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Embrace Life While We Can

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

I worked with a man who acted like a ‘town crier.’ Like clockwork, on Monday mornings, he entered the building and began, “Almost Friday!” True story.

Like a mockingbird, he sang out every day until it was finally Friday! Then he chirped to everyone passing by, “Smile! It’s Friday!” By then, no one was smiling, and he was even asked to stop and try to be more optimistic about any day, even Monday.

Of course, he never stopped—he just said it in a lower voice, sometime a whisper.

It's not like we were serving a prison term inside our private cells—I actually enjoyed working, and was not rushing for end of day Or living for Friday.

I said to an older woman/ cashier in a grocery store, “You folks are sure busy today.” She snapped, “Yes, and I like staying busy. It makes the day go faster.”

To my aunt when I was fifteen, “I can’t wait for the weekend!” I still remember the look on her face and her tone when she said, ‘Don’t wish your life away. It will go by fast enough.”

Before I retired from health care was in a large orthopedic clinic with twenty-two orthopedists and over two hundred employees. One day, a good friend and co-worker did not make it to work. News traveled quickly that she was on her way to work and hit head on by a big semi-truck. She lingered for two days in the hospital before she passed. At her eulogy, one of the surgeons said words I never forgot. “Live each day as if it is your last because one day it will be.”

Yesterday’s dream became today’s memories, and it is amazing how quickly the time went by. Can’t go back and relive any of it, but it serves as a reminder to live life while we have it to live.

P.S. i wish to thank all of you now for responding to my blog. I appreciate your thoughts and your support.
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