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jokes ok
Sunday, March 07, 2021      10 comments

When the Irish say that St. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland, what they don't tell you is that he was the only one who SAW any snakes! What's the difference between a Norwegian and a canoe? A canoe will sometimes tip. If you ... Read more
Laugh and feel better
Saturday, March 06, 2021      10 comments

A Texan, a Russian, and a New Yorker went to a restaurant in London, and the waiter said, "Excuse me, but if you order the steak you might not get one, as there is a shortage." The Texan said, "What's a shortage?" The Russian said, "What's a s... Read more
Sometime you have to work at feeling better
Friday, March 05, 2021      12 comments

Late one hot morning, two tourists driving through Louisiana saw on the map that the next logical stop for lunch would be at a town called Natchitoches. They wondered about the pronunciation, one favoring NATCH-ee-toe-cheese and the other sayin... Read more
two for the price of one - jokes
Thursday, March 04, 2021      11 comments

Son: Mama, I have da biggest feet in da third grade. Is dat becoss I'm Norvegian? Mom: No, it's because you're nineteen. The reason New Yorkers are depressed is because the light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey. Beautiful d... Read more
love a joke
Wednesday, March 03, 2021      10 comments

A Texan was trying to impress a guy from Boston with an account of the heroism at the Alamo. He says, "I guess you don't have many heroes where you're from?" The Bostonian replies, "Well, have you ever heard of Paul Revere?" And the Texan s... Read more
be happy
Tuesday, March 02, 2021      8 comments

A mine owner advertised for new workers and three guys turned up---an Irishman, an Italian, and a Japanese. The owner tells the Irishman, "You'll be in charge of the mining." He tells the Italian, "You'll be in charge of the lift." He tells t... Read more
next one
Monday, March 01, 2021      7 comments

A Frenchman, a German, and a Jew are lost in the desert, wondering for hours. The Frenchman says, "I'm tired. I'm thirsty. I must have wine." The German says, "I'm tired. I'm thirsty. I must have beer." The Jew says, "I'm tired. I'm thir... Read more
smile and the world...
Sunday, February 28, 2021      11 comments

The train for Chicago leaves at 1:15, the train for Duluth leaves at 1:30, and the train for Fargo leaves when the big hand is on the 9 and the little hand is on the 1. What is a seven-course meal in Fargo? A hamburger and a six-pack. ... Read more
another joke
Saturday, February 27, 2021      15 comments

Two men go into a bar, and they buy drinks for everybody in the place. They're celebrating and whooping it up, slapping everybody on the back. So the bartender says, "What are you two whooping it up for? What's the occasion?" They say, "We ... Read more
laugh today
Friday, February 26, 2021      13 comments

Two guys are skydiving. One jumps out of the plane and pulls the cord---nothing happens. So he pulls the emergency cord---still nothing. The other one jumps out of the plane and yells, "Oh! So you wanna race, huh?" How is a divorce like... Read more
sorry just tired
Thursday, February 25, 2021      10 comments

I am so tired after shopping today. Couldn't get a lot but ok for now. Joke tomorrow. emoticon... Read more
long joke
Wednesday, February 24, 2021      15 comments

A boy worked in the produce section of the supermarket. A man came in and asked to buy half a head of lettuce. The boy told him they only sold whole heads of lettuce, but the man was persistent. The boy said he'd go ask his manager what to do... Read more
laugh or two
Tuesday, February 23, 2021      11 comments

What did the Northerner say to the Pillsbury Doughboy? "Hey, man---nice tan." Where do you find the trees in far north? Between da twos and da fours. Temps in mid 70s today. Hard to understand how the weather can swing so far one ... Read more
joke book joke
Monday, February 22, 2021      11 comments

Guy #1: You know, once it got so cold in the North... Guy #2: How cold did it get? Guy #1: So cold, I woke up in the morning and found these little chunks of ice in my bed, and when I warmed them up they went, pppppppppppppppp. Today... Read more
Happy Sunday with small joke
Sunday, February 21, 2021      7 comments

If a Palestinian and a Minnesotan get married, what do they name their child? Yasir Yabetcha Have a great day.... Read more

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