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April 1st - Restarting! - No foolin'
Thursday, April 01, 2021      15 comments

So, I've been off-track for a week and a half. I'm back. I weighed in this morning...back up to 260.4. I've gained back 3 lbs...but I did not gain back everything...up to 263. So at least I am re-starting at a lower point than my previous st... Read more
Lots of Planning
Monday, March 22, 2021      10 comments

Today, it's back to work and back to Spark! I really took a day off of everything yesterday. I was feeling burnt out and just needed a break...from working...from controlled eating...from pushing myself. So, I just took the day off. I spent ... Read more
Busy 1st Day of Spring!
Saturday, March 20, 2021      14 comments

I enjoyed spending so much time with my little grandson yesterday. He's so cute and smiling now. I managed to picture capture a smile or two while we were out shopping. ... Read more
Sleep-over Success!
Friday, March 19, 2021      12 comments

I'm feeling good about the housekeeping progress that has been made. I still need to work on the bedrooms but the main rooms are back to "normal clean." I didn't deep clean, but I did normal clean...dust, vacuum, pick up, wash dishes, clean th... Read more
Cleaning and Working and Having a Sleep-over!
Thursday, March 18, 2021      14 comments

My grandson (2-month old) is coming to spend the night with me tonight! I'm so excited. He is such a cutie. I am going to be watching him on Friday's when momma is working and I'll be having him spend the night on Thursday night's when I have... Read more
More Weight Loss...What's Next?
Wednesday, March 17, 2021      9 comments

I was surprised this morning to see another good loss on the scale. Okay, I'll take it. One thing I have been doing that has been helping me in-between meals, if I just REALLY want a little something sweet, I will suck on a hard candy and get ... Read more
2 Weeks Binge Free and Down 6.2 lbs!
Tuesday, March 16, 2021      10 comments

I am feeling better mood-wise...the depression is lifting. My daughter had us run an errand for her yesterday and I felt better during and after that. Maybe I just needed to "get out." I'm glad I didn't eat my way out of the depression like I... Read more
Fighting Depression
Monday, March 15, 2021      12 comments

We just stayed home this past weekend. I'm not sure if that is why I am feeling in a funk or what. Even in my dreams I was "down." Hopefully, today I will be able to lift my spirits somehow. At least I have not eaten my way out of this depre... Read more
Good Weight Loss So Far
Sunday, March 14, 2021      8 comments

I've lost 5 lbs in 12 days. I've had 0 snacks or binges...that is my goal. The weight loss is the side effect. Also, eating in range at almost every meal is making a difference. Yesterday, I got truly hungry before each meal. Also, in t... Read more
Good Time w/ Family/No Plans
Saturday, March 13, 2021      7 comments

So glad it's Saturday. I don't have any whole day is mine! I think I will work on the basement some and do a lot of cleaning and do SOMETHING creative. I did a TON of crafts last week...and it made me feel so happy. This week, I h... Read more
Feeling Better...Much to Do!
Friday, March 12, 2021      7 comments

My knee is back to normal today...heating pad, rest, and ibuprofen did the trick. I worked all day plus some yesterday. Playing a little catch-up. It's budget time so that is taking up a lot of brain time for me right now. I feel like ... Read more
Thursday, March 11, 2021      6 comments

Yesterday was a 1/2-work day and a 1/2-family day. I worked through the afternoon and then went to DD's house to help with new little GS. He was being a fussy man and she needed a grandma to the rescue! ... Read more
Wednesday, March 10, 2021      9 comments

Yesterday was definitely an up and down day emotionally. I had a lot of work problems that I had to resolve to start the day. So that wasn't fun. Then I had one work problem that was really not resolving...that really bothered me. When I was... Read more
A Week of Happiness!
Tuesday, March 09, 2021      10 comments

So, I've made it to the one week mark binge free. Also, I have eaten all but 2 of my meals in range...19 meals in range. 100% of meals recorded. Lost 2 lbs. ... Read more
Good Party
Monday, March 08, 2021      9 comments

Party was a success! GD was very surprised and happy when the family got back from their Columbus trip. I'm glad I planned it and put it together. She really liked the Among Us theme. So, we had the scavenger hunt. She read 10 different rid... Read more

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