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The Hanged Man
Monday, February 24, 2014      2 comments

Day 1 went well for me. I stayed on track and ate healthy. I even managed to do 30 minutes of Zumba in the bathroom. Why in the bathroom? Well, I'm a little shy when it comes to exercising in front of anyone. This includes my children and my hus... Read more
The Fool
Sunday, February 23, 2014      5 comments

Lately I have been concentrating so much on my spiritual development, and I seem to have conquered a lot in that area. My health has been staying behind though. It seems as if I can never find a balance between the different areas of my life. If... Read more
huh??? CONFUSED :'(
Tuesday, December 10, 2013      8 comments

VENTING: Ugh ok so I'm tracking my calories, eating healthy, maybe not exercising religiously but im doing ok... so why in the heCK does my scale say I gained 4 lbs? wtf? ok i know about water weight fluctuation etc... but seriously? I think my ... Read more
Borderline Personality Disorder
Thursday, December 05, 2013      8 comments

i should just change my name to that... today sucked emoticon... Read more
December Goals
Monday, December 02, 2013      6 comments

My goals for this month are to get as close to 600 fitness minutes as possible. Drink 64 oz of water a day. Stay away from junk food. Raise diabetes awareness however I can. Keep myself afloat by not letting others' indecisiveness stumble me. It... Read more
Day 1 Back on track
Sunday, December 01, 2013      3 comments

Post for 12/1: Drank 64 oz water (2pt), Exercise took a free day allowed 2 per week (2pt), Ate more than 2 fruits/veggies (2pt), No junk food (2 pt), Under my calorie goal (2pt), Posted in group (1 extra pt) 11 POINTS TOTAL! PERFECT SCORE ... Read more
Fresh Start, Clean Slate
Saturday, November 30, 2013      10 comments

I'm starting again this December. I had already lost quite a few pounds and gained them back. Guess what came back with them... MY DIABETIC SYMPTOMS, AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE READINGS! I'm done with this unhealthy life. I'm ready to be a new pers... Read more
What is wrong with this scale???
Wednesday, August 14, 2013      7 comments

I have been weighing myself everyday (which isn't good i know) and every day i weigh one pound more??? I have been exercising and dieting so what gives? ... Read more
Day 2
Tuesday, August 13, 2013      1 comments

Today I stayed under my calorie goal and I'm proud of that. All I need to do is take my 45 minute walk around the yard later and drink my 64 oz of water. ... Read more
Haven't Blogged in Forever
Saturday, August 10, 2013      6 comments

So much I want to say but so embarrassed to say it. Most importantly though, I'm back and trying again. emoticon ... Read more
Wednesday, May 29, 2013      2 comments

I hadn't weighed myself in 2 weeks, fearing I had gained weight. emoticon But one night before I went to bed, I t... Read more
Wednesday, May 01, 2013      6 comments

So... I hit a rough patch in my fitness and nutrition plan. It started when I had to pawn my wii and that is where I was doing Zumba. Then I got kicked out of a support group. Yeah not very supportive. I was still doing great diet-wise up until ... Read more
Still going
Tuesday, March 12, 2013      1 comments

Been doing pretty good with my diet n exercise, emoticon took a break from Zumba to try a regular routine of jus... Read more
Out of the hospital
Sunday, March 03, 2013      5 comments

So working night shift and being a full time mom took its toll on me and I landed myself in a 3 day stay at the hospital... May not seem like long but WOW am I having a hard time picking myself back up to speed with my diet n exercise ... Read more
A new week to grow spiritually not physically :-)
Sunday, February 24, 2013      1 comments

It's Sunday and the only reason I know that is because SparkPeople reset my fitness minutes! emoticon as much as... Read more

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