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The Ideal Weight?
Sunday, July 19, 2020      13 comments

Okay, so as of yesterday I've lost 14.4 lbs! I'm so proud of the progress I've made so far, even though it's been going slowly. My goal as of right now is to lose a total of 60 lbs, which would put me at about 200 lbs. That's what my OBGYN recom... Read more
The Future I Want
Friday, July 17, 2020      5 comments

I've been really trying lately to imagine what I want my future to look like. It's actually easy to feel undeserving or hopeless or embarrassed about the big things we want. So I want to put these things out to the universe. I deserve them and ... Read more
Lyme Disease
Thursday, July 16, 2020      13 comments

So, the good news is that my doctor and I are fairly certain that I don't have COVID-19. The bad news is that I most definitely have Lyme disease. Interestingly enough, it's 11 days later and I still haven't gotten my Coronavirus test results ba... Read more
Tuesday, July 07, 2020      11 comments

Alright. This past Sunday morning I woke up feeling completely fine. I went for a run a little bit later in the morning than usual on a really humid day. When I was done, I was feeling really nauseous and dizzy. I went home and my husband immedi... Read more
Holiday Weekend Mishaps & NSVs
Sunday, July 05, 2020      7 comments

I knew this weekend was going to be tough. We always have a big barbecue for the 4th of July. We didn't invite many people over this year because of social distancing, but we still made a lot of delicious food. On top of that, the filmed version... Read more
Wednesday, July 01, 2020      5 comments

My focus on this journey over the past couple months has been moderation and consistency. Obviously, I've shifted to eating moderately at all times. No longer am I allowed to eat a whole bag of popcorn by myself or eat until I feel sick. I try t... Read more
Making Exercise an Adventure
Tuesday, June 30, 2020      5 comments

I'm on day 38 of my exercise streak and I'm SO proud of the fact that I've exercised every day in the month of June! This is definitely the best I've ever done with a workout program, and I've been considering what is keeping me so motivated thi... Read more
Healthy Snacks
Saturday, June 20, 2020      6 comments

Happy Saturday, everyone! Over the past couple weeks I've been trying out different healthy snacks that don't break that calorie bank. I've compiled a list of my favorites and wanted to keep them here for easy reference. 1. Chocolate p... Read more
My Reasons to Exercise!
Thursday, June 18, 2020      7 comments

I'm super pumped because today I hit 26 days in my exercise streak! A couple weeks ago I made a list of reasons to exercise that I could look at on days that I want to skip a workout. I figured I'd share them since I'm getting more comfortable w... Read more
Mistakes I've Made
Wednesday, June 17, 2020      3 comments

Alright, here we go! I'm going to explore some of the mistakes I've made in my past while trying to lose or maintain weight. 1. Crash dieting. I can't count how many times I have tried to crash diet for a particular event. I did it all th... Read more
Avoiding Stress
Sunday, June 14, 2020      2 comments

Last week I worked really hard on eating well and exercising a lot. I was really proud of all the good decisions I made. But the night before my Friday morning weigh in, I found myself stressing about what the results would be! Instead of being ... Read more
Saturday, June 06, 2020      5 comments

Good morning! I recently watched a SparkPeople video about weight loss saboteurs. The people in our lives that keep us from losing weight and getting healthier for one reason or another. I definitely don't think there's anyone in my life wh... Read more
A Letter to Myself
Friday, June 05, 2020      5 comments

Hey, I know this week has been rough. There's a lot of awful things going on in the world right now. It's okay if you don't have the "perfect" healthy week. Think of all the things that you're accomplishing right now. You're taking care of ... Read more
Why I'm Doing This
Friday, May 29, 2020      2 comments

I have a lot of reasons for trying to get healthier, and I'd like to write them out as a way to motivate myself to not give up. I weighed in this morning, and while the scale is moving down, I've only lost 3 lbs. in 4 weeks. Not only is it healt... Read more
My plan for busting excuses!
Friday, May 22, 2020      4 comments

I've lost weight in the past and tried to lose weight what feels like a million times. Looking back, the thing that seems to have been my biggest downfall is my perfectionism and my all-or-nothing attitude. I've reset my goals countless times be... Read more

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