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Rain hat and bale bag, no big dill

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

I live in a very rainy corner of the world. With outdoor pets come outdoor duties, and those don't stop when the rain starts. Like many, I own a rain coat with a hood, which is great, until the wind blows my hood off or I need to use my peripheral vision. I can hold my hood on, but that makes the work take twice as long since I am then doing it one handed. I could buy a whole new raincoat with a drawstring hood that ties around your face, but the last thing I need is ANOTHER coat. All I need is a good rain hat. And being that I live in a super rainy spot in the world, you'd think there'd be a demand for those and they'd therefore be readily available for a low price. As it turns out, that is incorrect! I decided I needed a sou'wester style hat since that's what we used while tending animals in the rain growing up. They're nice and sturdy, well designed and very effective at keeping your head dry. I wanted to just go grab one, be able to try it on in the store first to make sure it fit, buy it, and be done with it. Well, I scoured every store in my town that might have one and NOPE, not a sou'wester anywhere! Not even a fully waterproof rain hat could be found anywhere. So weird here in the rainy Seattle area! REI had something like it, but for $65, I wasn't impressed. It's just a hat, for goodness sake.

Online hunting made the problem clear. Nobody had just a plain black sou'wester for sale for under 20 bucks. That product for that price didn't exist. As a last ditch effort I scooted over to Ebay and found one clear over in POLAND that fit the bill. Only available in S, M and XL (with no description of measurements differentiating between the 3 sizes) and it won't get to me for about a month. Since that was the only one, I took a gamble, ordered the medium and now I wait. I don't know what ever happened to go to the store, get what you want for a reasonable price and leave, but I sure miss those days! On a happier note, Ebay also solved another pesky outdoor problem that's been plaguing me since the cluck cluck crew have been free ranging. I have a bale of straw I keep on the back porch that I use to replace nesting box material when I clean the coops. As one might imagine, I go through it VERY slowly. This wasn't a problem until the girls discovered it one day and kicked it all over the place. Since then, they've made it their sincerest mission to get at it every day and repeat the process. I was trying to come up with a storage solution to contain it and found a bale bag on Ebay for $20. Again, a long wait for shipping, as it's literally coming on the slow boat from China, but if it works it'll be well worth it.

My next mission is to plant some dill. I've never grown it before so am excited to see how it does. My mom gave me seeds from her plant so hopefully I'll get wonderful results like she always does in her garden. I was hoping to start it in pots and wait for it to get big and strong before putting it out in the garden, but apparently it has a long taproot that makes transplanting unadvisable. Hopefully the girls don't jump over the garden fenced and dig it up before it sprouts!

The chicks are still growing fast but are also still sweet fluffy headed babies. They are quite the chirpers and cheap so loudly when they don't like something, DH rightfully described it as a bark. They REALLY let you know when they get triggered. And all the neighbors too!

So that's life in chicken world. Always eggciting! Enjoy the last few days of April, sparkies!
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  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    52 days ago
    Good luck with the dill. Yes, it really doesn’t like being transplanted, sorry to plant where you want it to grow.
    53 days ago
    I don't think I've had a rain hat since I was a little kid! I don't even have a raincoat right now (never replaced the one I got too big for a few years ago) which is inconvenient
    53 days ago
    Wow - I have many time been unable to find the specific item I need at the store, but I have to admit that probably 98% of the time Amazon has whatever it is. Yet, at the same time, I hate shopping at Amazon or any big box store, online or not. I would so much rather support a local business, preferably family owned. But convenience wins most of the time, and I buy on Amazon. I hope your hat and bale bag arrive in record time. Not too likely these days, since it seems to take two weeks for mail to get from the major city I live in to DC where my siblings live. Which really makes no sense at all. Don't they have mail flights every day?

    When we lived in North Dakota, we had a really nice plot in a communal garden, and one of the things we grew was dill. It grew really well there, and I canned dill pickles. The dill flowers looked pretty in the jars. I wish I could say that the pickles were perfect, but they were at least good. They weren't crisp the way I like pickles to be. I probably needed to add alum or something. But the dill flavor was good. And I have used dill in cooking quite a bit. I like it. I hope your dill does well. I expect it will, since I know you grow other things well.
    53 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11945874
    Now I understand all the rain---- emoticon I lived in Seattle in 1968-1969 and there were a "few" days where the sun was out--and I thought: Yippy! We're going on a picnic---But before i got it packed, here came the rain again! ... Was there in 1969 when there was a horrendous snowstorm---tons of it---and lots of damage, roofs caving in, trees down etc. Were you there then? ... My oldest daughter was born in Edmunds, in 1970 we moved back to California. Hope thins work out with the hat---the dill and those adorable little chicks! How funny they squawk and carry on if they don't like something! LOL
    53 days ago
    No, not surprising at all that more boosters will be given. As I've mentioned, I had to do this for my upcoming surgery. Your chickens are so much fun. I'm surprised your neighbors don't complain about the "barking." Mine would.
    53 days ago
    I do have to admit I had to lookup what sou'western hat was, fishing boat hat. To bad that it is going to take so long. And that bale bag, I think our farm store has them in stock, as all the animal showers at fairs and such have them, so there is a great call for them around here. And it will keep those girls from making a total mess of the bale. I so enjoy your tales about the Girls. I so remember those days. Hope that dill grow for you. You going to make pickles?
    53 days ago
  • BDMACE1967
    Wow you've got your hands full!
    53 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Sounds like you've been busy.
    53 days ago
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