy Willows. The part where Anne was arriving at the train station scarcely a block from the vaccination clinic, to take up her role after her BA degree as principal at the local high school. The train tracks are now all repurposed as hiking and biking trails throughout the Island (which we've already begun to explore), but the station itself is still there, beautifully restored and now a restaurant and microbrewery. The novel records how Anne found a boarding house in a towered Victorian residence just up from the station, overlooking the harbour . . and yes, that area of town still has gracious avenues of magnificent Carpenter's Gothic houses built by sea captains and timber barons. Maybe high school principals no longer generally live in boarding houses but both my own parents had also done so, as young unmarried teachers starting their own careers and for quite a few years afterwards.

Such a lovely confluence of time and place!! This is still a small town, the kind of place I feel most comfortable. Human nature has not changed very much.

My arm is a tiny bit ache-y this morning but nothing unusual in comparison with other post-vaccine symptoms. I got a solid 8 hours and 7 minutes of sleep last night!

(How do I know that? A birthday gift from DH is a new Honor 6 Band smart watch health tracker made by Huaiwei -- utterly fascinating!! Also tracks steps (and two long Henry walks did NOT amount to 10,000 yesterday), oxygen in the blood, resting heart rate and a host of other functions which I'm just learning about.)

So whatever the mild discomfort after my shot, I say: bring on the antibodies!! I do so appreciate all of the scientists who worked so fast to develop these vaccines, the outstanding effort by Canadian politicians and public service employees who've implemented the logistics to roll out the vaccines, and above all the professionalism and simple friendliness in that experience of actually getting those vaccines into our arms yesterday.

We've done all we could ourselves to remain healthy, but it feels so good to have that reassuring protection.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • -POOKIE-
    Excellent. I have my second round tomorrow.
    22 days ago
    YAY! Congratulations!!!!

    (PS - most women I know had much more of a reaction to the second shot. Plan to have food on hand and the laundry done before you go for that second one. My shot was on a Thursday, and I was pretty wiped out for Saturday and Sunday. Just be prepared.)
    22 days ago
    PS, Love the sandals emoticon
    29 days ago
    So beautifully written. After reading your entry, I'm rethinking my stance on getting the vaccine. I've been very worried because the vaccine is so new, and as a person who usually has weird reactions to medications that might normally help someone else, I get sick. But, so many have gotten them now, and have lived through it. Perhaps its not a bad idea after all. Thanks for sharing!
    29 days ago
    Congratulations on getting your first shot!
    My Husband and I already received it and felt exactly the same gratitude. You have a beautiful way to write, incorporating what you were reading to your actual experience!
    29 days ago
    Congratulations on getting your shot. I also enjoyed Anne. It was wonderful for you to be able to relate the places in the book to your physical location. You have a wonderful writing style.
    31 days ago
    Congratulations on getting the shot.
    I have had my first shot. Second one is next week
    32 days ago
    Thank you for sharing the lovely story of your vaccination. I have received my first shot, and like you feel tremendously grateful.
    33 days ago
    Mass vaccination clinic for me and it was run with military efficiency, which I appreciated.

    I had a day of being a little achy after the first dose, then developed "Covid arm". (I know it is a delayed vaccine reaction.) A four inch patch of my arm was swollen, red, and a degree warmer than the rest of me for three days.

    I went and got my second shot last week and was tired the next evening, but otherwise fine.

    33 days ago
    Shot 1 ... was a breeze.

    Shot 2 ... well worth the headache, chills and crummy feeling for just a day.
    36 days ago
    Glad it was a positive experience with very minimal side effects! ...(My next day I slept much of it away!)... Not the way I prefer to spend the day ... But it is good to But it is good to have 1 down!
    36 days ago
    Congrats on getting your vaccine. It's great that you love your new home and feel so comfortable in the setting. Seems to me you've made a very wise move.
    37 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    37 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    So glad to hear you were able to get your first dose of the vaccine! Sounds like such a lovely little community that you have found. What fun to read the story and think about how it was back then and how it looks today!
    Enjoy your weekend and I hope all post vaccine symptoms are mild and gone today!
    38 days ago
    Oh how marvelous that so much landscape from that particular Anne novel is still present. That's my favorite one and Windy Willows (Poplars) sounded so much like my little town of Tappahannock - and like Aunt Anna's experience when she moved to Bedford. Sweet sweet stories.

    And a sweet, efficient, kind experience for you when you got your vaccine. It was like that here too.

    Oh. Well. My goodness - some kind of parallel universe science fiction going on, eh?

    Enjoy it all.
    38 days ago
    Congratulations! I also got Pfizer and got a mild reaction (fever and nausea) after the second shot. Worth it!
    38 days ago
    Yea, you! I got my second shot yesterday, no after effects as yet. If you run into Helen Conboy that is my cousin. She lives on PEI.
    38 days ago
    Yes it is and that small town experience adds to it, kindness and caring :)
    38 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Yes it is. I know that when I go out, still practicing all protocols that I am protected. I got my vaccine the first in January and the second in February. I had no side effects except for a sore arm from the second shot. I also felt gratitude for this opportunity.

    Hooray for you and hubby! I'm so happy for you both!
    38 days ago
    I got my Pfizer yesterday as well, absolutely no reaction, not even tender at the injection site. We are halfway there!!!! We got word today that if supplies keep coming our second dose might be moved up, fingers crossed. emoticon emoticon
    39 days ago
    It is good to have that first one over and done with. Now to wait for the second.
    39 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    39 days ago
    It's a small world! It adds to the reading enjoyment to know the area in the story. (I enjoy JA Jance as she writes her stories in the Pacific NW and Bisbee, Az. I can picture the landmarks as she mentions them.)

    I'm glad you received your shots. Gotta keep you safe.

    emoticon emoticon
    39 days ago
    What a beautiful experience! Ours wasn't quite like that, but definitely experienced the "bring on the antibodies" feeling!

    We'll be fully immunized on 16 April and planning to see both kids and for real hugs when we return from Jas' surgery. Can't wait.

    39 days ago
    Good for you!!! I have heard others express a similar emotional response - relief, gratitude... I did as well when I found out I had received the vaccine.
    39 days ago
    Where everybody knows your name.. Yes, the real small town experience, truly special.
    You are fortunate. How cool is that to be reading about Anne in the very setting she lived in!
    39 days ago
    Your experience sounds much like my husbands. Yes! He, too, had his first dose (also Pfizer) yesterday. Also, ache-y arm and a solid night's sleep.

    As I awaited his emergence from the community center post vaccination, it heartened me to see what appeared to be many families emerging post vaccination. So many looks of relief upon the faces of those leaving the center.

    39 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon
    39 days ago
  • NANCY-
    emoticon on getting your first dose of the vaccine. Love the closeness, connections and welcoming attitude on the Island. Kind of makes me want to move up there.
    39 days ago
    39 days ago
    What a lovely experience! Even though I got both my "jabs" at mass vaccination clinics, the jabbers introduced themselves and where they worked (nurses from local hospitals who had volunteers for this task) so there was that home town connection. But I love the personal touch you got at your small town clinic. It sounds so comfortable.

    And I got a memory evoked of living in "James Fennimore Cooper" territory, as I did for 15 years, on the Southern Tier of New York. Envisioning what happened in novels and observing how the places haven't changed a lot in a hundred years or more... although James Fennimore Cooper's wild country were far less civilized than Anne's PEI!

    Hope your side effects are few, while the effectiveness of the vaccine is strong. As you said, "bring on the antibodies". emoticon
    39 days ago
    We are 3+ weeks beyond our second jab and feeling sooo good about it!
    It is a great feeling.
    I had no reactions at all to either, D felt not great the day after the second.
    I wonder if my Lucy has read Anne...will have to check as she loves series like that.
    We watched some of Anne with an E a few years back.
    39 days ago
    A Pfizer vaccine is a lovely birthday present.
    Stay well.
    39 days ago
    I'm sure you're feeling a huge internal sigh, as I did and a sense that a burden is being lifted! I could tell something had occurred to my arm but couldn't even have called it pain or achy. (I, too, had the Pfizer). Love your description of Anne. My library doesn't seem to have that one. I have recently read Avonlea, theIsland and House of dreams, so decided to go back and read Green Gables again (so many years ago was the earlier read). I have requested Ingleside next from the library. The books are a sweet indulgence.
    39 days ago
    That sounds just like our experiences, minus the Victorian buildings and knowing neighbors. Everyone seems happy to get us vaccinated.

    Take it easy!
    39 days ago
    Glad it went so well. Mine did too on Monday.
    39 days ago
    What emoticon news! I never dreamed I would get so emotional after my second dose. Here's to all the people involved in the fight against this virus. emoticon
    39 days ago
    Congrats on the vaccinations!

    I had some similar moments after moving here. Our place is at the end of a 1-mile dead end road, and no other structures on the road. Yet everyone within a 15-20 mile radius seems to know exactly where it is. There were people in PT for the knee replacement in the next town over. who knew this place.

    Turns out it had been a long-standing party spot for generations of kids... (the owners lived 3 hrs away and only came sporadically on weekends)

    They kept a corner of the land and now park a trailer on it during the summer. She’s very nice. We distance knitted together a couple of times last year, outside on lawn chairs.
    39 days ago
  • no profile photo MLR_00
    After my second shot I had a mild fever and was a bit achy, but only for one day. Not a bad price to pay at all.
    39 days ago
    How interesting that you could relate to the fourth Anne book so much. Love reading your blog so much now.
    39 days ago
    39 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    39 days ago
    Oh yes! "Bring on the antibodies"
    Great news and once again a great description of a lovely place to live.

    Our 2 weeks post 2nd shot are up tomorrow and we will see DD & SIL for the 1st time in over a year.
    The up side of living in an anti science, covid denying, anti vaccine area is that even our grandchildren (ages 19 - 26) were able to get shots. Sadly, we will have to avoid a lot of people we thought would know better.

    39 days ago
    39 days ago
    I had mine about 3 weeks back - same here, appt on line and no line up there and moved through quickly. They used an old Rona building! I also had a sore arm - just achy. No other side effects. Glad you are okay!
    39 days ago
    39 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    I got my second shot yesterday and I echo most all of what you said. I was worried as so many folks had told me how sick they became the day after, and I woke up fine. Every now and then I can feel where I got the shot but that is normal depending on who gives the shot. I didn't feel that when I got the first one at all. So I feel better having the shots and the antibodies in my system since I had Covid - asymptomatically! I have been very fortunate!
    39 days ago
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