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2021 50 Things I Love & 5% Future
Tuesday, June 15, 2021      26 comments

50 THINGS I LOVE This is in no particular order, just as they come to mind. 1. My loving hubby Alan 2. My children and grandchildren 3. My dogs Rebel & Royce 4. Cherry Jam 5. Homemade soup 6. Walking with Royce in the Watersh... Read more
1297 Blogs Later, Saving Info & Invitation
Monday, June 14, 2021      27 comments

Wow 1297 blogs (1) since I started in 2008. I am copying and then deleting my blogs. When I copy a blog sometimes it includes the pictures and with some I have to save the picture on my laptop and then paste it in. I started with the oldest firs... Read more
Future of The Official 5% Challenges
Sunday, June 13, 2021      28 comments

Hi 5% Challengers. You've likely read that SparkPeople is closing August 17th. The 2021 Summer Challenge is the last one we are doing on Spark. It starts June 19th so we can complete all 8 weeks. We have got a lot of inquiries about the fut... Read more
Wow We Did It!
Saturday, June 12, 2021      31 comments

We hurried things up so we can start the Summer 5% Challenge earlier. This ensures we can do the full 8 weeks before SparkPeople close the doors. It was a lot of work but it been it's done! I had my 6 month check up today with my Medical We... Read more
Still Looking
Wednesday, June 09, 2021      33 comments

We are looking a new site to replace Spark but haven't found the diet, exercise, member lead teams/challenges, and blogs. If you find something please let me know. We are setting up a Facebook 5% Challenge team with topics/sections for each... Read more
New Site?
Tuesday, June 08, 2021      30 comments

I am sad to learn that SparkPeople will be closing August 17th. SparkAmerica where you can choose an American city to join. We have a second home in WA so hubby and I joined SparkSeattle https://sparkamerica.com
/spark-citi... Read more
RV Camping & Kayaks
Saturday, June 05, 2021      16 comments

We are RV camping for 4 nights. Yesterday we did tourist things like a scenic drive in the mountains on a winding road that follows a river. We explored a campground on a river and sourced out things to do if we stay there sometime. Nearby there... Read more
Find Your Motivation
Thursday, June 03, 2021      18 comments

Looking at these images, I rate myself #5 (bottom right hand). I expect to be #6 (to the left of #5) by July 12th, when I have my annual appointment... Read more
Already a Great Day
Tuesday, June 01, 2021      19 comments

I usually shop the Safeway flyer the first Monday of the month, and get the 10% discount. Otherwise I buy groceries online from another store. This morning I did something different, I went to Chalo a food chain owned by the same parent company ... Read more
Tada Final Spring Weigh In!
Sunday, May 30, 2021      24 comments

Down 4.8 pounds in the Spring 5% Challenge. I now weigh 160.4, so close to the 150's! I know I will be there soon. YTD loss 6.2 pounds. This year has been a bumpy one with lots of ups and a few downs. What's gone right? 02/01/21 stopp... Read more
Steps in the Forest
Wednesday, May 26, 2021      22 comments

I saw on a local Facebook group that a family is looking for their missing 28 year old son. He may have been sighted in the forest where I hike. There were no details other than a description of him. I didn't think anything of it, I don't believ... Read more
Nothing Else to Do in the Morning But Hike
Tuesday, May 25, 2021      23 comments

This morning hubby and Puppy Royce got up at 5:45 AM to do a 2 hour morning walk. I thought too earlier for me I need sleep. I had a quick look at news on the phone, listened to my audiobook, and realized I was awake for the day. This is my hiki... Read more
Holiday Monday Here
Monday, May 24, 2021      17 comments

I had a yogurt/cottage cheese/fruit breakfast and added a crumbled up 59 Calorie Cookie. I liked have the very chewy cookie texture, so it's a winner for my 'granola'. The other day in my email I missed seeing that I got a Spark 10,000 ste... Read more
59 Calorie Cookies
Sunday, May 23, 2021      21 comments

This morning when I got back from my hike I was going to have greek yogurt with fruit and topped with granola. Whoa! That granola is very high in calories, 1/2 cup 240 calories. I got creative and started from scratch to create a low calorie gra... Read more
Living With a Good Role Model
Saturday, May 22, 2021      33 comments

My husband walks 2 hours every morning before breakfast, and has for 10 years. Years ago when I started going to the gym he did too (we are not going during virus). Now he does daily YouTube exercise videos with me. Diet he usually eats what I d... Read more

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