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Day 6 Protect Your Program
Saturday, August 23, 2014      5 comments

"No one will ever care as much about your diet plan as you." I don't really have Food Pushers in my life, but I do have temptations, cravings, and occasions. I put these food hurdles in my own way. I do the grocery shopping so I'm... Read more
Day 5 Magic Notebook
Friday, August 22, 2014      5 comments

Magic Notebook"... write down your thoughts about food. "Just because food crosses your mind, you don't have to act on it." Record ways you could work the food into your program. Plan for it. Quantity? How often? ... Read more
Day 3 & 4 Boundaries?
Thursday, August 21, 2014      7 comments

Day 3 in Linda Spangle's 100 Days of Weight Loss book -- "Do It Anyway" "If you're really committed to your goals, you'll make these choices no matter what, regardless of whether you feel like it or not." I've been wishing that making... Read more
I Need to be Committed!
Tuesday, August 19, 2014      11 comments

Day Two of 100 Days of Weight Loss, book by Linda Spangle 1. Decide that you will be committed to your weight-loss plan, not just interested. Interestingly, when writing that statement, I almost wrote weight-loss "Efforts" instead of ... Read more
I use to be that way...
Monday, August 18, 2014      7 comments

Linda Spangle wrote the book 100 Days of Weight Loss - The Secret to Being Successful on ANY DIET PLAN. Linda has joined SparkPeople!!
al.asp?blog_id=5761637 ... Read more
Six Simple Changes
Thursday, August 14, 2014      6 comments

I just read SparkPeople's Stage 2 Healthy Diet Habits
ark/stage_2overview.asp This article has re-lit my spark!! It just seems so logical. Sign me up! I can do this!! I want healthy... Read more
Stuck With Me
Monday, June 30, 2014      6 comments

A couple of things really stuck with me this week. I'm not even sure where I read them. 1. There is no free food. Every sample in the grocery store has calories. I was able to walk past all the cheese & crackers and free pizza slice... Read more
Mind Over Body Recap
Saturday, June 28, 2014      6 comments

What did I learn this month? Get ready... this could be a long blog... I learned a lot!! "Stop arguing in the negative, and frame the choice within a positive outcome." I don't want to be in a constant battle with my food. Stop and ... Read more
Vision Statement
Saturday, June 21, 2014      10 comments

My Vision Statement: I want to lose weight so I can feel young and energetic; wear stylish clothes; have fewer headaches; be less flabby and more muscular; and prevent Alzheimer's. The Hard Work Will Be Worth It Because: I will have a l... Read more
Plan of Action
Thursday, June 19, 2014      9 comments

My goal is to lose 12 pounds by August 1st (big family vacation to Mackinac Island). That is 2 pounds per week. Some of my current weight is from eating out all week. I hope to see a bigger than 2 pound initial loss when I stick to my program... Read more
Mind Over Body Challenge
Friday, June 13, 2014      9 comments

My team is working on Mind Over Body this month by reading and implementing ideas from SP Coach Dean Anderson. This blog is to summarize my week. First of all, my attitude went from: Struggling, but Hopeful to Uplifting to Positive and ... Read more
Before I Lose Weight
Saturday, June 07, 2014      10 comments

I just read the SP article: 7 Things to Do before You Lose Weight Creating a plan to succeed. By Ellen G. Goldman, Health & Wellness Coach
sp?id=1849 1. ... Read more
Five Things
Monday, May 05, 2014      11 comments

The Challenge... Believe in your own inner strengths. Take time to remind yourself of past successes in other challenging areas of your life. Identify the strengths you used then, and apply those strengths to your weight loss journey. I th... Read more
Good Day at the Fair
Saturday, May 03, 2014      6 comments

StrongWoman posted a link to the article: "Use Shorter Workouts to Build Consistency."
id=645 I've been super busy and stressed lately. I can fit a 10 minute wo... Read more
Tuesday, April 29, 2014      9 comments

I do think it's a good idea to look back and reflect on the month. Was there progress? Did I learn anything new about myself or my program? How's my attitude? Well, my main goal was to work on my sleeping habit. This is definitely a wor... Read more

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