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Can You Keep A Secret?

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Of course-You can count on me! I won't breathe a word!
Said no one. Suzie learned the year before when she had a yard sale. She posted signs everywhere, ran an expensive ad, and sent flyers out. Only a handful came. This year she would play it smart. She found that if you want to get the word out, call on the 'town crier.'

She saw Thelma Trugood, the gossipy next-door neighbor in the yard. She called to her: “Thelma, can we talk? I want to share a word with you if you promise to not tell a soul.”

“Well of course! You know me! What is it dear?”
“Well, Rob has decided to move back in with his parents. Things just didn’t work out. I will be moving too but I don’t want anyone to know. You know, so many questions and all. But I will have a big yard sale right before I go.”

“Your secret is safe with me! I promise to take it to the grave! And if there’s anything I can do.”
“I knew I could count on you Thelma! What a friend!”
Suzie no sooner went back inside her house, when she saw Thelma galloping across the street, to tell Wilma, then Marge, and Helen before she faded from sight.

News traveled fast through the grapevine as Thelma contacted everyone she could think of and then some—but told them to be sure to keep it secret!’

She then called ladies from her sewing group to 'share' the secret.

Needless to say, Suzie had her yard sale and people came from miles around buying everything she had for sale.

Some were so kind as to bring baked goods and casseroles, hugging her and wishing her the best, even offering to help pack. Suzie smiled and waved to her neighbor from over the fence. “Thanks again Thelma for keeping my secret! I knew I could count on you!” “Well of course dear! What are friends for?” she said beaming.

Though this may sound a bit ‘farfetched,’ when my brothers and I were growing up, we had an elderly lady next door who could have been Thelma’s twin! She was often seen peeking thru her venetian blinds to see what everyone was up to! ..True story! She told our mother on my brothers and me for tossing orange peels into her back yard--over the fence! How were to know she was back there hanging clothes on the line? ... Oops--we tried to deny but were busted!

Does it remind you of an old song........"I heard it through the grapevine ..... and i'm about to lose my mind... " ...do dah!
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