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Here we...nope, this time it's different!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

How/why is it different this time? Because when you restart it is from a place of experience, not from scratch. Been there, done that, rinse and repeat, you know the history so you can make the future better by creating solutions in the present. For example, this is my umpteenth restart and I'm not starting at my highest weight, I'm starting 8lbs below it. Sure, it's not much but it's something and for that I am grateful. I also know that hunger and nothing cooked/readily available is like a present to binge monsters within that succumb to crappy eating, so having immediate access to prepped healthy and tasty food is important to me. Simple things like chopped lettuce, precooked grains, precut meat, and washed veggies is the difference this am between my choice of salmon quinoa salad or chocolate rice cereal and almond milk. Sure, at the beginning you may not know what to do or how to do it, but by the time you restart a few times, you KNOW your pitfalls. So, what are you gonna do about them? Fall back in? Yeah, sure it's dark and cozy there but its not a happy place, you don't feel good there; can't move as freely and you don't seem to enjoy it. SOOOOO, get happy with being uncomfortable a little now so you can side step those pitfalls. Rework those neural pathways and create new wrinkles in that brain! So what if it feels 'kiddie' to post a food chart of acceptable food choices, DO IT ANYWAY! Don't get hung up on feeling blah and not wanting to work out, set that timer for one minute and you move your a$$! Don't you back track and get discouraged. Small tiny steps make all the world of progress! Remember the visual of the two people that tried to climb it, one had huge gaps and the other had tiny ones, who was atop the ladder sooner? When in doubt: yell, cry, punch a couch cushion, do some crunches, bite some carrots, or doodle. But whatever you do, don't you dare quit. I love you!
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