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Depression coming on

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Over did everything and now the depression is bearing down. It's something I can feel descending like a black tunnel. I knew I shouldn't have joined the 5% group, but I was encouraged and thought that maybe the second time around I'd get more out of it. But this weekend I just couldn't, I really tried to do my excises and logging and taking part but I just hated every minute and resented the whole thing. If it had been a book I would have just tossed it away but since it's on my tablet guess I can't do that.

Income tax is now at the accountants and the snow is shoveled so I'm just going to veg and to heck with everything for a day or two.
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    I was in a similar group and struggled with it. Some ppl are motivated by group activities and some aren't. Take it easy on yourself. Be kind to yourself.
    6 days ago
    Sometimes taking a break from activities and just relaxing helps us. We all deserve a break and some pampering, even when we have to do that for ourselves. I buy flowers to cheer me up when winter is not yet gone. Music is also helpful for me. I'm sure talking to someone and your blog, too, can be helpful.
    Feel better. emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
    WYNAGAIN, thank you for sharing where you are... sometimes that really takes courage. I find over committing makes me have a tendency to shut down. Which totally defeats my efforts to begin with. ((hugs)) emoticon You are feeling emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    26 days ago
    Wynagain, so sorry for the crash. I do struggle with depression as well. Try not to put pressure on yourself. Big bear hugs, to you. Daisies will be fine, come and do what you can but mostly don't feel pressured to do stuff you can't bring yourself to do. If you can't do it don't feel like we are pressing you into it.

    emoticon Charie
    27 days ago
    I have Depression also, and so get what u are saying...my advice is exactly what u know u need to do...let your body rest, do what it needs to do until it passes...trying to change it or fight it only makes it worse....binge watch Netflix or tv shows and let you body heal.......you got this...
    27 days ago
    I hear you Wynagain. Been there since the new year but actually have started to emerge into the light. Be kind to yourself. Take a break and dont panic about letting the team down . Most of us have been there. When one of us struggles we have others in our team to pick up the slack. The Daisy team is such a supportive group. My advice is take a deep breath and know that it can and will get better.
    27 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I was 44 and started peri-menopause and went for my annual physical and the doctor asked how I was and I said "I think about jumping off the 3 mile bridge (we have one here) about a 100 times a day" and he calmly said "That is a little excessive." Because my liver functions well, I had to take 60 mg. of Prozac a day and it broke it down quickly, but it helped me to "not feel like I was walking through a field of mud" or as I would say "like I'm down in a dark hole that I can't climb up from." (You are in the dark tunnel.) Prozac just made me feel normal, and not like I was on Cloud 9 (Rush L. would make fun of people on Prozac on his radio show, which I didn't listen to but my doctor mentioned to me.) I needed the help. I was on it for 14 yrs and then I joined Sparks and got where I slowly decreased it and finally got off it. Now I take Metformin, Baclofen and Progesterone, and a low dose of estrogen, all help me to sleep well, so I feel better.
    27 days ago
    Good plan...to rest for a few days. While you’re resting, here’s something I do to help improve my depression: Each time I use the bathroom, I look in the mirror and practice smiling at myself for about 10 to 20 seconds. This can be a difficult exercise when you’re in that black tunnel, but do it anyway and just “fake it ‘til you make it”. It has an amazing effect on me as good as any medicine! Take care. If you find your depression persisting after a week of self-help efforts, please check in with your doctor so that your depression can be treated properly and monitored. Let your doctor know about your weight loss efforts and mention that you would like to avoid any medications that list weight gain as a side effect. You’ve made amazing progress! Please give yourself a congratulatory hug! You’ve earned it! emoticon emoticon
    27 days ago
    Look at tomorrow and how you can make it better. I find when I get depressed I make a list of all the things I am grateful for. when I add in the miracles of nature it gets pretty long. Gratitude is the best way for me to fight my depression.
    27 days ago
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