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Removing Foot From Mouth is No Easy Feat!

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Please know--this is just a 'spoof' ... trying to find some chuckles in a world that has become oh so serious. .. (All in gest).I know I could sure use some laughs.

You’re on the Air! .... emoticon .... Speak loudly so everyone can hear!.

It is perfectly Ok to say to five-year-old Timmy:
“My how you’ve grown! How old are you now?” But NOT to your elderly aunt!
Greetings, like clothing should be tailored to fit the occasion.
To the person who just moved in next door:
"Want to play ‘guess each other’s weight’ game?...Age?"
To four-year-old Tommy:
“Well aren’t you mommies’ cute little boy? Let me give you a big hug!"
Forty years later: “Well if it isn’t Little Tommy!.......Come here so I can pinch your cheeks! "

**Curious people inquire:
• “When did you start losing your hair?” ..."Is that a toupee you're wearing? Can I touch it?"
• “Yikes! I almost didn't recognize you with that receding hairline!”
• “You feeling alright? You look kind of pale and clammy.”
• “You still married to what-ser-name?” “Oh I’m sorry---No one told me.”
• I was just thinking about you! Are you still seeing that psychiatrist?”
• “When did you finally get out of prison? ... Do you have to see a parole officer every week? "
• “Have you had that thingy on your chin checked lately? It looks like it's moving! "

To newly hired executive at the law firm: (in front of boss)
“Well just look at you young man! All growed up! Remember the time I caught you and Freda M. making out behind the barn and I gave you a good whooping and threatened to tell your parents?”
• “Heard you got married again. Wow! what number is this—five or six?” (mixed snorts and chuckles-while holding sides).

...::I appreciate you commenting on my blog - Simply written to find some chuckles in serious times. (In no way am i giving advice as to how we should speak--(all in gest) ... I know none of us would ever talk this way.
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