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Weather Forecast . . .

Sunday, April 11, 2021

We've noticed that the weather forecast here tends to be on the pessimistic side! With the ACTUAL weather quite often sunnier than the prediction.

At one point last week we were looking at seven solid days of rain and some snow . . . including for today. But at the moment, anyhow, clear blue skies and relatively benign temperature too: above freezing and not much wind.

Our vendor friends have told us, snow can happen here well into May. There's still a small patch of snow in the garden. And there's still snow forecast for Wednesday and for Friday. But: I'm not going to shake the snow globe, put myself into blizzard conditions in advance! Down coats, sheepskin snow boots, cashmere sweaters and warm gloves: there's no such thing as "bad" weather when you have acquired the clothes to cope with it. Raincoats, rain boots, umbrellas: perfect for singing in the rain with the ducks and robins! And when it's hot: sun hats, sun screen, rash guards and bug spray too. No bugs, no birds!!

And yes, I can't help but think of my own fearful internal weather predictor -- "what if x happens" or "what if y happens" . . . well, ya know, over the years I've amassed the equipment to cope with that too!

Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wonderful, I hear your happiness :)
    25 days ago
    Enjoyed your poem. I hope you enjoyed your birthday. Last night it snowed here, but a dry snow and not much moisture. emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
    Enjoyed your poem. I hope you enjoyed your birthday. Last night it snowed here, but a dry snow and not much moisture. emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
    emoticon Snowing here, sideways no less. But hovering around freezing it could change to sleet at any time. Clothing for all weather, of course. Canadians know weather. We get all the seasons. Makes life interesting.
    In the few spare moments I have, I have been mesmerized watching the livestreams of the Iceland volcano on Youtube, so much additional professional footage too. This is probably the most covered volcano in history. So very active with new fissures and amazing streams.
    25 days ago
    Meteorology is not a science, it is an art! And you know artists...
    25 days ago
    We still have patches of snow on the ground and in the forecast ... Tuesday.
    25 days ago
    25 days ago
    Great attitude! ... Come rain or come shine, life will go on! ... emoticon ... emoticon ....
    25 days ago
    Have a great day
    25 days ago
    Wonderful! Love this joy-filled attitude. We have been having GREAT weather requiring no jacket, cool in the shade and warm in the sun with gentle breezes. But today it is raining and we need the rain. It's ALL good. Truly. Happiness does not depend on the weather!!
    25 days ago
    Love the poem!! You are right about being prepared for all kinds of weather. emoticon
    25 days ago
    Rolling with the weather punches makes you 'flexible and optimistic'...just like me (Ha Ha - the punches in San Diego are sooooooooooooooo much softer). Off to a puppy play date!
    25 days ago
    No point in worrying about what you can't control. As long as you're prepared for whatever comes along.

    25 days ago
    I think the only season I can’t abide is black fly season. Those little things get everywhere and leave welts. We have repellents and even netting hats but somehow they even evade those measures.

    Fortunately right now we’ve got the warm temperatures (the forecasted rain over the past few days hasn’t materialized), and the bugs haven’t come out yet.

    The eastern phoebes think they are coming though, and have rebuilt their nest above the bathroom window in anticipation.
    25 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    One of the best things about Michigan is the weather and all her changes. Miss Michigan weather is as fickle as they come. We can have all four seasons in a day or heck even in a hour. I've seen it go from blazing hot to colder, colder and end up with snow. It's so weird sometimes.

    Today has been overcast, then cloudy, and then sunny, then back to cloudy with rain, and now once again it's overcast. Add some wind with that you have a Spring day here in Michigan.
    25 days ago
    Yes, Ma'am! Having the proper clothing/tools makes a HUGE difference! ... in all 'weather related' things!!

    25 days ago
  • NANCY-
    There's no such thing as "bad" weather when you have the appropriate clothing. forecasters do tend to have the sky is falling mentality. Loved MOLLIEMAC's sign.
    Even though I am hundreds of I can only imagine how much worse the recent coastal storm was for you than us. Every once in a while the Maritime Provinces are displayed on our weather maps here in Southern New England.
    25 days ago
    I remember singing that weather song! You are made of hardier stock than I am, as I am a weather sissy and very happy with my West Coast weather that may give us tastes of extreme cold, snow, or 90-something temperatures (not a lot of air conditioning around here, either). I appreciated being able to experience the more defined seasons during our years in Virginia and Maryland, but felt that sense of "home" when we woke up to fog our first morning back.
    25 days ago
    I have an official Nova Scotia Weather Button. emoticon The directions for use say to hang it 8" from the house and by the following you can make weather predictions that are 100% accurate!

    If it is hard to see...It's FOGGY
    If it is wet... It's RAINING
    If it is white... It's SNOWING
    If it is black...POLLUTION IS BAD
    If it is swaying....It's WINDY
    If it is missing...CALL POLICE

    I am positive the directions for use and the forecasts apply to PEI as well! emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
    I sometimes think they give us the "worst case scenario" on our weather so we'll be prepared "just in case". Then of course we can't blame them if they fail to warn us. Doesn't work though... poor weather forecasters get nailed if they warn and the storm *doesn't* happen, too!

    emoticon We'll just keep on weathering that weather. (btw, a Florida cousin posted a photo on FB of a tree down in her yard after last night's storm... but it missed the vehicles in the driveway!)
    25 days ago
    I agree. We just need to have the right gear to deal with it.
    Lately our problem is that no matter which way we are paddling, the wind is against us.
    We turn around and the wind changes direction too. Like in the Odyssey Aeolus is deciding where we are going. LOL

    25 days ago
    Predicting the weather is still not that easy, apparently!
    We have showers off and on predicted for the next few days...we need some spring rain here in RI.
    25 days ago
    It showed 7 or 8 days of rain here also and then each day got adjusted (thankfully!). We get snow into May here too sometimes! I sure hope we don't this year - but then we can be outside more (with other people) and I am hoping for warm. It went up to 25 yesterday but cool and damp and raining today. Have a great day!
    25 days ago
    have a wonderful day
    25 days ago
    Cute poem. Yes, we'll weather the weather.
    25 days ago
    Great tongue twister! emoticon
    25 days ago
    I love a soft rain which is what we have today.
    Enjoy your fleeting blue sky!

    And the weather? Like in many other saying, wait a while, it will change.

    25 days ago
    👍 Love the weather-whether quote!
    25 days ago
    It truly is quite similar here weather wise! We had near 80F last Monday and snow and 30's Tuesday. We had a nice day yesterday, but high winds all night and forecast for today. Snow is in the forecast for the end of the week, but highs remain cooler and overnight lows are cold again. Yep, we are prepared!
    25 days ago
    Our weather forecast sounds much like yours, and ours tends to be a bit pessimistic, too. Dressing for the conditions is the key. "No bugs, no birds!!"- I will remember this, use my bug spray and protective clothing, and limit my complaints when bug season arrives. Enjoy the day, no matter the weather!
    25 days ago
    Around here, the saying goes that if you don't like the weather --- just wait an hour.
    Having the right gear for all kinds of weather is definitely the key to success.
    Love the poem!
    25 days ago
    Loved the poem thank you. Very Appropriate. Stay healthy, safe & well
    25 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
    Interesting how many people on the eastern side of this continent are reporting that falling weather failed to show up after all. In Florida, here in my own back yard, and now way up in PEI!

    Well - we definitely have to endure the weather, no matter what comes along. I guess I'm just lucky that I kinda like it all.
    25 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    25 days ago
    LOVELY! We cannot control the weather, BUT . . . we can be prepared. Same with our 'internal weather'. We cannot control situations around us, but can be prepared and be in control of how we react.

    Meterology is the only profession I know where they get paid handsomely even if they're wrong!

    I LOVE that poem. LOVELY!

    25 days ago
    Overcast and 38 degrees F at dawn this morning. I'll take it for mid April in Maine! We do need some rain but there is nothing steady forecast for the next 5 days. I'll take the overcast as an excuse to work on housekeeping after Church this morning. Love the poem! Enjoy your Sunday.
    25 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Love the little poem!! Enjoy your day whatever the weather! I am to my sister's house for a few day adventure together! Hugs
    25 days ago
    It's raining in my area ; so I'll put on those rain boots and my rain coat and head out for my walk this morning emoticon emoticon
    Have a great day !

    25 days ago
    We got rain ,
    25 days ago
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