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tired today
Tuesday, August 27, 2019      3 comments

Woke up at 2 and trouble going back to sleep. Wasn't feeling like going to water fit class as would have rather gone back to bed. Glad I woke myself up enough to go exercise but been dozing off and on most of the day. Younger son went to get... Read more
school started
Monday, August 26, 2019      4 comments

My younger son started his last year of high school today. My alarm was set at 5:45 but I got up a few minutes before 5 am. I needed to get a few things for his backpack. I had forgotten to put a bottle of water in the frig so this morning I ... Read more
day eighty-seven
Sunday, August 25, 2019      4 comments

Last day of summer vacation. Close to three months but a few days shy. Been doing a little of this and that to be ready for in the morning. I just turned on the alarm for in the morning. I have slept later than the alarm a few times like thi... Read more
day eighty-six
Saturday, August 24, 2019      3 comments

Got up about 5:30 and had my steel cut oatmeal with apple butter in it. The steel cut are ok but not sure worth the extra cost so might be the only time I try them unless find some on sale. Went to my water fit class. The teacher said she mig... Read more
day eighty-five
Friday, August 23, 2019      2 comments

I planted what was left of my geranium this morning. It has one small branch that still had leaves and flowers but it started out with 4 or 5 when I bought it. I do not have a green thumb and it is only by luck that anything grows. That being... Read more
day eighty-four
Thursday, August 22, 2019      3 comments

Older son passed the last test he needed. Tomorrow he'll be going to visit his half brother and family for the weekend. Next week will be his last week of work and not sure of his schedule. Labor day his recruiter should come pick him up and ... Read more
day eighty-three
Wednesday, August 21, 2019      4 comments

Yesterday morning the sun was shining when I walked in the pool. The boys all get ready for our 11 am checkout time and we went to breakfast. After we ate we went to the Aquarium gift shop and we all got something to remember the trip. It was... Read more
day eighty-two
Tuesday, August 20, 2019      3 comments

I'm not sure when I'll get home tonight so writing now as will not want to do much after another day here. Rode some of the rides but the one I would have ridden a lot didn't take single riders so I only got to ride twice. Once with my younger... Read more
day eighty-one
Monday, August 19, 2019      4 comments

Very tired as really a long day. Woke early but at least that gave me time to go ahead and color hair. Older son took pictures but hasn't emailed them yet. We took dog to board for couple of days. Boys finished packing and we picked up their... Read more
day eighty
Sunday, August 18, 2019      4 comments

Terrible day. Argue with younger son this morning and again tonight. Ate and then ate some more. Didn't get hair colored as boys got home sooner than I expected is at least part of it. Have not done one thing to be ready for tomorrow. Only ... Read more
day seventy-nine
Saturday, August 17, 2019      3 comments

Two out of two comments say to color so plan to color hair tomorrow while boys are at church. The younger son is going to the Sunday school high school class pool party. Hope he has fun. It is still three weeks before the regular class starts... Read more
day seventy-eight
Friday, August 16, 2019      2 comments

The plan is to get picture with son on his birthday. I am thinking about coloring my hair so maybe I won't look bald. The short plus a lot of white might make it hard to see that I even have hair. Not sure if I will or not. What ya think? ... Read more
day seventy-seven
Thursday, August 15, 2019      4 comments

Awake at about 5 and got up a bit after. Had my crockpot oatmeal with apple, cinnamon and vanilla yogurt. Very good and lots of fiber and protein. Water fit class with our very pregnant instructor. She will only be teaching one more class be... Read more
day seventy-six
Wednesday, August 14, 2019      5 comments

Had an appointment today to check into long term care life insurance. Per my financial planner the long term care insurance hasn't worked out well for the companies and now there is a new product that is a life insurance policy that can be used... Read more
day seventy-five
Tuesday, August 13, 2019      2 comments

Didn't get up until after 7 this morning. I had made oatmeal with blueberries in it but didn't really have time for breakfast before going to my water fit class. Since it was in the crockpot it stayed warm and it was so good after class. I th... Read more

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