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5-19-21 Blog-Journal, starting just after my visit to hug my beautiful Mom! I will add to it many ti

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

I will add to this blog MANY times, come back as often as you care too! I spent Mother's Day with my 92 year old beautiful Mom. Just home May 12. She lives in a different state. It has been 18 months since our previous hug!

emoticon 5-14-2021 Lot's of catching up with DH business, today. Also, gardened, walked, played on swings, Sheppard Pilates DVD & getting ready for 'date' night! Busy times before & after a trip, right? Hike early tomorrow, 100 degrees, YIKES! Hope you are all doing GREAT!

(for all the Mom's out there!)

emoticon 5-16-21 Mom gets to go to a horse estate, about 30 horses,almost daily! I took her on Mother's day.... talk about a smile! She's never been much of an outside girl. Usually making marionette horses, instead. It is SO fun seeing her connect to them, they love her, too!

emoticon 5-18-21 Pretty day here! emoticon I played in our Fairy Garden! Hope yo are doing good! I'm off to swim first time this year!


(after, I plant pretend flowers among the real ones!)

(looking west)

emoticon 5-20-21 My Mom LOVES "Minnie Mouse", (even though she was born a few days after Mickey, no kidding!) SO for Mother's Day I gave her a marionette MINNIE, made by 1 of our friends & colleagues.(around 1967) I found it on eBay. She loves it & it is small enough that she can 'work' it! SO fun!

Our internet was down most of the morning, so I walked a little longer, even though the wind was 30 MPH. It will be 55 MPH, later today, no swimming, emoticon I also am making a HUGE batch of veggie Chicken soup. I will freeze a lot of it. Grab a serving & go. & YES! Those are beads in the garden. I use to create marionette show sets, so now I am playing with things that can get wet & sun, outside! VERY fun! Have fun everyone! Find your joy & share it with us, that's what I try to do, with you! emoticon

emoticon emoticon 5-21-21 Yesterday I made a HUGE batch of Veggie-Chicken soup! 14 big servings. Froze a lot of it, single servings. Easy to grab & go on a trip & heat defrosted when I arrive to the Inn at home too, of course! Broccoli; celery; carrots; peas; green beans; yellow squash; yams; potatoes; cauliflower; cabbage; little onion; Italian seasons; liquid smoke; 21 salute, (salt free seasonings from Trader Joe's). Oh and chicken, haha! How are YOU doing? I LOVE SP land!
(FOOD art, just for fun!)

emoticon 5-23-21 Yesterday's hike was lovely! Perfect weather, so happy to be outside! No wind! Has been 55 MPH, yikes! I watched many lovely birds! My goal is to remember my baby steps! emoticon

emoticon 5-24-21 Handy Hints for lunch from Sparkling:

LUNCH: I'm getting better at preparing before I go. Pack lunch in my lunch small, soft box with small frozen ice packs, usually veggie packs I make & 2 hard boiled eggs. Sometimes I will use Peanut butter on celery, instead of eggs. emoticon emoticon I freeze a little filtered water in the bottom of two 12 oz bottles. Then add fresh water to the top & take with me, too.Helps me get through a long store visit. It get VERY hot here, but my lunch pack lasts for about 3 hours in the car.

AGING: I KNOW how hard it is to 'swallow' aging pills. Lucky we found the perfect people to live with my mom. They are her caregivers. They get room & board & cook for her, clean & take her places to 'play'. Like going to the horses. She's having fun, & living a great life, we are all so blessed, as I can't be there with her. Nor can my brother.

CLEANING supplies: I buy all of my non toxic cleaning supplies from a company, on line Melaleuca. Including 99.9% antibacterial. I've been with them since 2002. I am a member. I also get my vitamins from them. I am not promoting them to you. There are NOW toxic free cleaning in stores now. "GREEN", etc. 'They' are finding that many people including children, are getting asthma from 1 use of bleach, that's what I have learned from the health food industry.

(my veggie packs & green drink, a weeks worth I pack them 1 time a week & live on them!)

emoticon (because we ARE) 5-25-21 Seven months to emoticon Hard to believe. It will be 96 today & going up! I've already walked a 5K, cleaned house & am now Sparking.... then off to work! emoticon Have a fabulous day!

emoticon 5-27-21 I'm happy on this beautiful Thursday. I Love Thursdays, a GREAT catch up day at Work! I walked in the park, before the heat.98 at 2 pm. We stay inside for this temps! I walk early in morning! I might swim, this afternoon. emoticon BUT the pool guy came today, so chlorine is high. I might wait till tomorrow.

I spoke to my Mom, today. Her caregiver called me. She isn't drinking enough water. She gets dehydrated quickly. I called her & reminded her how important it is. Hope she gets the hint! I hope she doesn't end up in er, because of it. She has before. I'm keeping her in my heart & hope she listens to her helpers! emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon (10 a day, for me!) PLEASE drink your water, & I will too! Have a great day!

emoticon emoticon 5-28-21 Happy Healthy Friday!!! I'm off to Pilates emoticon & swim emoticon & work emoticon & play emoticon & garden emoticon . Our gardenia bush put out the first flower of the year! 3 weeks early. Date night, too! emoticon FUN way to spend my life! How about you? I truly hope it is a GREAT day!

5-31-21 emoticon We are so blessed to have our freedoms! May your Monday bring you all the joy your heart can hold! emoticon I am being thankful to all who helped make my life FREE! emoticon emoticon I just got in from a long walk, before heat hits, 100 today. PLUS, Swimming is in my future! emoticon I DID swim for 40 minutes, yesterday. Got REALLY tired. It's been many months. I just thought I could start where I left off.

emoticon DH didn't feel up to grilling yesterday. Better today so we are off to it! emoticon emoticon Asparagus with parm cheese, pineapple, chicken sausages, chicken thighs, & watermelon for desert! I DID buy a pre frozen lemon meringue pie. emoticon NOT our usual brand. We tried a little last night, YUCK! SO sweet, 67 grams of carbos, 1/4 of it was sugar. I didn't read label. Its going back to the store! YEAH for me!

I truly hope you are all doing REALLY great! Happy Memorial Day for those who celebrate. BUT, don't we ALL celebrate our freedoms? emoticon emoticon

emoticon 6-1-21 Our grilling session was delicious! DH felt ok. Can't wait till his neck is better! Darn vaccine shot, March 2 is a long time ago! But we worked through it & enjoyed our dinner. I must have eaten about 1# of grilled asparagus! SO WONDERFUL!!!! emoticon too! I swam in the later afternoon. The 3 pm world wide "TAPS" playing was lovely, too. We don't have a bugle to join in, so I asked Alexa, haha! Really meant the world to me to join in. Many people in my life passed over because of being in the service. 3 of them, Purple hearts. I am blessed for the freedoms I have! Including our pool, even though it will be 102 & today! Happy, healthy June everyone!

emoticon Hello, wonderful SP friends! emoticon 6-2-21 Does anyone know how to keep feral cats out of my garden? Since LUCY dog passed over, emoticon they think of our yard as their kitty box! I've tried coffee grounds & now powdered cayenne pepper. I heard they both work. NOT so with coffee grounds! I try to be as natural as possible. Photo today of Fairy Garden, after weeding & cat poo removal. Pee U!
Hope you are doing great! emoticon

emoticon 6-5-21 Long VERY hot hike today! emoticon Started at 90 degrees & went to 99, in a few hours. I even got there at 7 am! LOT's of water! Salad & celery & peanut butter emoticon (my snack after hike) in my future! It was fun, even thought it's so darn hot. BUT humidity is only 7%. I might go swimming, but the water temp. is 88! YIKES! emoticon (SP won't let me add photo right now)

6-6-21 ABOUT SP closing. I'm not on FB at all. Can't stand the drama. BUT I am open to learning how we can continue to learn from each other. . Now that we are going 'real' let's be happy we had this time to get it together, before the final day! I have always kept a paper log, of my monthly weight & measurements. I'm going to make a chart of my "other goals" that are appropriate on this my 3,369 days of SP EVERYDAY! That streak is huge for me!!!! Started March 16, 2012. I also LOVE SP Nicole's 12-minute seated core work out. I might make a list of those movements, so I can keep up with that. I also have several SP DVD's. That's also, how I follow Sheppard Pilates.

SP changed my life. I am SO much healthier because of it. It is the friends I have made & the blogs that I will miss the most! BUT Chris has to do what he feels he CAN do. I'm still in shock, so I will wait a few days before I start anything, new. But I am sure as new ideas emerge, we will all be glad we had the extra time to prepare. They could have just closed off, today! Right?

Until August, I am 'here' for you! eMail me your info if you want to stay in touch!


6-7-21 HI! There is a new google group forming. Here is the info! I am just SO happy we have time to get it together!!! I will miss you, too! I am not on FB or any other social media. SP saved my life, 9.2 years ago! I'm not giving up on myself! Haven't decided about Spark360/SparkAmerica, still in a bit of shock. But Chris has to do what he has to do to stay in business. I am VERY blessed he started SP!

4A-HEALTHY-BMI started a new group: Copy & paste into your browser. IF you can't get in, contact her, she will send you an invite.

emoticon 6-8-21 About cat poo..... thank you to so many of you, helping me with the wild cats, (these are neighborhood cats that we have 'fixed', don't want to hurt them!) pooping in our Fairy garden! Seems Orange peelings ARE helping! Also suggested: pine cones; bags from oranges net; wire mesh; water motion detector, (never heard of this!); bury plastic forks, points up, (I won't do this, it might hurt them); egg shells; wood chips; coffee grounds; water spritzer with vinegar, (I would have to see them doing it); a new dog. The past 8 months of LUCY's life, (she passed over 4-8-21) was VERY expensive for us. We need to recoup before a new pet is in our lives! THX for your continued support! Happy Sparking for a while longer!!!!!

(Fairy garden)

(Lucy's last photo)

Me at GOAL, (10# back to reaching it again!!)

emoticon 6-9-21 I am VERY happy I have 'time' to re-group my goals, my SP friends. I am blessed to have learned how, thx to Chris Downie! I am now taking off my training wheels! Aug. 17th is graduation for me! emoticon Eat your veggies & flowers & fruits & I l will too!! My quote for all these 9.2 years (day 3,372 of SP EVERYday) : "BE THE HEALTH YOU WANT, WITH WHAT YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH & I WILL TOO!" I am Sparking till the last day, living in THIS moment! emoticon

(me at Oscars & at goal, ((10 pounds back to it!))2013 this photo is 1 of my inspiration photos)

emoticon 6-11-21 Photo from my past (2017) promoting SP, at Santa run, I walked it 12 times! & will continue this year, too! Promoting a different organization. Hope you are all ok. I DO wish 'someone' would buy SP from Chris......

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