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My Progress Towards Better Health and Fitness
Saturday, October 31, 2009      9 comments

As part of this week's BLAH weekly challenge we are all required to write a blog on our progress. Here's mine. It's safe to say I must be doing something right ... Read more
We Are All In The Same Boat but ....
Tuesday, August 26, 2008      11 comments

I am assuming that by now everyone appreciates that eating healthy, drinking lots of water and getting in that well-needed exercise is all it takes to do the body good. Lots of interesting personal opinions have popped up over the past fe... Read more
My Journey So Far
Friday, August 01, 2008      10 comments

Today is my anniversary; my anniversary with Sparkpeople, that is. Simply put, I have been eating sensibly (well most of the time) and exercising according to plan. Along the way I shed 35.5 pounds. Woo hoo!! Where’d they go!!!! It took me a... Read more
Can You Laugh at this?
Monday, April 28, 2008      5 comments

Disclaimer: My daughter, ANALYZETHIS, emailed this article to me. We do not know the original source. It was NOT created by us. I simply copied and pasted the email. I had to “edit” a few choice words too. Other members may have seen it bef... Read more