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Believe yu can succeed--- Happy Mothers Day!

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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Lord love a Duck! --It is Mother's Day--
I hope that Moms everywhere are getting some kind of attention bestowed upon them.

All of the grown kids and Grandchildren here, have recognized that I am their Mom --or their Grandmother, in various ways-- It is nice!---

Yesterday , while in the garden, I looked up and son #3 was at the top of the hill holding flowers and his daughter had a box of muffins.
Son #4 was out here not too long ago, with 2 sandwiches from MacDonalds--and his daughter had made a beautiful flower out of paper--
It's not what is given--to me, it's the recognition.
Soon #1 with his daughter were here yesterday with a plant and a big hug---

I don't remember Mother's Day , as a child .
Strange that I don't because we probably had it!
Mom was always there ---- She cooked a lot--- she taught my sister how to read when she was 3 yrs old-I remember her drilling the words ---

I remember too, that we ate a lot of oranges---- not any store bought cookies ever---
And as we entered high school, she went back to teaching at the school across the street.
I never remember her vacuuming--It was always my sister and I that did that---
And my Dad was so good to Mom-----
I don't remember her buying too many clothes--She used to wear baggy, what she called , "House dresses"---at least around the house.

Times sure are different to-day-- Moms are different-- Jeans--- running shoes (We never had running shoes , growing up)- --a great deal of fast foods-- jogging--- steppers--- blogging--
and to-day , Moms don't even know what day it is---because tn a Pandemic, everyday is the same!

Anyway, where ever you are, whatever you are doing--- bend over and talk to a wee child-- tell them yu love them, because, you know what?
They will never forget you telling them that!

Tell them how special they are----and they can do anything they dream go, if they believe they can!

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